Chapter 2

{Chapter 2 - Introduction to Surpassing Grace}
{Verses 1-10, The Grace Panorama}
{How Grace found us - Verse 1-3; Grace Found Us Spiritually dead}
1~~And you all {ALL believers}
being {spiritually} 'deads'
  {plural - 1 spiritual death per person}
in the sphere of your transgressions
  {violations of divine law - evil}
and your sins {sins of cognizance}.

{Note: Paul's thought continues from Chapter 1.}

{Grace found us under the Control of Satan}
2~~In which sphere
  {of spiritual death}
you formerly
  {as an unbeliever}
walked/'had your manner of life'
according to the era of this world/cosmos
according to the 'supreme ruler'
of the authority of the {lower} atmosphere {aer} . . .
the 'ruler of the spirit' {Satan}
which is now operational
in the sons of obstinacy.

{Note: Satan became the ruler of the earth replacing Adam after the fall. Aer is the Greek word for the approximately 90 miles of atmosphere closest to the earth. }

{Grace Also Found Us under the Control of the Old Sin Nature}
3~~Among whom also
we formerly had our behavior pattern
in the lusts of our flesh {Old Sin Nature};
continually doing the desires {volitional activities}
of the flesh {OSN}
and the thoughts/mind {human viewpoint};
and we kept on being
by naturally inherited endowment
  {the Sin of the Father - Adam's sin}
the child under the authority of {divine} judgment/wrath,
as also the rest
  {of the human race was found by grace}.

{Note: We were born with an Old Sin Nature. Adam's sin is passed from father to child in each generation and therefore we are born spiritually dead (under the curse of "cherem"). By being born under condemnation, if we do not reach the age of accountability, God can forgive us and take us to heaven. Forgiveness can not come BEFORE condemnation!}

{Note: Grace found us ALL under the authority of Satan. Grace found us under the authority of the 'flesh'/ the control of the Old Sin Nature and helpless. But Grace will save us.}

{Verses 4-7 - How Grace Provided for Us}
4~~But, in contrast {to you!},
The God
  {God the Father - Author of the Plan},
keeps on being wealthy/rich
in the sphere of mercy {grace in action},
because of His great quantity of love {agape}
with which He loves us.

{Note: God always has loved us in the past, loves us today, and will always love us! This is a dramatic aorist which in effect says ' He ALWAYS loved us . . . where were YOU???"}

{Strategic Victory in the Angelic Conflict}
5~~Although we all were {spiritual} dead
in the sphere of our transgressions,
He has made us alive . . .
together in association with the Christ
  {Positional Truth}
(by means of grace
  you have been completely
  and permanently saved).

{Positional Truth - In Union with Christ}
  {God the Holy Spirit}
has both raised {us} up together
and has made/caused us
to sit together {with Him}
in the heavenlies . . .
in Christ Jesus.

{Exceeding Riches/Wealth of His Grace - Phase III Grace in Eternity Future}
7~~For the purpose that
in the approaching ages
He {God the Father}
might demonstrate
His surpassing grace riches
in generosity upon/toward us . . .
in Christ Jesus.

{How Grace Saved Us - Efficacious Grace - Verses 8-9}
8-9~~ For you see,
by 'the grace'
you have been completely and permanently saved . . .
through faith . . .
even this {salvation} . . .
{is} definitely not
out from the source of you all . .
the free gift
is from the source of The God . . . 9~~
not out from the source of works . . .
that no one should boast.

{Note: Efficacious means 'having the desired result' - being effective. The salvation work of Jesus Christ on the cross is called the 'efficacious grace'. He did all the work. All we do is the non-meritorious act of Faith in Him. The credit/glory goes to the object of faith.}

10~~OF HIM . . .
'manufactured article',
having been created in Christ Jesus {Positional Truth}
for the purpose
of 'divine good production'/works/achievements,
by which The God
has pre-fabricated
  {made ready in eternity past}
that in the sphere of them
  {in SuperGrace and production of resultant Divine Good Production}
we may walk/'pattern our lives'.

{Note: In eternity past, God had made ready our SuperGrace blessings and resultant divine good production that is possible in our lives IF from our free will we choose for His plan - to walk in His Way - using divine viewpoint - doctrines in our soul as guided by God the Holy Spirit.}

{Verses 11-17 - Grace and the Barrier. Transitional - Jew and Gentile}
11~~For this reason
keep on remembering,
  {recall the doctrine resident in your soul}
that you all . . .
in times past . . .
{were} Gentiles
in the flesh
  {physically born that way},
the ones being called 'un-circumcism'
  {derogatory phrase - foreskins of shame}
by the ones being designated 'circumcision'
  {the Jews}
in the flesh . . .
accomplished by human hands
  {Jews considered themselves superior}.

