Chapter 6
{Continuation of Thought from Chapter 5 Through Verse 9 - Small Child Here}
1~~ You children
  {under the authority of their parents},
keep on obeying your parents
  {in/'because of' the Lord} . . .
because it keeps on being right/fair/just.

{An Older Child in View Here - like a Teenager}
2~~ Be respecting/honoring
your father and your mother . . .
for such the first commandment {Exodus 20:12}
with promise {of blessing}.

3~~ For the purpose that it may come
to be well {prosperity} with you,
and you shall keep on having long life
on the earth.

{Note: Long live is not necessarily a blessing. To live long with prosperity and health is a blessing. This verse says prosperity comes to those who learn self-discipline in the home.}

4~~ And, you parents
  {literally: 'fathers' - in the plural is parents},
stop causing your children
to become angry/bitter/exasperated;
but be 'training them'/'bringing them up' {to maturity}
and in the {absolute} discipline
and academic instruction
from the Lord.

{Verses 5-9: Labor and Management}
5~~ You slaves/servants
  {today would be analogous to employees},
be obeying your lords/masters {management}
according to the standard of the flesh
  {laws of establishment},
with respect {for authority}
and maximum effort,
by means of integrity
  {virtue free of hypocrisy - no brown nosing}
from the source of your right lobe,
as to your Christ."

6-7~~ Not according to the standard of 'eye-slavery'
  {'brown-nosing' - attracting attention to yourself hypocritically},
as 'men pleasers'
  {suck ups at the expense of principals};
but as slaves/employees
belonging to Christ,
constantly doing the will/purpose/design of your God
from the soul 7~~
with loyal enthusiasm
  {idiom: literally 'good thinking'}
performing the duties of a slave/employee,
as unto the Lord,
and not to men.

8~~ Knowing that each one {believer},
if he has done anything good {divine good} -
maybe he will, maybe he will not -
he himself shall receive {with interest}
the same production {of divine good - 'back wages'}
from the source of the Lord,
whether he is a slave or a free man.

9~~ Also, you lords/management,
keep consistently doing the same things
{his job as unto the Lord}
toward them {labor},
be consistent in desisting from bullying . . .
knowing that both their Lord and yours
keeps on being in heaven {Supreme Court in Heaven};
and there is no partiality with Him."

{Verses 10-24: Christian Way of Life; Verses 10-12: Estimate of the Situation}
10~~ But from now on
  {START NOW if you have not},
keep on becoming strong in the Lord {GAP it daily},
even by means of that 'ruling power'/'inner dictator' . . .
of His 'endowed power'.

{Note: Allowing bible doctrine resident in your soul to control your life. This is also called 'walking in the way' as opposed to 'walking in the flesh'.}

11~~ Wear/'put on' for yourselves
the full armor from our God {reach SuperGrace}
that you might continue to be able
to hold your ground {high ground of SuperGrace}
against the tactics/strategy of the devil . . .

{Demon Table of Organization}
12~~Because our {spiritual} 'hand to hand combat'/warfare
keeps on being absolutely NOT {ouk}
against blood and flesh . . .
but against /'face to face with'
the 'highest rulers'/generals/archons
  {arche - demon rulers - Abaddon, Apoyllon, Beelzebub, Beelzeel},
against the {demon} 'commissioned officers'/authorities {exousia}; against the 'rulers of the cosmos'/'world rulers' {kosmokrator }
  of this darkness/gloom/evil
  {Satan's corps of demon ambassadors in world capitals} . . . against spiritual forces of evil
  {rank and file fallen angels - 'pneumatikos poneria'}
in the heavenlies.

{Verses 13-17: Equipment for the Angelic Conflict; Verse 13
necessity for Armor}
13~~Because of this {angelic conflict}
pick up and put on the full armor from God,
in order that you might have the ability
'to hold your ground'/resist
in the evil day
  {the day when YOU are attacked by the unseen foe} . . .
even after having achieved everything {reached SuperGrace} . . .
  {necessary} to oppose {the forces of Satan}.

14~~ Stand fast/resist/oppose, therefore,
after having buckled around your waist
the belt 'by means of'/with doctrine {resident in the soul},
also having put on the breastplate/'body armor'
of righteousness/dikaiosune/+R."

{Note: The belt on the Roman soldier protected his mid section from attack and held together the weapons and shields he carried. It held everything else together for him. The most important item was mentioned first . . . and this was the belt of doctrine!}

15~~Also after you have your feet shod {put on combat boots}
with the equipment/preparation/readiness to serve the Lord
to communicate the 'good news'/gospel . . .
even of reconciliation/peace.

16~~In addition to all these,
having picked up and carried the shield of faith
  {using faith rest technique},
with which {shield}
you shall have the ability
to extinguish all
  {everything Satan can send your way}
the flaming missiles
  {fiery rocks and arrows}
from the source of the evil/wicked one {Satan}.

{Note: The principal of this verse is that there is no power that belongs to Satan that can destroy the believer who is protected by his shield of faith.}

{On to the Offensive Equipment Believers have - thought continues}
17~~Also receive/welcome the helmet . . .
which refers to being saved.

Also the sword {machaira} from the Spirit . . .
which is the Word/doctrine from God

{Note: The machaira was the Roman short sword. It was about 18 inches long so it was a small short sword with perfect balance - and used by thrusting not cutting. Most swords were huge and no one thought to use a shorter weapon. The big sword did a lot of slicing and the armor and bones of the body stopped most of the blows from being killing blows. The jab went into the organs and was an effective fighting tool. The machaira was the greatest hand to hand combat weapon before the gunpowder age.}

{Verses 18-24: Royal Family Responsibility: Begins with Prayer}
18~~By means of every prayer and petition . . .
be praying on every occasion {of prayer}
'by means of'/'in the filling of' the Spirit.

Also, with reference to this {prayer},
be on the alert . . .
with all persistent determination
and petition on behalf of all saints {Royal Family of God}.

{Responsibility for Witnessing and Communication of Doctrine}
19~~Also . . . {pray} on behalf of me {Paul},
in order that doctrine might be given unto me . . .
in 'using my mouth to speak'
  {idiom: literally - 'in the opening of my mouth'}
with 'confidence and courage' . . .
to communicate the mystery
pertaining to the gospel.

{Responsibility for Ambassadorship}
20~~ For the sake of which {gospel},
I am an ambassador . . . 'on a chain' . . .
in order that in this sphere {of ambassadorship/witnessing}
I might speak with confidence,
as I ought to communicate {the gospel}.

{Note: Paul was literally on a chain attached to a Roman soldier for 2 years! This is where he drew many of his analogies in this section of the epistle. And, even on a chain, Paul was an ambassador and witness (previous verse) for Christ.}

21~~ Now {after reading this epistle}
in order that you might come to know
'about my circumstances'/'what I am doing',
Tychicus, an esteemed member of the royal family
and faithful minister,
will make all things known to you.

Whom I have sent face to face with you
for this very {same} purpose,
that you may come to know
about the things concerning us
and that He might encourage/comfort/ teach your hearts.

23~~Prosperity/harmony/peace . . .
to the brethren {Royal family},
and agape love {mental attitude virtue love} . . .
with doctrine {resident in the soul},
from the ultimate source of God the Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ.

24~~The grace . . . {be}
with all those who constantly love
  {agapao - mental attitude love}
our Lord Jesus Christ
  {Occupation with Christ} . . .
with incorruptibility
  {capacity righteousness}.

Amen/'I believe it'.

{Note: To love with incorruptibility is the SuperGrace status. It is maximum category #1 love based on maximum doctrine in the soul.}


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