RBT 1980 III John Series 433:
29 Lessons

01 - III John 1:1 Paschal memorial/ dying grace rationale/ 4 titles of PT

02 - III John 1:1 Iraq/Gaius/category 3 love - friendship/ divine truth

03 - III John 1:2a Study/Greek needs/executive/ doctrine of prayer

04 - III John 1:2b Needs/ executives doctrine of prayer

05 - III John 1:3a via Philippians 4:4 Concepts and doctrine of happiness/ neutral happiness

06 - III John 1:1-4 via Matthew 5:3-5 Concepts of happiness to spiritual helpless

07 - III John 1: via Matthew 5:6-14 Principles, concepts of happiness, results in +V toward bible doctrine

08 - III John 1:3a Doctrine of GAP 3 systems of perception/ human spiritual IQ

09 - III John 1:3 Abuse of freedoms doctrine of GAP / mechanics

10 - III John 1:4a Soviet objectives/ GAP = only solution/ spiritual children

11 - III John 1:4b doctrine of Walking/ reverse concentration from GAP/ humility

12 - III John 1:5a Royal family of God/ royalty of Jesus Christ/honor code/privacy

13 - III John 1:5b Old days/ liberals/abuse/ freedom/ reliability/ honor/ Gaius

14 - III John 1:6a doctrine of interlocking systems of arrogance/ Right PT

15 - III John 1:6b doctrine of ISA 20 Arrogance/pseudo-generosity/ giving

16 - III John 1:7-8 Missionary/PT/evangelist proper functions

17 - III John 1:9 Stupidity/ no life in the womb/ Diotrephes' lack of humility

18 - III John 1: Development of humility and relationship to freedom

19 - III John 1:Authority in home vs Soviet rearing/ guilty complex/equal rights

20 - III John 1:10 Don't oppose legitimate authority/ school classroom

21 - III John 1:10b doctrine of sins of the tongue/ organizational and verbal sins

22 - III John 1:10c Self-induced misery/ doctrine of sins of the tongue

23 - III John 1:Arrogance/unhappiness Submission to tough authority

24 - III John 1:11a Plan of God vs ISA and reversionism/ organizational authority

25 - III John 1:11b Concentration plus genuine and enforced humility

26 - III John 1: Factors necessary to glorify Christ/ enforced humility

27 - III John 1:12-14 Concentration and genuine humility in GAP/ Demetrius

28 - III John 1: Doctrine of humility

29 - III John 1: Doctrine of humility/ Doctrine of ISA arrogance/ Christian service


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