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Having been a serious student of the Word of God for over a decade, my method of study has been to identify and accept the teaching authority of my "Right Bible Teacher" (RBT). Following Isaiah 28:10, I believe the bible is to be studied precept upon precept, line upon line . . . a little here and a little there.

What that means to me is to take a book of the Bible and start at Chapter 1, Verse 1 and study under a person with the gift of pastor-
teacher. Once finished with that verse, move to the next verse. Stir and repeat until that book of the Bible is completed. Then study the next book. Your fields should be watered daily (daily study).

John, in I John 2:12-13, teaches us that, in Christ, there are three levels of believers growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We start out as 'dear children'. Literally, we are babies who can only absorb milk (the simplest of doctrines). As we feed on the Word, we grow to become 'young men'. Here we have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. If we continue to feed on the Word, then we can grow to become 'fathers' or mature believers. You will know you have arrived here, when you realize all that you do not know and you treat others also growing in grace as MORE mature than you.

As you study the Bible and you accept as Truth (divine viewpoint) those ideas/concepts/doctrines taught by the Bible, you will eventually replace your normal human viewpoint thinking with those of God. Then as you move through life and apply His Viewpoint to your actions, the credit is His not yours. After all it is His Thinking . . . His Divine Viewpoint . . . so the credit naturally is His.

When we become believers in Christ in the Church Age, we receive Spiritual Gifts (one being pastor-teacher mentioned above). Some Spiritual Gifts are more extraverted (as for evangelists and missionaries).

Other believers are more introverted and I find it natural that their gifts are less demonstrative. That does not mean they are less important to God! Each gift is FROM GOD. Study and pray to recognize what your gifts are and exercise them! Do not try to become something you are not!

I also believe that the Bible should be studied word by word from the original languages (exegesis). Also, the authors of the Bible were human and they wrote using the idiom of their day. The purpose of language is to communicate. It is important to understand the meaning of the words written. That means it is important to know what those words meant when the Books were written (isagogics).

Finally, each time a 'Divine Viewpoint' (Bible Doctrine) is touched, it should be taught in full - again and again. That way those doctrines mentioned the most will be reinforced each time they are mentioned. Most believe that repetition, helps us remember.

In fact, I have read that the human brain remembers by 'relating' one item with another (we see a woman and categorize her as a woman in our mentality - the next time we see a woman, though it is the first time we see her, we still recognize her as being a woman).

This demonstrates that we naturally place items into categories in our minds. By teaching each Book, Chapter, and verse of the Bible . . . and teach each Divine Viewpoint as it is touched . . . we build the categories of doctrines/Divine Viewpoints in our brains. Sometimes this is called building an Edification Complex of the Soul (see Ephesians 4:12 and II Corinthians 6:4-10).

Once you KNOW, THEN you should apply. As I said before, but it is worth repeating . . . as you replace your own human viewpoint with God's Viewpoint as expressed in the Bible, then, as you act and you apply Divine Viewpoint to that situation, it is God's Thinking being applied and the credit/glory is His!

If you want to read those exegeted verses I have accepted as Truth, please click the BOOKS link. I believe the corrected translations can help any serious student of the word - particularly with the SEARCH feature on the Books Page. I love it!


Ok, one last thing. For fun . . . 'a man I know' wrote a novel that has over three hundred 'hooks' into the Bible (using the Hebrew letter WAW which means hook). This novel is not intended to be 100% accurate, but it might open your eyes to a few new concepts.

If that is something that might interest you, please see a summary of this novel, click here Divine Insurrection. You can go to Amazon.com to buy or click here Lulu_divine_insurrection.

May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory forever and ever. I believe it [Amen].



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