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The "New Testament" is where the majority of the Church Age doctrine is taught. Much of the meaning of the epistles was lost in the translation from the original manuscripts. This requires readers to study deeply the meaning of each epistle in the context of the time in which it was written.

Below are the notes and thoughts of one serious student of the Word. His personal study covers all of the New Testament and over much of the Old Testament.

The epistles are grouped by human author. The approximate date and other information is provided when taught.

The gospels of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ come next.

The Old Testment books are listed last and are grouped into the traditional Jewish divisions.

Finally, some of the interesting facts like the geneology of the family of Jesus Christ can be seen by clicking HERE.


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New Testament Bibliography

My RBT almost always taught the New Testament book by book.
His son requested I add a bibliography and here is the
New Testament Bibliography.



Epistles of Paul

I_Thessalonians circa 51-54 AD - 52 AD from Corinth - Paul

II Thessalonians circa 51-54 AD - 53 AD from Corinth - Paul

Galatians circa 58-61 AD - 55 AD from Ephesus - Paul

I Corinthians circa 50-55 AD - 55 AD from Ephesus - Paul

II Corinthians circa 57-60 AD - 57 AD from Philippi - Paul

Romans circa 58-61 AD - 58 AD from Corinth - Paul
  just before heading for Jerusalem

Ephesians circa 62-64 AD - 62 AD from Rome
  - Paul (Prison Epistle)
  Updated Ephesians

Colossians circa 62-64 AD - 62 AD from Rome
  - Paul (Prison Epistle)

Philemon circa 62-64 AD - 62 AD from Rome
  - Paul (Prison Epistle)

Philippians circa 62-64 AD - 63 AD from Rome
  - Paul (Prison Epistle)

I Timothy circa 65-66 AD - 65 AD from Macedonia - Paul

Titus circa 65-66 AD - 66 AD from Macedonia - Paul

II Timothy circa 67 AD - 67 AD from Rome - Paul
  Paul wrote from 52 to 67 AD - He was martyred in 67 AD

Acts of the Apostles

Acts circa 58-65 AD - by Luke

Epistles of Peter

I_Peter circa 60-65 AD - by Peter

II Peter circa 66 AD - by Peter

Epistles of John

I John circa 90-95 AD - by John

II John circa 90-95 AD - by John

III_John circa 90-95 AD - by John

Revelation circa 90-96 AD - by John

Other Epistles

James circa 45 AD - by James
  (maybe the half-brother of Jesus)

Jude circa 66-80 AD - by Jude
  (maybe also a half-brother of Jesus)

Hebrews circa 67 AD - by an Unknown Writer
  (a book of a man of Grace - maybe Barnabas)

Gospels - approximate date of writing

Matthew circa 45-58 AD - by Matthew
  (AKA Levi - a Jew of Galilee)   (Aramaic copy 5 years later)

Mark circa 57-63 AD - by John Mark
  (possibly as secretary to Peter with Peter being human author)

Luke circa 63-68 AD - by Luke
  (a Gentile Doctor)

John circa 85-90 AD - by John


Old Testament Bibliography

My RBT almost always taught the Old Testament by topics.
His son requested I add a bibliography and here is the
Old Testament Bibliography.


Old Testament (3 Sections)

1. Torah (tor - ah) - written by Unique Prophets - have both
  the office and gift of prophet - most likely Moses to his

Genesis - by Moses

Exodus - by Moses

Leviticus - by Moses

Numbers - by Moses

Deuteronomy - by Moses to his death
  most likely completed by Joshua

2. Kethuvim (ka - thu - veeem) - written by men with the
  gift of prophet

Psalms - by David, Moses, Ezra, Asaph etc.

Proverbs - collected by Solomon -
  authored primarily by David and Solomon  

Job Most likely by Elihu (a Mature friend of Job)
  (Most likely the OLDEST BOOK of the Bible - it was written
  in very ancient Hebrew)

Song_of_Songs of Solomon - by Solomon

Ruth - probably by Samuel (once was considered part
  of the book of Judges)

Lamentations - by Jeremiah

Ecclesiastes - by Solomon

Esther - maybe by Mordecai 

Daniel - by Daniel

Ezra - by Ezra

Nehemiah - by Nehemiah and parts by Ezra

I Chronicles - by Nathan and Gad, Ezra

II Chronicles - by Nathan and Gad, Ezra

3. Nevi'im (na - vee - eeem) - written by men with the
  office of prophet

Joshua - by Joshua (to his death)

Judges - by Samuel

I Samuel - by Samuel

II Samuel - by Samuel (to his death)

I Kings - by Nathan and Gad

II Kings - by Nathan and Gad

Isaiah - by Isaiah

Jeremiah - by Jeremiah

Ezekiel - by Ezekiel

The Twelve Minor Prophets

Hosea - by Hosea

Joel - by Joel (circa 830-800 BC earliest of the prophets)

Amos - by the prophet Amos

Obadiah - by the prophet Obadiah

Jonah - by the prophet Jonah

Micah - by the prophet Micah

Nahum - by the prophet Nahum

Habakkuk - by the prophet Habakkuk

Zephaniah - by the prophet Zephaniah

Haggai - by the prophet Haggai

Zechariah - by the prophet Zechariah

Malachi - by an unknown prophet called 'My Messenger'/Malachi

  Note: Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament and the
  last word of the book is "cherem" (cursed).

  Mankind continues to be under the curse of Adam with no
  hope of redemption for the next 400 years.

  The New Testament opens with the herald announcing the
  arrival of the King. It is through the free will sacrifice of
  this King (Who is also our Redeemer) on the cross that will
  allow for mankind to come out from under the curse.

  The New Testament and the Bible is closed with Revelation
  22:21 which instead of a curse, is a blessing: "The grace
  of our Lord Jesus . . . {be} with all of you. Amen/'I believe
  it' {amen}."


Thank You To All Who Assisted

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This site was supported greatly by fellow serious students of the Word. We wish to thank them for their efforts.

We are also eternally grateful for the generosity of all those who provided us physical or spiritual (prayer) support. God knows who you are! :-)

My special everlasting thanks to my RBT (Right Bible Teacher). The Lord knows who you are. Please tell the Lord "Hi" from me. I look forward to seeing you both when my time comes!


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