1967 - Joel Series 548

01 - Joel 1:1-3 via Leviticus 26:14 God never removes nation without warning

02 - Joel 1:4-5 Doctrine of weeping and drinking/ Cycles of discipline

03 - Joel 1:6-20 Ephesians 3:14-21 Cycles/ discipline/ preservation/ nation

04 - Joel 2:1-7 Invasion of the King of the North/ Day of the Lord

05 - Joel 2:10-14 2nd Advent/ Christ/ doctrine of evangelism in Tribulation

06 - Joel 2:15 Millennial reign of Christ/ baptism of fire

07 - Joel 2:26-32 Characteristics of the Millennium

08 - Joel 3:1-3 Doctrines of 7 judgments/ baptism of fire

09 - Joel 3:4-21 Seven baptisms/ day of the 2nd Advent



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