Chapter 4 (Continued)

{Verses 17-19: The Royal Family on the Road to Reversionism}
17~~This, therefore,
I {Paul} explain/communicate
and make 'an emphatic honest demand'/'testify under oath'
by means of the Lord,
for the purpose that
you all no longer continue walking
just as also the Gentiles
  {reversionistic unbelievers}
keep walking,
by means of
the 'mataiotes'/vacuum/nothingness/emptiness
of their mind/'left lobe of the soul'.

{Note: Mataiotes means emptiness or devoid-ness. It therefore refers to a lack of doctrine in the soul resulting in a vacuum of the soul. The empty space is therefore filled with human viewpoint and/or 'doctrines of demons'. The next stage in reversionism is scar tissue of the soul; which leads to the sin unto death if they continue in reversionism.}

18~~ Having become darkened
in their {way of} thinking . . .
  {scar tissue of the soul - blackout of the soul -
  no objective type thinking}
{1} having been estranged {warning stage}/
{2} alienated {intensified stage}/
{3} excluded {final stage - sin unto death} {apallotrioo}
from the {concept of} life of their God . . .
because of the ignorance
which keeps on being in them
  {blackout - negative to doctrine} . . .
because of the hardness of their 'right lobe'/heart.

{Note: Apallotrioo has three meaning - estranged, alienated, and excluded. They are all applicable here depending on which stage of black out of the soul the believer is in.}

{Reversionism Leads to a Frantic Search for Happiness}
19~~Who/'which category' {of reversionists}
while having become callused
  {by scar tissue of the soul} . . .
have 'betrayed themselves'/'given themselves over'
to promiscuous debauchery
  {means illicit sexual activity, adultery,
  lasciviousness, licentiousness, being unrestrained},
resulting in the practice of every kind of immorality . . .
in the sphere of insatiable lusts
  {desires/greediness in three categories -
  sexual, arrogance, power}.

{Verses 20-32: The Royal Family in Reversion Recovery}
20~~But {in contrast}
you {Royal Family}
have absolutely not
  {to be reversionist and negative to the word}
been taught
  {academic learning under strong discipline}
in this manner . . .
the Christ.

{Note: All doctrine revolves around the person of Jesus Christ. In fact bible doctrine is the mind of Christ. Reversionism is the function of your own soul and we are not taught in the bible to go backwards. We are told to advance and hold the high ground as long as we live.}

21~~If, in as much as, you had begun to hear
  {Christ - by listening to doctrinal teaching}
- and you have -
and have been taught by Him,
since the doctrine/truth
is and keeps on being . . .
in the Jesus.

{Importance of Rebound in Reversion Recovery}
with reference to your former 'manner of life'/lifestyle,
you 'rid yourselves'/lay aside' {rebound technique}
the 'old man' {Old Sin Nature (OSN)} . . .
which {OSN}
is becoming depraved/corrupted/degenerate
according to the lusts from the source of deceit
  {reversionism is the source of the lust}.

{Note: The 'old man' refers to a person out of fellowship and 'living by the flesh'. All unbelievers do this, and so do believers who revert to their old thinking and have gone into reversionism.}

{Resumption of GAP in Reversion Recovery}
23~~And for the purpose that
you be restored again and again
by means of the {Holy} Spirit
by the means and source of your mind/'left lobe'.

{Follow-through to SuperGrace - Logical Progression of Three Infinitives in Verses 22-24}
24~~And for the purpose that
you clothe yourself {on the inside}
with the 'new in species man'
  {member of the Royal Family - having an
  Edification Complex of the Soul - a new species of man},
which according to the standard of God
  {the perfect standard}
has been created in the sphere
of {absolute} righteousness
and in the sphere of 'devotion to doctrine'/'true holiness'.

{Verses 25-32: Seven Results}
{Verse 25: Recovering the Divine Viewpoint}
having stripped off 'the lie'
  {cosmic involvement}
  {from Zechariah 8:16}
each one of you
keep communicating the truth/doctrine
  {doctrine as the absolute truth}
with the 'near to him'
  {someone close to you in your soul}
because we are 'members one of another'
  {part of the body of Christ}.

{Note: This verse is discussing the habitual act of lying. Lying is a sin and sinning takes you into the Cosmic System and out of fellowship. Also, the Plan of Satan - the Cosmic System - is also referred to as 'living in the lie'. Both concepts are in view here.}

{Verse 26: Objective Indignation}
26~~'Be angry with righteous indignation
and yet do not sin in your anger'/
'tremble with anger and do not sin'
  {a quote from Psalms 4:4} . . .
do not permit the sun to go down
on your intensified/sinful anger.

{Note: There is a time for justifiable anger when your thinking clearly lines up with 'the Truth' (from the previous verse). The second part of the verse is a mental attitude sin and we are instructed to keep short accounts - rebound.}

{Verse 27: Victory in the angelic conflict}
27~~And, do not be giving opportunity/space/room {running room}
to the devil.

{Verse 28: Production of Divine Good in the Business World}
28~~The one stealing {reversionist} . . .
from now on . . . stop stealing;
but rather work hard {to the point of exhaustion},
earning a living {the good} with his very own hands
in order that he might have and hold {money}
to share with the one having a need.

Note: When individuals share their excess blessings with others, that is charity and appropriate. When the Government takes your money and gives it to those who refuse to work is welfare. It helps neither the party having the money taken from them or the recipient who does not learn the value of working hard . . . self-esteem, etc. Charity is for the helpless poor, welfare is for the poor helpless.}

29~~Do not permit any rotten communications/sermons
  {unsound doctrine}
to go out from your mouth,
but, in contrast,
  {sound and true doctrine}
keeps on being good of intrinsic value
for the purpose of edification
  {edification complex of the soul},
in order that it {doctrine}
may give grace
  {understanding of grace resulting in SuperGrace}
to the ones customarily/consistently hearing.

{Verses 30-32: Discontinuance of the Practice of Grieving the Holy Spirit}
30~~And, stop grieving the Spirit . . .
the Holy One . . .
the God
  {co-equal with the other members of the Godhead},
by Whom you have been sealed {eternal security}
for the day of redemption
  {rapture/ultimate sanctification}.

{Discontinue Bitterness}
31~~All categories of bitterness {types follows}:
both wrath
  {emotional type anger - violent outburst},
and anger
  {mental attitude anger - tantrums, sulking};
both vociferation
  {shouting in anger, verbal brawling, offensive loudness}
and slander
  {murder with your mouth, character assassination} . . .
be removed from you all . . .
with all 'other forms of wickedness'/malice/'revenge motivation'.

{Note: Bitterness involves antagonism, animosity, hardness and cruelty toward others. Hence, the totality of resentment toward others. Bitterness is related to the mental attitude sinning of reversionism in this passage. It is also closely related to 'Chain sinning'. It is similar to the chain smoker who lights one cigarette on another - 'clusters of sin' - one on another on another.}

{Verse 32: Nobility of the Soul under the Function of Grace}
32~~But {in contrast to verse 31}
'gracious in the soul'/kind toward one another
  {impersonal love},
  {eusplagchnos - virtue from thinking doctrine},
graciously forgiving each other,
even as the God
in/'by means of the agency of' Christ
has graciously forgiven all of you.

Note: Eusplagchnos is a compound word - good and intestines. Intestines were used for the emotions like we say 'butterflies in the stomach' for nervous. It means to have good emotions toward other believers.}