{Note: This verse emphasizes the Jews distorting the true significance of circumcism in favor of false superiority over the Gentiles. The Jews were using superficial standards in thinking themselves superior to Gentiles.}

{Opposite Point - Right Side of the Barrier - Right Standards}
12~~Remember that . . .
at that period of time
  {as an unbeliever}
you were separated from Christ {REAL issue},
having been alienated
from the ultimate source
of the citizenship of Israel,
and foreigners/aliens
from the covenants of the {divine} promise
  {of grace and blessings},
not having future expectation
  {absolute confidence in phase III} . . .
Godless in the "devil's kingdom"/cosmos/world.

{Note: Paul is telling the Gentiles that the Jews who are judging them are using wrong standards, but for thousands of years the Jews have had something these Gentiles did not have! So, remember we are not that far from our ancestors who 'were barbarians almost hanging from trees! The Jews are a unique and superior race.}

{Means of Reconciliation of Man to God}
13~~But, in contrast,
at the present time
{you are} in Christ Jesus
  {Positional Truth at the point of Salvation}
you all . . .
the ones being formerly far away
  {on the wrong side of barrier}
have become/'been brought' near . . .
by means of the blood of Christ.

{Note: This is NOT literal blood of Christ. While still alive, He said 'It is finished'. The 'blood of Christ' is figurative blood - substitutionary and efficacious. It represents the spiritual death of Jesus Christ on the cross.}

{Removal of the False Standards of Religion By Reconciliation}
14~~For He Himself and only He Himself
  {Jesus - the Unique One}
keeps on being
our harmony/tranquility/peace/unity/blessing . . .
the One having made both
  {Jew and Gentile} . . .
  {no pseudo-distinctions},
and having abolished/destroyed
the middle/'dividing wall'
of the partition/barrier.

{Note: This is the path to SuperGrace. When you truly understand that JESUS CHRIST keeps on being our source of blessing, of inner peace, of unity, and our source of tranquility.}

{Note: 'The middle wall of partition' is one of the best-attested records from the ancient world of class distinction and of racial distinction. It is actually a wall that the Jews built around the temple. Gentiles could be around the outer court but never past the middle wall. Why the 'middle' wall? Because the temple had walls. Then it also had an outer wall. So then the wall in between was called the middle wall. This was a visible difference between a Jew and a Gentile. The penalty for any Gentile going past the middle wall was death.}

15~~Having abolished/'wiped out'
in His flesh
the state of enmity/alienation
  {barrier between God and Man} . . .
the law of the commandments
  {codex 1 only - the Decalogue and moral commandments}
by means of the ordinances
  {codex 2 of Mosaic Law - shadows of Jesus Christ} . . .
with the result that
He {Jesus}
might create {a new species}
in Himself . . .
the two
  {the Jew and Gentile} . . .
resulting in one
new 'in species'/'category of' man . . .
causing peace/harmony/blessing/reconciliation.

16~~ And that
  {continuing the new species concept},
He might reconcile/'restore to favor'
'the both'
  {Jews and Gentiles}
to The God . . .
in one body/flesh . . .
through the cross;
by it {the cross} . . .
having put to death
the enmity
  {barrier between God and sinful man}.

{*Note: verse 17 is a Continuation of Verse 14}
17~~Also {Jesus} having come . . .
He communicated/preached/proclamation
the 'good news'/gospel'
of reconciliation/peace
  {fulfillment of Isaiah 57:19}
to you . . .
the far away ones {Gentiles}
- to your advantage -
and reconciliation/peace to you . . .
the near ones {the Jews}.

{Verses 18-22, Grace and the Church}
18~~Because {of reconciliation}
through Him {Jesus}
we 'the both' {Jew and Gentile}
keep having access/'freedom or right to enter'
by means of one Spirit
  {God the Holy Spirit}
face to face with God the Father.

19~~Consequently, therefore you {Gentiles}
keep on being . . .
no longer . . .
aliens and foreigners
  {'those who live beside us but not part of us'},
but you keep on being fellow-citizens
of the saints
and 'members of the Family'
or 'members of the dispensation'
from the source of God.

20~~Having been built/constructed
on the 'foundation' . . .
by means of the apostles and the prophets . . .
Christ Jesus, Himself,
keeps on being
the 'corner foundation stone'.

21~~In the sphere of Whom {Jesus} . . .
an entire building {the Church} . . .
in the process of being perfectly constructed/'fitted together' continues to grow . . .
resulting in a holy temple
in the Lord.

{Note: Each person who is saved is one more brick in the building of the Church. When all the bricks have been put in place, the church will be complete and the rapture will occur.}

{Positional Sanctification of the Church}
22~~In the sphere of Whom {Jesus}
you also {all believers}
are being constructed together . . .
resulting in a permanent dwelling place
of the God
  {God owns the building!}
by means of the Spirit.


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