RBT 1977 - Romans Series 458 (Continued)


131 - Romans 5:2b Doctrine of glory/ boasting in the integrity of God

132 - Romans 5:3 Doctrine of suffering

133 - Romans 5:3b-4 Doctrine of suffering/ courage under adversity

134 - Romans 5:5a Profanity/ Doctrine of hope

135 - Romans 5:5b Doctrine of hope/ Disappointments in man, not in God

136 - Romans 5:5c Meaning of love/ Capacity for love from BD in the soul

137 - Romans 5:6-8a Motivation of man cf. motivation of Christ to die for man

138 - Romans 5:8b-9a Love 1 and 2/ Anthropopathism/ demonstrated love 1

139 - Romans 5: 9b A Fortiori Logic/ Doctrines of Justification and the blood

140 - Romans 5:10a Wide Gap between God and man/ reconciliation

141 - Romans 5:10a Imputed sin/ doctrine of enemyship and reconciliation

142 - Romans 5:10b-11a Barrier/ doctrine of reconciliation

143 - Romans 5:11-12 Spiritual death/ Divine love cf. justice re cursing and blessing

144 - Romans 5: via I Timothy 2:9-15 Femininity re authority, reaction, response, capacity

145 - Romans 5:13 Salvation preceded law/ imputed sinful trend of Adam

146 - Romans 5:14a doctrine of imputations/ Adam's sin of -V resulted in spiritual death

147 - Romans 5:14b doctrine of virgin birth, divine attributes

148 - Romans 5:15a A Fortiori/ 1st cf. Last Adam/ false points/ contact

149 - Romans 5:15b Salvation provides believer with more than Adam lost

150 - Romans 5:16 Good from OSN/ Condemnation of all from one sin

151 - Romans 5:16 Function and superiority of divine justice

152 - Romans 5:16 Justice condemns before it blesses

153 - Romans 5:17b A Fortiori/ Weak (sin/Adam) cf. strong (justification)

154 - Romans 5:17c A Fortiori of eternal blessing from God

155 - Romans 5:12 OSN re. Genetics/ doctrine of imputation must have direction

156 - Romans 5:12a Results/ the Fall/ doctrine of imputation must have direction

157 - Romans 5:12b Why fig leaves? Spiritual death/ provision /love cf. J/God

158 - Romans 5:13 Judicial and real imputation/ target of personal sins

159 - Romans 5:14a Jesus Christ/ the exception to genetic contamination/ OSN

Continued (to 758)


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