Chapter 3
{Church at Sardis - verses 1-6 (Church 5 of 7}
1~~And to the messenger {future pastor}
of the church in Sardis write,
"He {Jesus}
Who has the seven Spirits {the power system of Chapter 1}, and
the seven stars {orthodox ICE teachers}
communicates these things,
I have known your accomplishments {Christian Modus Operendi},  namely that you have a reputation
that you are alive {allegedly living in the divine dynasphere},
but {in spite of the reputation}
you are dead {Cosmic Death - carnality}."

{Note: There are 8 types of deaths mentioned in the bible: physical, spiritual, experiential, positional, sexual, 2nd death and cosmic. The eighth is the sin unto death.}

{Jesus' warning to the ICE pastors that others in the congregation are being influenced by the 'leaven' and also may fall into cosmic death with the large group in verse 1}

the remnant {those still with positive volition} . . .
who were about to die {cosmic death} . . .
for I have not found your accomplishments
completed/ fulfilled/executed in the sight of My God."

{The Alternative - Historical Downtrend}
3~~"Therefore remember {recall to mind}
what you have received {application of doctrine to life's situations} and heard {positive volition - hearing the Word} and
guard it {by living in the divine dynasphere} and
use the rebound technique {repent/change of mind}.
If therefore you are not alert - maybe you will, maybe you won't -
I {Jesus} will come {with divine punishment}
on you suddenly {like a thief - when least expected},
in fact you will definitely not know
what point of time {a limited portion of time/hour}
I will come to you {for punishment}."

4~~"But you have a few persons
in Sardis {a pivot of mature believers}
who have not soiled their clothes
  {Uniform of Honor who for winners is unsullied in time};
in fact, they shall walk with me in whites {plural}
because they are worthy
  {honorees of the Order of the Morning Star}."

{Note: The winners only wear a Uniform of Light or Uniform of Honor/Glory! This will be worn by winners with the Order of the Morning Star.}

5~~ "Thus the winner
shall be clothed in white garments
  {translucent shinning light covering} and
I will never blot his name/order
of chivalry {the 'new name' given in heaven -the knighthood}
out of the book of life . . . in fact,
I {Jesus} will acknowledge
his name/order of chivalry
  {presentation of the Morning Star winners in the court of heaven}
in the presence of My Father, and
before His angels."

{Note: Winners will receive a 'white pebble' (resurrection body) just like all believers. But for the winners only, they will have a new name, a knighthood, the Order of the Morning Star (like the Medal of Honor), a garment of translucent light. And, they will rule with Christ for 1000 years in the millennium, eat of the tree of lives in the garden of God (paradise in the third heaven, and be given so much more than we could ever hope or dream.}

6~~"He who has an ear {every body} . . .
let him hear {positive volition to the Word}
what sort of thing {content of doctrine}
the Spirit communicates to the churches."

{Church at Philadelphia - verses 7-13 (Church 6 of 7}
7~~And to the messenger {future pastor}
of the church in Philadelphia write,
"The Holy One {Jesus Christ - with reference to His Integrity}
the Truthful/Trustworthy One
Who keeps on having the key of David {authority to Rule Israel},
He Who opens {the door} and
no one can shut {it} and
He Who shuts and
no one will open {Isaiah 22:22}
communicates these things . . .

{3 explanations of the 'Open Door'}
8~~"I {the Lord is speaking to John}
have known your accomplishments/production
  {Christian Motus Operendi}
I have placed before you
an open door {of opportunity for historical impact and
to bring Glory to the Lord}
which {door} no one is able to shut it.
Because, in the first place,
you have/possess a little time {mikros - logistical grace} and
power {the power system in the divine dynasphere}
secondly, you keep/guard
My Doctrine/Word {doctrine is first priority and then perception and
  application of doctrine to life's situations}
and, thirdly,you have not denied/repudiated/renounced
My Person/Name {through reversionism}."

{Note: Mikros is a verbal accusative of time. And, compared with eternity, our time on the earth is little.}

I {Jesus} will cause {Jesus Christ controls history}
those who are of the synagogue of Satan,
who allege/contend/proclaim
that they themselves are Jews
but in spite of that allegation
they are not but are liars . . .

I will cause that they should come
  {after their conversion} and 
express their respect at your feet . . . also
that they might know
that I have loved you."

10~~"Because you have guarded/maintained/
kept the doctrine 
which came by means of
My perseverance {church age doctrine resulting from Jesus living in
  the prototype divine dynasphere}.
I also will guard you {protective wall of fire for the believer in the
  divine dynasphere}
from the time of testing {historical disaster}, 
which is about to come
upon all the inhabited Earth
  {refers to the Roman Empire of the day of writing} . . .
to test {for quality - good or bad}
those who live on the earth. "

11~~"I {Jesus} come quickly {to punish and warn the Mature
  Believer in the cosmic system}.
Hang on to what you have
  {as a Mature believer avoid reversionism} 
in order that no one
takes away {leads you away from the constant intake of doctrine -
  a person or thing is put above doctrine}
your wreath/crown."

