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Philippians was written by the Apostle Paul in circa 62 AD. Philippi was a Roman colony. Roman military men were given money and land when they retired. Many lived in the area of Philippi and most likely had great influence on this church. These men would have been very use to discipline and would have carried the maturity needed to consistently take in doctrine on a daily basis. Therefore, Paul writes to a mature audience on how to advance in the spiritual life. As opposed to the harsh letters to the Corinthians, Paul writes this as a loving letter to the Philippians. Paul was now a prisoner of Nero in Rome.

I and II Thessalonians are both Eschatological in nature - these were Paul's first letters. On the third missionary journey, Paul wrote Galatians, I and II Corinthians and Romans. These epistles are generally characterized by the doctrine of Soteriology (salvation). In the first Roman imprisonment, Paul wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, and the subject was Christology {study of Christ}. Then he wrote in his second imprisonment I and II Timothy and Titus - subject Ecclesiology (doctrine of the Church).

Chapter 1
{The Super-grace congregation in Philippi - verses 1-11}
1~~ Paul and Timothy, slaves of Christ Jesus {pastors},
to all the saints {Royal Family}
in Christ Jesus who are at Philippi,
together with bishop guardians and deacons.

{Note: Bishop guardian refers to the pastor's responsibility to also be the overseer of the systems of the church. Pastor refers to his responsibility over the people of the church. The deacons are the church staff. One of the spiritual gifts is the gift of administration. These people run the day to day activities of the church so the pastor can study and teach.}

{Note: Apostles and Pastors are slaves of the Lord Christ Jesus. They are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. A slave relies fully on the provisions of their master. When your master is perfect, being a slave is a wonderful state in which to be. Congregations are Free. They choose of their own free will for or against the intake of Bible doctrine.}

2~~Grace be unto you,
and so prosperity
from God our Father,
and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

{Note: Grace is the name applied to God's plan to sustain and support believers in time and all eternity. Grace is what God does for us based on Who and what He is. We can not earn nor deserve it! Christ receiving judgement for our sins as our substitute is an example of Grace.}

3-5~~I am giving thanks to my God
for every memory of you 4~~
(always in my every prayer on behalf of all of you all,
when offering prayer with inner happiness), 5~~
because of your contribution
from that first day until now
for the purpose of spreading the gospel.

{Note: The Philippians were mature believers and as such had great financial prosperity. They were the main source of Paul's support during his ministry. They supported his missionary work from the beginning and continued by sending Paul a great sum right now in prison. All parties felt it was a great trade . . . Paul's teaching doctrine, allowing them to become mature and prosper and they shared back the fruits with Paul . . . all being gifts from God anyway!}

6~~Because I have confidence in this doctrine itself,
that He Who has begun a good work in you
  {logistical support of Alpha grace}
will complete {Bravo grace} it
until the day of Jesus Christ.

7~~Since it is right for me to be holding this opinion on behalf of you, because I have you in my right lobe while in prison,
both in the defense and establishment of the gospel . . .
all of you are my partners in grace.

8~~For God is my witness {that I am telling the truth},
how I long for you all with the affections of Jesus Christ.

9~~In fact, I pray this prayer, that your love {Love for God}
may be caused to abound still more even to a greater degree
by means of epignosis knowledge and all discernment.

10~~In order that you might be completely pure {free from evil}
and undamaged {blameless in the area of human good}
with reference to the day of Christ.

{How to pray for an Ultra SuperGrace Production}
11~~Having been filled up
with the production {fruits} of righteousness
  {the 'Total Fulfillment of Spiritual Progress' - dikaiosune}
which comes through Jesus Christ . . .
for the glory and praise of God.

{Note: Ultra Super Grace production Glorifies Christ now and forever. This is divine production and is a result not a means . . . and it is NOT human works.}

12~~Now I want all of you to comprehend,
brethren/Royal Family {adelphos},
that my circumstances have turned out
rather for the advancement of the gospel.

{Note: 'Adelphos' is a less intimate word than Paul has been using with reference to the Philippians. He is clearly bringing in all future readers of his epistle with this reference. Paul's imprisonment was for cursing turned to great blessing.}

13~~With the result that my imprisonment . . . in Christ . . .
has become well known throughout the entire Praetorian Guard
and to all the rest {all in Rome}.

{Note: The Praetorian Guard is the elite group of crack troops that are stationed around Rome to protect the Emperor. A private in the Praetorian Guard was the same pay as a Centurion elsewhere in the empire. If the private went to another unit, he would become a Centurion. Over the years, no one could become Emperor without the Guard's support and men would bribe them to be the next Emperor. One interesting point here is that Paul is now close to these elite troops and of course would evangelize them. In a few years, Nero will have Paul beheaded. Within a few months of that, the Praetorian Guard stages a revolt and Nero commits suicide to avoid death at their hands. The events MAY be related. }

14~~In fact the majority of the brethren . . .
because they had received confidence in the Lord {through doctrine} because of my imprisonment . . .
have much greater courage to communicate the Word without fear.

