Chapter 5 (Continued)

{Verses 22-24: Second Divine Law - Marriage}
22-23~~ YOU wives . . .
{be subordinating} yourselves
to your very own husbands,
as {comparison} to the Lord . . . 23~~
because the husband {emphasis on quality}
keeps on being the 'absolute authority'/'head'
over his wife,
just as the Christ
also . . . {keeps on being} the 'absolute authority'/'head'
over the church {the body of Christ}.

Also, He . . . Himself {and only He Himself} . . . {is}
the savior of the body {Church Age believers}.

{Note: The Greek syntax picks the verb up from the previous verse - so is correctly translated 'be subordinating'/be respecting'/'be obeying'. And this is a gnomic present - dynamic imperative - middle voice . . . all of which means to obey or render to the authority by your own volition! If a woman is unwilling to submit to the authority of her husband, then DON'T marry him!}

24~~ But as the church herself
keeps on being subordinate
to the Christ . . .
in this way also
the wives . . . {keep on being subordinate}
to their own husbands -
in all things.

{Command for Christian Husbands - Christ loved with a Perfect Love, so . . .}
25-27~~ You husbands . . . {this is a command}
be loving
  {agapao - mental attitude love}
your wives,
just as also Christ
has loved the Church {all Church Age believers},
and has delivered over Himself
  {emphasis on His free will in doing so}
on behalf of the same {the Church} 26~~ . . .
that He (Jesus)
might consecrate/'set apart'/sanctify her {as 'royalty'}
by means of the cleansing/washing
  {analogy to rebound for the church}
from the water with the Word
  {rhema - Word communicated by a pastor-teacher:
  refers to the refreshment from the intake of the Word} 27~~
for the purpose that He Himself {Jesus}
might present to Himself
the splendid-glorious church,
not having stain {an Old Sin Nature},
or wrinkle {human good - production from the flesh},
or any such category of things;
but that she {church} should be blameless saints.

{Note: 'Agapao' is the mental attitude type of love ('ergo' - from which we get 'erotic' - is the Greek word for 'sex type physical love'). From the negative viewpoint, agapao means mentally being 'minus mental attitude sins' toward your wife. From the positive viewpoint, agapao love means having the highest regard in the right lobe of the brain for her.}

{Note: Set apart her 'as royalty' refers to both the wife for her right man in category 2 love AND the Church/bride toward Jesus Christ as our right category 1 love - personal love for God. The analogy is between a right man and right woman relationship AND Church Age believers (royal priests - and the bride in heaven) and their 'right God' - Jesus Christ (the bridegroom).}

{Note: A man washes his right woman through physical relations. The analogy with the church is Jesus sanctifies the Church in the same manner - with the cleansing of their thinking through study of the Word.}

{Application of Principal}
28~~ Thus you husbands also ought
to be loving {agapao}
their own wives
as {the husbands love} their own bodies.

The one who keeps loving {agapao}
his own wife . . . keeps loving himself.

{Note: Agapao is the mental attitude love. The physical is not in view here. There are six ways a man loves his own body with spiritual analogies:

1. Food - soul provision and rapport for the woman and Christ for the Church.

2. Shelter - right man protecting his right woman - he is her shelter - same for Christ

3. Clothing - physical provision for the right woman and Christ for all believers

  the inner clothing of the soul - bible doctrine - Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS)

4. Sleep - tranquility of soul for the woman and Mind of Christ gives believers an RMA

5. Exercise - man provides for the woman by the sweat of the brow and Christ does all the work for the Church

6. Stimulation - sexual stimulation and Christ stimulates our soul with bible doctrine.}

{Back to the Principal and Another Analogy - Back to the Spiritual Analogy}
29-30~~ For no one ever yet
has hated his own flesh {body};
but he nourishes {to promote health and strength}
and provides reasonable/tender care for it,
just as the Christ also . . . {does} the church . . . 30~~
because we keep on being members of His body.

{Note: 'Of His flesh and of His bones' is not in the original Greek transcript - omit.}

{Verses 31-33: The Results in Marriage and a Third Doctrinal Analogy}
31~~ Analogous/equivalent to this doctrine,
a man shall leave behind
his father and mother
  {assuming his own role of authority}
and he shall have sexual intercourse
  {literally - 'face to face sex'}
with his own wife
  {mutual desire involved}
and the two shall keep on being as one flesh.

{Note: This is a picture of the right man/right woman relationship in marriage. When God designs the marriage, it is perfect. And, sexual union between the two is the normal condition.}

{Doctrinal Side of the Analogy - Back to Christ and 'Union with Christ of the Royal Family'}
32~~ This mystery {doctrine}
keeps on being great(!) . . .

Now I am speaking/communicating
with reference to Christ
and with reference to the church.

{Note: Paul is revealing that the analogy of the marriage of the right man to the right woman is also an analogy between Jesus (the right man - bridegroom) to the body of Christ (the right woman - responding to Him - the Bride in heaven). None of this was revealed to Old Testament believers. All Church Age doctrine was mystery doctrine until the Church Age. This is the doctrine of Positional Sanctification - Union with Christ.}

33~~ Also, with reference to one woman . . .
each man, in this manner,
be loving his very own wife as himself;
and his wife be sure that
she is 'occupied with'/'concentrates on'/respects {phobeo}
her husband.

{Note: Literally the first part of this verse says 'also you with reference to one woman each man his very own wife so be loving in this manner'. It is an idiom correctly translated above. In the last part, phobeo - from which we get 'phobia' - means 'to fear'. But it can also mean to respect, to be occupied with or to concentrate on the subject - to the exclusion of all others. She is finished flirting with other men!}


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