I Peter

Chapter 3
1~~ In a similar manner, you women . . .
be in subjection to your own man
- to your advantage -
that, if any obey not the Word,
they also may, without the Word,
be won by the manner of life of the wives.

{Note: A believing wife can bring a non-believing husband to salvation by example not by nagging.}

2~~ While they behold your blameless manner of life
in the sphere of strong love response {deep concentration/respect}.

{Note: A woman who does not throw tantrums, nor nags
and lives a virtuous life.}

3~~ With whose adorning
be not exhorting then of outer appearance . . .
of styling the hair,
and of wearing of accessories,
or of the wearing of clothes.

{Note: This passage then is one of 'emphasis' . . . concentrate on the inner beauty and do NOT place more emphasis on the outer beauty to the neglecting of the inner beauty - but it is OK to wear clothes! But you do not have to neglect the outer beauty either - remember this relates to the 2 verses before it . . . with the believing woman being an example for her unbelieving husband, who will not be impressed if she neglects her outer appearance!}

{Now the inner woman's beauty}
4~~ But let it be the hidden man of the heart/'right lobe',
in the sphere of the incorruptible {free from mental attitude sins}, even the grace oriented and tranquil spirit,
which keeps on being in the sight of God {divine viewpoint}
of the most importance {ultimate value}.

{Note: The 'heart' is the mentality of the soul/right lobe. The right 'man' is Christ, all believers are the 'right woman' of the heart . . . who are to respond to her right man - Christ.}

5~~For after this manner {illustration coming up}
in the old time {age of the patriarchs}
the Holy women also, who reposed confidence in God,
constantly adorned themselves {dressed well - outer beauty},
being in subjection to their own right man.

{Note: the women to be mentioned accepted the authority of God and the authority of their husbands in their home}.

6~~ Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord
  {many years after they were married she was born again
  and grew in grace},
whose daughters you have become {by being born again},
as long as you do well {daily intake of doctrine},
and are not intimidated {relaxed, no mental attitude sins}.

{Now a verse for the men}
7~~ In a similar manner, you men {believers, male type},
have sexual relationship with them
according to 'gnosis knowledge'
  {gnosis here - even unbelievers can do this - this knowledge is
  available to all men} . . .
giving of yourself
  {must have 'soul love' before physical act}
honor to the wife as the weaker vessel,
and as being heirs together of the grace of life . . .
that your prayers be not hindered
  {marital strife hinders prayers}.

{Note: 'Weaker' in the sense that she is dependent upon the man for fulfillment - an empty vessel waiting to be filled by her right man.}

8~~ Finally, all of one mind,
having compassion one of another;
having maximum capacity for soul love, based on doctrine,
toward brethren . . .
having good emotions {'right woman of the soul' are the emotions}, and having orientation to grace
through bible doctrine {results in being courteous}.

9~~ Not retaliating evil for evil,
or railing for railing {not maligning when being maligned},
but, on the contrary . . . blessing.
Having absolute knowledge that into this you are called,
that you shall acquire a permanent inheritance of happiness.

10~~ For he that keeps on desiring to keep on loving life
and have a panoramic view of intrinsically good days,
let him refrain his tongue
from the ultimate source of evil {the old sin nature},
and his lips that they speak no deceit.

11~~ Let him turn away from the ultimate source of evil,
and produce divine good.
Let him search for tranquillity of soul,
and, once found, pursue it vigorously.

12~~ For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous,
and His ears are open to their prayers.
But the face of the Lord is against them that habitually do evil.

13~~ And who will oppress you under evil
if you become imitators of The Divine Good?

{In contrast, now 'deserved suffering' - divine punishment}
14~~ But if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness
- I wish it was TRUE but it is NOT {rare 4th class condition of IF} - happinesses (!) . . .
and do not fear their fear and do not be worried.

{Note: Means don't be afraid of undeserved suffering because there is happiness in the suffering. Fear and worry are mental attitude sins and cancel the blessing!}

15~~ But sanctify/'set apart' the Lord Christ
in the sphere of your heart/'right lobe'
  {concentrate on Jesus in your suffering}
and be prepared at all times,
with a face to face reason for every man
who keeps on asking you
concerning your 'in-you-confidence',
with grace orientation and awe.

16~~ Having a good of intrinsic value conscience {bible doctrine} that, wherein they gossip against you, as of evildoers . . .
they may be put to shame
that falsely harass you for your good manner of life in Christ.

17~~ For it is better,
if the will of God be so,
- I wish it were but it is NOT -
that you suffer for well doing,
than for evil doing.

{Note: Peter is saying he wishes the persecution these people are to face was undeserved, but he knows it is not undeserved!}

18~~ Also Christ once has died {spiritual death} for sins.
The just/'pure righteousness' as a substitute for the unjust.
That He might bring us face to face to The God,
being put to death in the sphere of His human body,
but was made alive {the resurrection}
by the Spirit {God the Holy Spirit}.

19~~ By means of Whom {God the Holy Spirit} also He {Jesus}, having been transported,
made the pronouncement to the spirits {fallen angels} in prison.

{Note: The fallen angles (sons of god) of Genesis 6 are imprisoned still today in Hades. Jesus made a pronouncement to them in Tartarus that their efforts were in vain - they did not prevent Him from coming to the cross as a pure human (genetic attack in Genesis 6).}

20~~Who {the fallen angels} before time were disobedient,
when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark which was being prepared,
in which few, that is, eight souls
were delivered through the water {literal deliverance}.

{Note: God waited patiently during the 120 years before the flood when no one listened to the evangelism of Noah. And an ark literally means 'a chest to preserve treasure' - a treasure chest 8 members of the human race to preserve humanity - there were no ships in Noah's time.}

{Now an analogy - spiritual deliverance}
21~~ Which also represents to us
the baptism that now saves
(not the putting away of the filth of the flesh,
but the pledge of a good conscience toward God),
through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

{Note: VERY CLEAR HERE. The baptism of the Spirit saves us and it is a GIFT of God at the point of salvation- we don't earn it or deserve it! And, it is a 'dry' baptism of the spirit and NOT A BATH.}

22~~ Who {Christ} has been transported to heaven,
and keeps on being on the right hand of God . . .
where angels {Satan and the fallen angels here},
both authorities {his commissioned officers}
and powers,
have been subordinated to Him {Jesus}.


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