Chapter 5

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{Verse 1-13: the Imperatives of the SuperGrace Life}

{Importance of having Doctrine in your soul}
1~~Become, therefore
  {continuation of Chapter 4 teaching},
imitators of your God {Jesus Christ},
as beloved posterity {children of God}.

{Note: The only way you can truly imitate Christ is to do what He did in His humanity: 1) Be filled with the Holy Spirit and 2) GAP it to SuperGrace.}

{Application of Doctrine in your soul}
2~~And, be walking in the sphere of agape love {mental attitude}, just as your Christ
also has loved you all {very personal},
and has delivered up Himself
on behalf of you {substitutionary} . . .
as an offering
even a sacrifice
to {propitiate} the God
for the purpose of a 'fragrant aroma'.

{Reversionism is not 'Imitating Christ' - Ephesians' Big Problem Phallic Reversionism}
3~~But {in contrast}
  {contrast with the sweet smell of Walking in the Way
  is the stench of sin}
  {porneia - normal illicit sex - usually in connection with idolatry}
and all licentiousness
  {akatharsia - abnormal illicit sex},
or 'any frantic search for happiness'/'insatiable erotic desire',
should not even be {habitually} mentioned
  {or even considered!}
among you,
as is proper
with reference to saints/'the set-aside to God ones'/'royal family'.

{Note: Verses 1-2 tell us to imitate Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit and let Him guide us. When we sin we go out of fellowship and are 'walking in the flesh'/'in carnality'. Paul is using these as the EXAMPLES of how to get out of fellowship. And, Jesus tells us that mental adultery is the same as actually doing it. So don't EVEN think about it - or you have sinned! 'Proper' here means these activities are incompatible with your status as Royal Family/Saints!}

{Note: Akatharsia is the Greek word for abnormal illicit sex. It also means uncleanness, impurity, and licentiousness of all kinds.}

{Role of Sex in Dating and Anywhere Outside of Marriage}
4~~Both {a} 'tactile pass'/'vulgar arousal' {aischrotes}
and {a} 'verbal pass'/'suggestive silly talk'
  {words for sexual arousal}
or teasing
  {being tricky, dishonest, a flatterer - for the women mostly}
which things {arousals}
are not one's duty {on a date};
but, in contrast,
rather to a greater degree
gratitude to the Lord {eucharistia}
  {in the sense of occupation with the person of Jesus Christ}.

{Note: Aischrotes is a gutter word in the Koine Greek. It means any obscene attentions to your date to get her aroused. It means using touching techniques to turn her on. The word went as far as being used for things like oral sex, etc. }

{Note: Eucharistia is the Greek word which is used for the Eucharist. It means to give thanks to the Lord for all that He has given you by grace. Do this instead of take advantage sexually of your date! Thank Him for giving you the company and treat him/her with respect and honor.}

{Pimps and Principal}
5~~For this principal you know,
if you are learning anything,
that every pimp/'male prostitute' {pornos} . . .
whether perverted/'unclean person'
  {a pimp who is in it for the sex}
or greedy
  {a pimp in it for the money} . . .
who is an idolater
does not have inheritance
in the royal empire of Christ . . .
even God.

{Note: Pornos was the Greek word for the people who seduced men, women children for sex in the temples. We would call him a pimp today. These pimps were seducing people for false gods which indicates they were unbelievers. Being unbelievers, they are not part of the kingdom of God. If they are believers yet in reversionism, they are disciplined by God in time and are not operating under the filling of the Holy Spirit. }

{Verses 6-7: Warning Against Association with the Reversionistic Believer}
6-7~~Let no one
be deceiving/seducing/enticing you all
by means of empty words
  {attractive ideas but empty of real meaning - doctrines of demons}
for because of these things
  {ideas that do not line up with the Word}
the wrath of the God
  {last judgment of Revelation 20:12-15}
is coming upon the sons of unbelief/disbelief {apeitheia}. 7~~

stop becoming partners
with reference to them!

{Note: Apeitheia is the Greek word from which we get apathy. It means disbelief or disobedience to the command to believe. They do not 'care'.}

  {continuation with some explanation}
you were formerly . . . darkness
  {analogy for an unbeliever with no doctrine in the soul},
but now {in contrast}
  {enlightened believers with doctrine in the soul} . . .
in the Lord.

{Begin and} Keep on walking as light's children . . .

{Note: Light is bible doctrine in the soul. The reflected light of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His thinking. His example. 'Keep imitating Me.'}

{Verses 9-10: Experiential Production of Light}
9~~(For the 'fruit'/production
of the light:
{is} in all intrinsic goodness {divine good}
and dikaiosune/righteousness/'grace virtue'
  {integrity, virtue, +R} and doctrine/truth
  resident in the soul}.)

{Note: 'Walking in the light' includes 1) Filling of the Holy Spirit. 3) Consistent intake of bible doctrine. 3) Divine Good Production from applying doctrine to experience and 4) Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS) when we have maximum production.}

{Note: In the Philippians series, RBT says dikaiosune more fully means, the 'total fulfillment of Spiritual Maturity. The wreath of dikaiosune is one of the rewards that will be issued by the Lord in heaven.}

{Verse 8 continues}
10~~ . . . putting to the test
  {assayer's term - test quality}
what is well pleasing
to the Lord

{Note: Skipping the parenthesis of verse 9, 8 and 10 read together:
"For you were formerly . . . darkness,
but now . . . light in the Lord.

