II John

The early elders of the church attributed this book to the Apostle John. The vocabulary and writing style do match that of the Gospel of John.

This is a unique letter in that John wrote this letter/epistle directly to a great woman in Laodicea that he called Kuria - meaning great lady. RBT says this letter was written to a lady named Nympha. It is a short but important epistle.

The book was written in circa 95 AD John was living in Ephesus at the time.

Chapter 1
{Verses 1:4: Introduction and Thanksgiving}
1~~From the commander/elder {John},
to the elect lady and her children,
whom I love in doctrine/truth
and not only I, but also all
who have known doctrine/the truth.

2~~Because of doctrine/'the truth'
that resides in us
and it will be with us forever.

3~~Grace, mercy, and prosperity/peace . . .
from God the Father {author of the plan}
and from Jesus Christ {prototype of the Christian way of life},
the Son of the Father,
will be with us
in doctrine/truth
and love {the love complex}.

4~~I was very pleased
because I had discovered that some of your children
continued their momentum
by means of doctrine,
even as we have received a command/mandate
from the Father.

{Verses 5-11: Warning Against False Teachers}
{Motivation and Dynamics for Momentum}
5~~And now, great lady {head of her house},
I make a personal request of you -
not as if I were writing to you a new mandate/command
but a command/mandate which we have had
from the beginning {of the Church Age - see John 15} -
that we might love {agapao - impersonal, unconditional}
one another.

{Note: Kuria - is the feminine of Kurios meaning Lord. This John uses instead of gune, which means woman because John has great respect for this woman.}

6~~And the love {complex} is this,
that we should keep walking {having momentum}
'according to'/'in compliance with' His commands/mandates.
The mandate is this:
- just as you have heard from the beginning -
that you should keep walking/'residing and functioning'
in it {Divine Dynasphere - in fellowship}.

7~~Because many deceivers
have gone out into the world,
who do not acknowledge {homologeo}
Jesus as Christ as coming in the flesh.
This {person} is the deceiver and the antichrist
  {believers in reversionism are in view here, but does also
  include unbelievers}!

{Note: Just as in I John 1:9, homologeo means to acknowledge our sins not to 'confess' them. We do not 'confess' that Jesus Christ has come, but we do acknowledge it or state that the case is true.}

8~~Look out for yourselves!
That you do not lose your momentum
which you have accomplished {in sphere of grace},
so that you might receive a full reward
  {escrow blessings for time and eternity}.

9~~ No one has fellowship with God
who keeps advancing out of bounds {outside the Divine Dynasphere} and does not remain on the playing field
through the doctrine of Christ.
He {'who resides in the Divine Dynasphere'/'perseveres in doctrine'} - this person keeps on having fellowship with God -
both with the Father and the Son.

10-11~~ If anyone comes to you
and does not bring this teaching,
do not receive him into your house
and do not 'welcome him'/'give him any greeting', 11~~
because the person who welcomes him
participates in his evil works/deeds/activities.

{Verses 12-13: Epilogue}

12~~Although having many {doctrines}
to write to you - for your benefit -
I do not want to do so with papyri/paper and black/ink,
but I anticipate coming
and teaching {laleo} you face to face,
so that our state of happiness {+ H}
may keep on being completed {pleroo}.

{Note: Laleo means to communicate categorically - means here to teach. Lego is used when teaching exegetically.}

{Note: Pleroo is the Greek word to fill to the top - to complete something. It is used throughout the New Testament as the objective of Christians after salvation - to grow to 'All the Fullness from the God - Pleroma Tou Theo - Ephesians 3:19.}

{Note: There are doctrines pointed out by John in this verse that are important. First, John is teaching doctrine with his letter/epistle that is an appropriate form of teaching doctrine. John is also coming to his right congregation to teach them face-to-face. The means of communicating doctrine is not the important issue. What is important is 1) that the message is communicated correctly and 2) are you filled with the Spirit (using I John 1:9). This doctrine is very important for Christians interested in growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ . . . by the consistent study of the Mind of Christ.}

13~~The children of your elect sister salute/greet/'convey respect for' you.

{Note: RBT says the letter is addressed by John in Ephesus to the great believer - Nympha - in Laodicea. Apparently her sister raised good children in Ephesus that are now showing their respect for their aunt in Laodicea.


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