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The book of Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon. Early in his life Solomon was blessed by association with his father David. But he was a believer in reversionism and did not have the CAPACITY to enjoy all the fantastic 'earthly' things and talents he was given by God. This book is an excellent study on the frantic search for happiness, attaining the maximum in every area in which he looked, but not finding happiness. Then correctly concluding that capacity for true happiness only comes as a byproduct of doctrine resident in your soul.

The book of Ecclesiastes is 'chakmah literature' or 'wisdom literature' - along with three other books - Job, Psalms, and Proverbs.

Chapter 1
1~~ The words of the teacher . . .
the son of David {Solomon} . . . king in Jerusalem.

{Note: Solomon went into reversionism and a frantic search for happiness OUTSIDE of bible doctrine in your soul. As the 'older and wiser' teacher, Solomon explains what he has learned concerning finding happiness in the flesh. After all, he had a very high I.Q., was king, handsome, athletic, accomplished, and a sexual 'god' with a harem of a thousand women. Yet he could find no happiness from all of these.}

2~~Meaningless . . . meaningless . . .
says the teacher . . .
utterly meaningless . . . everything.

{Also is Futility in Achievement in Life in the Cosmic System}
3~~What does man gain/profit from all his labor . . .
which he toils under the sun?

{Life in the Cosmic System is a Hopeless Cycle}
4~~Generations come
and generations go
but the earth remains forever.

{Solomon Provides Correct Scientific Information}
5~~The sun rises
and the sun sets
and hurries back to where it rises.

{Solomon Identifies High and Low Pressure Areas Long before Meteorology did}
6~~The wind goes toward the south
and turns to the north.

Round and round it goes . . .
ever returning on its course.

{Solomon mentions Evaporation and Precipitation}
7~~All streams run into the sea
yet the sea is never full.

Unto the place from where the rivers come
there they return again.

{Verses 8-11 - Cosmic Conclusions from the Human Viewpoint}
8~~All things are wearisome . . .
more than one can say . . .
the eye never has enough of seeing . . .
the ear never has enough of hearing.

9~~What has been,
will be again.

And that which is done,
will be done again.

There is nothing 'new' under the sun.

10~~ Is there any thing of which one may say,
'Look, there is something new?'

It was here already . . . long ago.

It was here before our time.

{Cosmic Involvement has No Capacity for Life}
11~~There is no remembrance of men of old.

And, even those, who are yet to come,
will not be remembered by those who follow.

12~~ I {Solomon} . . . the teacher . . .
was king over Israel in Jerusalem.

{Solomon begins 8 experiments in his frantic Search for Happiness in the Cosmic System}

{1st Experiment - Academic Achievement for Happiness in the Cosmic System - Nope}
13~~And I devoted myself to study
and to explore by academics
all that had been done under heaven.

What a heavy burden God has laid upon man!

14~~ I have seen all the things that are done under the sun.

All of them are meaningless.

And I found myself chasing the wind.

15~~That which is crooked cannot be straightened.

What is lacking cannot be counted {mathematics of infinity}.

16~~ I thought to myself . . . look . . .
I have grown into more wisdom
than anyone who has ruled Jerusalem before me.

I have experienced much wisdom and much knowledge
  {human viewpoint knowledge - not divine viewpoint}.

17~~Then I applied myself to understanding academics
also madness and folly.
  {RBT says this refers to psychology and psychiatrics}.

But I learned that this too is chasing after the wind.

{Solomon's conclusion on Experiment number 1 - Happiness through Academics in Cosmic System}
18~~ For with much academics comes much sorrow.

The more knowledge . . . the more grief
  {human viewpoint thinking - exclusive of study of the Word will be
  explained later}.