Keep on walking as light's children . . .
putting to the test
what is well pleasing to the Lord."

{Verses 11-13: Amplification -'Walk in the Light - Not in Darkness'}
11~~And stop involving yourself
in the barren production
from the source of the darkness,
but rather {to a greater degree}
be exposing/'roasting' it {for the evil that it is} . . .12~~
because it is now and always will be . . . a disgrace
even to speak
  {in the sense of being supportive of the idea}
of the things
  {outside of the norms and standards of bible doctrine}
which are accomplished by them secretly . . . 13~~
but the all things {of reversionism}
when being exposed
are made known {through doctrine}
by agency of the light {Bible doctrine}
for you see all {things}
being 'made known'/taught is light
  {bible doctrine sets the standards that exposes
  the fallacies of the Devil's world}.

{Note: Those who walk in darkness are into 'human viewpoint'. The obvious ones are the sinners. The less obvious ones are those who generate works by human energy. They 'think' against God's Divine Laws of Establishment - whatever lines up with bible doctrine. They are for internationalism, are anti-nationalism, anti-establishment, for socialism, for communism, for do-gooder human good of any kind done outside of the filling of the Holy Spirit.}

{Verse 14-18: Principle of Redeeming Time}
He communicates
  {paraphrase of Isaiah 26:19 and 60:1}
wake up
  {awareness of your status in reversionism}
you sleeping one {reversionist},
'get up'/'stand up'
  {recovery from reversionism starting with rebound}
from among the dead ones
  {separate from reversionists where you can (NOT divorce!)},
and He, the Christ,
will shine on you
  {SuperGrace Blessings return if you get back with doctrine}.

{Note: God has allotted every believer so much time to accomplish His will in time. Time spent in the Filling of the Holy Spirit is potential productive time. Time outside of the filling of the Spirit and 'walking in the flesh' is lost time - you are a sleepwalker!}

beware 'in what way'/how accurately you walk/advance,
not as unwise ones {those minus doctrine},
but as wise ones {lots of divine viewpoint in the soul} . . . 16~~
constantly buying/redeeming {exagorazo}
your time {assigned to you},
because the days {in your assignment}
are {Satanic/Worldly}evil.

{Note: Exagorazo is the word for 'buying time on the basis of good credit'. It means when we believed in Christ, God assigned to us time to serve Him in Christian service. We were redeemed from the slave market of sin by Jesus Christ on the cross. We now buy time with the only cash of the realm as far as God is concerned - doctrine resident in your soul - to walk as wise ones!}

{Note: Evil is anything that goes against the will/plan of God. The first 'evil' was eating from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. After eating, humans then learned how to produce human righteousnesses/good - as filthy rags in the sight of the Lord - and human generated bad. Anything good or bad done under the 'energy of the flesh' is evil. Anything done (only divine good can be done) under the Filling of the Holy Spirit is divine good.}

17~~ Because of this
  {principal of buying time and not being unwise},
stop becoming unwise/ignorant ones {plural},
but {completely and thoroughly} keep on understanding
what {the content} the will/purpose/policy/design of the Lord {is}.

{Don't be Filled with 'spirits', but be Filled with the 'Spirit'}
18~~ Also, stop becoming intoxicated by means of wine,
which keeps on being debauchery/dissipation/addiction,
but keep on being filled
  {fully influenced/fully possessed}
by the {Holy} Spirit
  {'walking by means of the Spirit'}.

{Note: In the context here, becoming intoxicated is a 'waste of time'. Drinking is not forbidden except in certain circumstances, but drunkenness is always prohibited.}

{Verses 19 through Chapter 6:9: the Relationship in the Royal Family}
{Verses 19-21: Relationship with God (the MOST Important Relationship)}
19~~Be communicating
among yourselves {in the local church}
by means of psalms
  {scripture involving relationship with God}.

Also, by means of hymns
  {songs of praise in honor of Deity}
and odes
  {song with noble sentiment - in context to God}
with spiritual {doctrinal} lyrics . . .
be singing and 'making melody/'playing musical instruments'
in the sphere of your 'right lobes'/hearts . . .
to the Lord.

{Note: Psalms are passages of scripture, which deal with God's relationship with man so that man can have a relationship and fellowship with God. So "psalms" is mentioned because if you ever study the Psalms carefully you will find man failure to have a proper relationship with man because man does not have a proper relationship with God. Then the Psalms of praise: Man's proper relationship with God leading to the reciprocity of man's worship of God, man's occupation with God, love of God, appreciation of God, and man's attitude toward God.}

{Prayers are Addressed to God the Father and Through our High Priest}
20~~ Be always thankful for all things,
'in the sphere of'/through the person/name
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
to the God . . . even the Father.

{Note: Gratitude to God should be a permanent status of the soul. True thanksgiving requires grace orientation, which can only be acquired by the daily intake of doctrine.}

{Submit to the Authority of your Right Pastor-Teacher}
21~~ Be subordinating yourselves {hupotasso}
as one believer to another of the same kind with authority . . .
out of respect for Christ.

{Note: Hupotasso is a military word meaning to be under authority. RBT says this verse is referring to submitting yourself to the authority of your right pastor-teacher. You do this out of respect for Jesus Christ - remembering that all pastors are the slave/servant of the Lord and represent Him on this Earth in the Church Age.}



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