{False then true motivation - verses 15-16}
15~~Certain ones {reversionists with false motivation}
on the one hand, are making known The Christ . . .
even because of jealousy and strife {purpose - to discredit Paul};
on the other hand, certain ones
  {positive advancing believers are also making Christ known} . . .
because of good motivation.

{Note: First group mentioned is a group of legalists who are jealous of Paul's ministry and put him down. Paul responds here objectively. He does this by writing in Classical Greek to demonstrate he is their enemy, but they are NOT his. 'Tis men . . . tis kai' is Classical Greek for 'on the one hand' and then 'on the other hand'.}

{Note: Interesting point brought out here. The basic motivation here is Pride. Maybe these people were well-respected teachers of the word. Now Paul is becoming recognized as one of the greatest teachers of doctrine of all time. When their pride is attacked, a chain reaction begins that is similar to a bullet being fired from a gun. A trigger is hit and the bullet is struck. In the bullet (right lobe), the gas expands and the projectile is fired out. With injured pride, the projectile fired is jealousy.}

{Verses 16 and 17 are reversed in KJV form the Greek - Good motivation verse first-Still Classical Greek}
16-17~~The latter category {communicate Christ} . . .
from the motivation of love {no hang-ups -Occupation with Christ} knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel
  {good news - policy of God for the Church age}.
The former category {reversionists mis-communicate Christ} . . .
from the motivation of divisive self-promotion {false motivation}
not from pure motives since they presume {without facts}
to arouse or activate mental distress with regard to my incarceration.

18~~ What is my conclusion then?
Only that in every way, whether in false motivation, or in truth, Christ is being proclaimed . . .
in fact in THIS {defaming Paul but proclaiming Christ in the process} I am HAPPY.
Not only right now, but I will continue being happy!

{Note: God uses the wrath of man to proclaim Christ. Whether the evangelist is of pure motive or not, the gospel is declared, and Paul remains with his relaxed mental attitude.}

{Super-grace interpretation of History}
19~~ Indeed I know that this shall turn out for my deliverance through your intercessory prayer
and logistical provision {monetary offering}
motivated by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

{Christ glorified in your body}
20~~ According to my intense concentration {on doctrine}
and resultant confidence, that in nothing shall I be disgraced
but with integrity of spiritual maturity, even now {Super-grace B},
as always {anticipating Ultra Super-grace}
Christ shall be exalted in my person,
whether by life {spiritual maturity}
or by death {dying grace status}

21~~ For me, living . . . Christ; likewise dying . . . gain/profit.

{Note: Paul is occupied with Christ while alive and a mature believer. Dying is a tremendous . . . unusual gain - dying grace and the rewards of the mature believer in Phase III}.

22~~But since living in the flesh is Christ,
this status of maturity is for me a result of grace accomplishment.
Really . . . I do not know what I myself prefer.

23~~In fact I am hard pressed to choose
between the two {alternatives - life or death}
because I have the desire to depart {weigh anchor/ strike my tent} and so to keep on being together with Christ . . .
for this {alternative} is better by far!

24~~Yet, on the other hand, to remain in person
is more necessary for your sake.

{Note: you can not advance farther than your pastor-teacher. Paul is closing in on Ultra-SuperGrace and it is important FOR the Philippians to have him around to teach them so THEY can advance to Ultra-SuperGrace status also. Paul has to stay around to watch/assist Timothy in his advancement. Then the baton will be passed to Timothy to lead the church.}

25-26~~And so since having this confidence
  {in this principal of doctrine},
I know that I shall remain {alive}
and be continuing in association with all of you {Philippians}
for the purpose of your advance {in maturity}
and inner happiness {+H - sharing the Happiness of God}
from the source of doctrine 26~~
that your confident boasting/glorying in Christ Jesus
may abound {reaching of Ultra-SuperGrace} by means of me . . .
through my return once more face to face with you . . . again.

27~~Only conduct your life as Royal Family of God
in a manner worthy of the 'good news doctrines of the Christ'
in order that whether I come and see you, or remain absent,
I might hear about your status quo
that you are standing fast {are stabilized nearing Ultra-SuperGrace} by means of one and the same Spirit {God the Holy Spirit}
in the sphere of one and the same {Ultra-SuperGrace} soul
since you have joined in the {angelic} conflict
in a professional manner by means of faith in the gospel.

{Note: the good news doctrine of Christ here includes salvation, and, here by context, the doctrines pertaining to growth in the spiritual life and how Christ is glorified in time by your spiritual growth. As you grow spiritually, you glorify Christ and increasingly become a more important member of the Angelic Conflict . . . on the side of the Lord.}

28~~Likewise, in no way be intimidated by your enemies . . .
which intimidation is to them a sign/proof of destruction . . .
but deliverance with reference to you . . .
in fact, this deliverance is from God.

{Note: This verse describes 'know your enemy' and he is not always obvious . . . anyone trying to distract you from the intake of doctrine.

29-30~~Because it has been given to you
on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him,
but also to suffer on behalf of Him 30~~
since you have the same conflict {angelic conflict}
such as you have seen in me . . .
and now hear through me {in this epistle ultimately from God}.


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