Chapter 3

{Verses 1-6: Doctrine of the Mystery}
{Verse 1: Paul as the Messenger}
1~~For this reason,
I . . . Paul . . .
the prisoner of Christ Jesus
on behalf of you . . . the Gentiles.

{Paul Teaches about Dispensations}
2~~If you have heard
  {and concentrated on the doctrine}
of the dispensation
of the Grace of the God {Church Age}
- and you have -
having been given to me . . .
'for you'/'for your benefit'.

{Church Age Doctrine was Revealed to Paul}
from divine disclosure/revelation {apokalupsis}
the mystery {doctrine}
was revealed to me
just insofar as I have previously written
in brief.

{Note: Apokalupsis means 'enlightenment from God to Man'. It is the word from which we get 'Apocalypse' as the Apocalypse of our Lord Jesus Christ (book called 'Revelation'). The doctrines of the mystery - Church Age doctrines - were made known directly to Paul by God.}

{Knowledge of the Mystery Doctrine}
4~~Face to face with which
  {the doctrine of the mystery}
when you 'exegete and communicate'/'study and teach' {anaginosko}
you ought to be able to begin to understand {noeo}
my categorical knowledge {sunesis}
in the sphere of
the mystery of/'belonging to'
the Christ.

{Note: Anaginosko means to gather knowledge on a subject and then teach it to others - to exegete. Noeo means to think or understand through concentration in study. And, sunesis means the storage of technical knowledge in categories.}

  {doctrine of the mystery}
in another of a different kind of periods
of times/dispensations/ages
  {at least two before the Church Age}
was 'absolutely not' {ouk}
revealed to the sons of men,
so that now
it has been revealed
unto His Holy Apostles
even Prophets . . .
by means of the {Holy} Spirit.

{Note: Ouk is the 'close the door' negative. Absolutely nothing of the Church Age was revealed to the Old Testament Saints. We are Royalty by the New Birth, in this dispensation only.}

{Note: Doctrine was revealed to the Apostles for the purpose of getting it in writing. It is first in the interest of the Apostles and then later for our benefit also. In this verse, the Greek syntax indicates the words 'Apostles' and 'Prophets' are used as synonyms. This is because the prophets wrote a good bit of the Old Testament and the Apostles wrote most of the New Testament.}

6~~That the Gentiles
keep on being joint-heirs
  {equal opportunity for all in the same group- Royal Priests}
and {fellow members} of the same body
and sharers/'joint possessors' together
of the same promise {of blessings}
in {union with} Christ Jesus . . .
through the Gospel.

{Verses 7-13: Doctrine of the Ministry}
7~~Of which {Gospel} . . .
I {Paul} have become
  {what he was not before}. . .
a minister {diakonos}
according to the norm or standard
of the free gift
from the grace of the God
having been given to me
'according to the operational function'/
'by the effectual working'
of His Omnipotence/'divine power'.

{Note: Diakonos is the word from which we get 'deacon', and it does mean minister. In the bible, diakonos is used 5 different ways. Here it is used in a specialized way for the pastor-teacher of the local church. It is used in the sense of his authority, his communication of the Word of God, and his policy-making - 1 Corinthians 3:5; Ephesians 3:7; Colossians 1:7, 23; 4:7; 1 Thessalonians 3:2; 1 Timothy 1:12; Hebrews 6:10; Acts 6:4.}

{On to SuperGrace}
8~~To me, {Paul}
the very least
  {less than the very least}
of all saints,
this 'SuperGrace blessing'/grace
has been given,
for the purpose that
I should communicate
'in the sphere of'/to the Gentiles
the inexhaustible/incalculable/unlimited/infinite
of the Christ.

{Note: This is not 'false humility' here. Paul was the last possible candidate to be an Apostle. He murdered and persecuted Christians. He was very 'religious', self-righteousness, and the 'chief of all sinners'. But because of grace, he was given the gift of apostleship and produced more than all the other Apostles combined.}

9~~And to 'shed light on'/'make perspicuous'/illuminate
what is the dispensation of the mystery
  {doctrine pertaining to the Church Age},
having been hidden/concealed
from the ages
  {previous dispensations}
by the God {Jesus Christ},
having created 'the all things'
  {Jesus created the universe and all in it}.

{Orientation to the Angelic Conflict}
10~~In order that
now/'at the present time' {Church Age}
the multifarious/'many sided diversity' wisdom
of the God
might be made known/perspicuous
to the rulers
  {demon rulers/fallen angel leaders}
and authorities
  {demon officer corps}
in the heavenlies
by means of the church
  {see Ephesians 6:2}.

{Note: Part of the mystery is that the Church is the means of resolving the Angelic Conflict. The angels are learning in this dispensation also.}

{Emphasis of the Ministry}
11~~According to a predetermined plan {'protasis'}
of the ages {aion}
which He has carried out . . .
in/'by means of'
Christ Jesus our Lord.

{Note: Protasis - Plan of God in eternity past - see also Chapter 1. Aion does mean 'ages' and here it refers to the dispensations established under God's plan.}

12~~In Whom {Jesus}
we keep having and holding
the 'confident assurance'
and 'free access to God' {prosagoge}
in confidence
  {with respect to handling a strange situation}
through His doctrine.

{Note: Prosagoge - primarily means to have access to the King/royalty. This means admission face to face with Royalty - God.}

{Note: The purpose of the ministry is to lead Members of the congregation to the SuperGrace life - knowledge of Bible doctrine -
'grow in grace and the KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ'.}

13~~Therefore/'for this reason',
I, myself, personally
ask you not to despair
because of my pressures/sufferings . . .
on your behalf . . .
which by their very nature
keep on being . . .
your glory
  {congregation going to SuperGrace glory}.