{Note: By reaching Gate 8 you earn the Crown of Life, so we are discussing Mature Believers here - the winners - and you can lose this crown by falling into reversionism.}

{Escutcheon of Glory -Coat of Arms of the Winner Believer-Chivalry}
12~~ "The winner {subject of this verse}
I {Jesus} will make him
a pillar in the temple of My God {historical record room}
furthermore, he will NEVER
vanish {from history - very emphatic in the Greek}.
Also, I {Jesus} will emblazon {inscribe a heraldry} on him
the Title of My God {1-the Dexter} . . . also
the 'new in species' {kainos - Eternal Jerusalem}
which shall descend
from the immediate source of heaven
from the ultimate source of My God
  {2-the middle - operates as a 'pass into' the New in Species
also {emblazoned on him} My new name
  {3 - the Sinister - the Royal Patent/Title of our Lord Jesus Christ
  is engraved because he served the Lord faithfully in time}. "

{Note: In the time the bible was written, the historical testimonies of the kings and other great men were carved into the temples of the heathen false gods. For example, in Corinth there were hundreds of pillars, one for each king who contributed to the building of the temple. On the pillar was written the deeds of this king and the pillar was adorned with priceless artifacts. In heaven there will be a permanent historical record room. On each pillar will be inscribed the activities of the invisible heroes of today and then their known accomplishments as they rule with Christ for 1000 years in the Millenium. SideNote: In Jeremiah 17:13 those who forsake God and His Word have their names only written in dust!}

{Note: The second part of the verse describes the 'coat of arms' that will be inscribed on the Winner Believer. This is similar to the shield of the knights where the knight's shield was used to indicate his honors and used as a pass to enter many cities. This is a three-part inscription. The right side (Dexter) is inscribed with the Name of God the Father - the Author of the Plan. This indicates the winner honorably living in the plan of God. The middle part (middle) is the pass for this herald/knight to enter the New Jerusalem of the millenium. The left (sinister - from the Latin meaning left-handed) side will have the New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.}

{Note: Kainos is the Greek work for new in species NOT new in time. There will be a 'new in time' Jerusalem of the millenium. But this Jerusalem is 'new in species'. This is the Jerusalem of eternity future and they are different. In this Jerusalem is the tree of lives where maximum happiness will be known for the Winner believer. This Jerusalem will be suspended in the air maybe a 1000 miles high. It has no gates, but only winner believers can enter. The new in time Jerusalem of the millenium has the pearly gate and streets of gold. It is on earth and will last 1000 years. This Jerusalem will have access from all believers and unbelievers alike who exit in the 1000 year reign of Christ.}

13~~"He who has an ear {every body}
let him hear {positive volition to the Word}
what sort of thing {content of doctrine}
the Spirit communicates to the churches."

{Church at Laodicea - verses 14-22 (Church 7 of 7}
{Verses 14-22 is actually the last part of the epistle to the Laodiceans at the end of Colossians 4. Paul addressed the end of the Colossian epistle to the Laodiceans who were the people next to the Colossians - the Laodiceans and specifically its pastor Archippus. The Lord Jesus is communicating the following}

14~~ And to the messenger {future pastor}
of the church in Laodicea {Archippus} write,
"The One Who is the object of faith {'the Amen'},
the witness of God {of Who and What God is},
the faithful and dependable One,
the originating source
of the act of creation {Jesus created the universe}
from the God . . .
communicates these things."

{An efficiency rating from Jesus for the church at Laodicea}
15~~ "I know your situation {Archippus's rating - not good},
that you are neither cold {an unbeliever}
nor boiling hot {message NOT addressed to mature believers}."

"I WISH YOU WERE cold or hot!"

{Note: This last part is very strong in the Greek - cold is fixed easily - believe on Jesus. Hot is the goal. Lukewarm is a problem to fix! 'Lukewarm' refers to believers who have gone astray from doctrine and are in reversionism.}

16~~ "So then because you are lukewarm {reversionism}, and neither cold nor hot,
I {Jesus} will vomit you out of My mouth {sin unto death}."

17~~ "Because you say,
'I am a rich one, and
increased with goods
  {stopped taking in doctrine yet riches grew}, and
have need of nothing {so they think}.'
You do not even know
you are wretched, and
pity-able, and
poor, and
blind, and
naked {spiritually speaking}."



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