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The entire universe is ruled by a Theocracy. That means that God rules through His representative in the Third Heaven. This representative is called the Most High. Each few universes, a new Most High is anointed and the former is offered a seat on the Supreme Court of Heaven.

When a new Most High is anointed the top military officer is passed over for another. He is very upset and is determined to take the position by force.

Heavenly creatures must make a free will decision. Do they side with God and His establishment or do they follow the "people's choice"? The one who they clearly believe was more qualified for the position. One-third of the heavenly creatures follow the people's choice into revolt. Who will win this greatest of all gambles?

The Most High easily puts down the revolt. The revolutionists are charged, tried and convicted of their crime. They appeal the decision using the logic that they only acted as God made them; therefore God is not fair in punishing them for only doing what anyone in their position would have done.

The Most High, acting as the prosecuting attorney, agrees to a plea agreement whereby the crime will be reenacted to demonstrate that creatures given free will are responsible for their own decisions. Some will choose for God and others against.

In the reenactment, a lower creature will be created and given free will. The people's choice quickly gets this new creature to go against God by his own free will. Did he win his appeal already?

The Most High and the people's choice agreed to very specific rules in this reenactment. One failure does not mean the appeal is over. If ONLY ONE of these humans can continuously choose for God, then the appeal would be lost. Humans procreate and create new humans any one of whom might succeed. However, after the failure of the first man, humans are born spiritually dead - imputed with the sin of the father. And the sin of the father is passed down from father to child and father to child perpetually. So, if none of the humans are pure, how is a "pure human" ever going to be born to possibly pass the test?

God prophesized a redeemer would be born of a virgin. Therefore, this child would not be born with the sin of the father. Hearing this prophesy, the people's choice then decided that if he could send his top general with his best soldiers (the Palace Guard called the "Sons of God") to "corrupt" the genes of all human offspring. Soon the number of genetically pure humans is down to one family. Will this attack succeed?

God steps in and floods the Earth so that all the genetically impure beings are wiped off the face of the earth. The people's choice is informed of God's prophecy that the redeemer would be an Israelite. He therefore decides to annihilate all people in the line of Israel! If there is no descendent of Israel, God's prophesy would be false. If God is wrong, then He is "no god at all"! The Theocracy would be a sham. Therefore, the Supreme Court was without legitimate authority . . . and, therefore, God's "perfect judgment" through this Court would be a sham! Will this attack succeed?

God has assigned one of the two of the lowliest heavenly creatures to specifically protect the people in the line of Israel. The result is not only does this misguided genius NOT obtain the position he desires, but he also has to watch as his own students with whom he only had contempt are the ones who thwart his plans. Finally, he has to watch helplessly as the reenactment unfolds to his disadvantage. He watches as another is given the position he lusted after: the position of King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Great High Priest forever and ever.

I believe it [Amen].

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