{Note: As a teacher, Paul spends a tremendous amount of time in studying and teaching. The pressures here are limited to the communicating type - Paul now is not under discipline here.}

{Verses 14-18: Doctrine of GAP Prayer of Paul for Us to Move to SuperGrace}

{Verses 14-15: Indication of Apostolic Prayer - Learning Doctrine}
14~~For this reason,
I kneel/'bow my knees'
face to face with
the Father {pater}.

{Note: Concept here is of prayer. All prayer is addressed to God the Father. All prayer should be done in humility. Posture is not important. It is your mental attitude that is important.}

15~~Out from the source of Whom
  {God the Father - 'pater'}
the entire {Royal} Family {patria}
in heavens {plural}
and on earth
derives its name/title.

{Note: This is a paronomasia (play on words in the Greek - pater and patria). The word for 'Family' (patria) comes from the word for the title of the first person of the Godhead - 'Father' (pater). Actually, our 'spiritual descent' is based upon regeneration. And, our spiritual descent is royalty. This is the only dispensation in which there is royalty in the family of God.}

{Content of the Prayer - GAP by Means of Reaching SuperGrace}
16~~In order that
He might give you all
- to your advantage -
according to the standard of the riches {ploutos} . . .
of His glory/essence
  {all that God is}
to become strong
  {krataioo - advance to SuperGrace}
by means of power
  {doctrine in your soul}
through His Spirit
  {see Galatians 5:16}
with reference to the inner man {soul}.

{Note: Ploutos means materialist riches in time. SuperGrace blessing is 'heaven on earth'. But materialist blessings are meaningless unless you have the 'capacity' to enjoy them. David referred to this as the 'cup in his soul' and 'my cup runnith over'. God can not pour unless you have a 'cup'. Doctrine in your soul forms the cup/altar/'Edification Complex of the Soul'.}

{Note: Krataioo is the word from which we get words like Demo-cratic. 'Demo' is the word for the people (as also in 'demographics'). The 'cratic' suffix means to rule or be strong. So Democratic describes an area ruled by the people. Here 'krataioo' means to grow strong via bible doctrine and thereby grow spirituality to SuperGrace status.}

the Christ
may indwell/'be at home'
in your right lobes/heart
through the doctrine
  {'doctrine' is 'what is believed' and therefore 'Truth'}
{assimilated} in the sphere of agape {virtue} love
after having rooted doctrine in the right lobe
and after having been rooted
and after having received the foundation
  {first floor of Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS)}.

{Note: God the Holy Spirit indwells the body. Christ is said to indwell the mentality of the soul. Principal here is Occupation with Christ. When you assimilate enough doctrine into your soul, then you have fellowship with Christ on the road to SuperGrace. If you go into reversionism, then Christ is no longer at home and is instead outside knocking on the door - with discipline. See Revelation 3:20.}

{Verses 18-21:Doctine of the SuperGrace Life - Pleroma Tou Theou}
18-19~~In order that,
you all might have
complete {'grace'} ability {through GAP}
to totally comprehend {yourself}
in the company of all saints
  {emphasizing assembly of believers} . . .
what . . . {is}
the breadth
  {the great width - implies storage of Church Age doctrine},
and length
  {implies time categories of doctrine - dispensations etc. },
and depth
  {implies doctrines related to the angelic conflict},
and height
  {implies doctrines concerning the Godhead)} 19~~
and {te}
to come to know
  {intelligent comprehension of}
the surpassing gnosis/knowledge agape/love
which belongs to the Christ
in order that you might be filled up
to all the fullness {SuperGrace blessings}
from the source of the God {pleroma tou Theou}.

{Note: 'Te' is a classical Greek particle and is unusual to find used in the Bible. Paul here is using it to closely tie verse 18 with 19.}

{Note: To become spiritually mature, we have to get beyond 'gnosis' knowledge to epignosis knowledge which belongs to Jesus - the mind of Christ - Bible doctrine. Once you have built the 'cup'/'edification complex' in the soul', then God can fill up your cup. God pours and you are blessed. You have to know Christ to really love Him.}

{Note: Pleroma Tou Theou means 'Fullness from God'. RBT uses 'Pleroma' to describe a believer who has reached SuperGrace.}

{Divine Authority is Related to the SuperGrace Blessing}
20~~Now to the One . . . Himself . . .
being able far beyond all things . . .
to do 'exceedingly abundantly'/'infinitely more'
than that which we 'keep on asking'/'have always wanted'
or be imagining
  {more than 'we could ever imagine when we are imaging'}
according to the {inherent} power
being itself effective in us
  {bible doctrine + filling of the Spirit}.

{Ways God is Glorified in Time: In Study, In Christ, and In Blessing Us in Satan's World}
21a~~To Him . . . the glory
in the church/class
  {ekklesia - as the local classroom - by taking in His Word}
and in Christ Jesus
  {by being in union with Him - Positional Truth}
with reference to all generations
  {of the unique Church age} . . .
forever and ever.
  {God is glorified in giving us SuperGrace blessings}

21b~~Amen/'I believe it'
  {acclamation of doctrine in Christian worship}.

{Note: Ekklesia is the word for the assembly of believers and does mean church. Here it represents the church in its role as the local classroom. As you take in the Word of God, you bring glory to the Lord.}

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