Chapter 11
{Verses 1-3: The Importance of Bible Doctrine}
1~~In fact, {progressing concept in Chapter 10}
doctrine is/'keeps on being'
THE reality/substance
from which source {doctrine}
we keep on receiving confidence . . .
the proof of matters/events not being seen.

{Note: There are three different ways 'Pistis' should be translated in the New Testament:
  1) That which causes Trust and Faith. Translated faithfulness,
  reliability, proof, pledge.
  2) Faith in the active tense. The act of believing. Translated faith,
  trust, confidence.
  3) Faith in the instrumental case: 'that which is believed'. The
  'body of faith'. Therefore should be translated Doctrine. And
  that is the use here - Doctrine.}

[Note: For the mature believer, "elpis" no longer means "hope". Instead it means "absolute confidence" in God and His Promises being kept! Therefore, doctrine is reality. You can be tricked by what you see or feel or think. Understand God's thinking, and you can not be tricked.]

2~~For by means of it {doctrine resident in the soul}
the 'men of old/elders/'ancient people'
received/gained {divine} approval {SuperGrace Status}.

{Importance of Doctrine to Be Oriented to History}
3~~By means of doctrine {resident in our souls}
we learn/'have perceived and keep on perceiving'
that the dispensations/ages have been 'put together'/arranged
by the decree/saying from the ultimate source of God,
with the result that
what is being seen {unfolding current history}
has NOT come to pass
from those who are visible
{National leaders are those who are visible}.

{Note: Leaders of nations appear to be holding the Nation together, but it is positive believers who actually hold the Nation together}.

{Rest of Chapter 11 is a Great Parenthesis -
Illustrations of Importance of Doctrine in the Life}
{Verses 4-7: Examples of Strong Believers in the Age of the Gentiles}
4~~(By means of doctrine {resident in his soul},
Abel had offered to the God
a greater sacrifice than Cain,
through which {offering/ritual}
he {Abel} received confirmation/approval
that he {Abel} kept on being righteous/vindicated {imputed righteousness of God} . . .
the God approving of his {Abel's} gifts {sacrifices},
and through the same {resident doctrine with resulting sacrifices},
while he {Abel} has violently died {apothnesko},
he still communicates {the importance of doctrine}.

{Note: In Hebrew, the name Abel means vanity, nothing, empty, disappointment, disillusion. RBT says this indicates the frame of mind of Adam and Eve after having Cain. Apothnesko is the Greek word to describe a violent death. Cain cut Abel's throat for the first human murder.}

{Note: Abel had doctrine resident in his soul. When he made the offerings to God, he understood what God desired, what the sacrifices represented, and they were very meaningful for Abel and were therefore acceptable to God. Cain did not offer the correct sacrifices which indicates at the most, he was a poor listener and not interested in learning about God or what the sacrifices to God represented. Therefore, his gifts were unacceptable to God. Ritual without reality (understanding what it represents) is meaningless.}

{Verses 5-6: Second Anti-diluvian SuperGrace Hero - Enoch}
5~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul},
Enoch was transferred {from one place to another -earth to heaven} with the result that he should not see death {thanatos};
and was not found {after looking and looking and looking - imperfect tense}, BECAUSE the God had transferred him!
For before his transfer {to heaven}
he had obtained the testimony,
in the past with the result that the deposition stood,
that he had pleased the God.

{Note: Enoch was transferred from phase II to phase III without dying. His story is documented in Genesis 5: 22-14.}

{Note: Thanatos is the Greek 'academic' word for death so it is used for 'any form of death'. It does not connote violence as with Abel's death.}

{Implications of Enoch's Unique Blessing for the Doctrine Resident in his Soul}
6~~And without doctrine {resident in the soul} . . . impossible . . .
to please {God} . . .
For when one is customarily occupied with the God
{one} must {compulsion of duty} be convinced {by resident doctrine} that He {God} is/exists/'keeps on being',
and He, Himself, becomes {under certain conditions}
a rewarder to {the advantage of} these
who diligently seek Him
{daily intake of His Mind through a qualified teacher}.

{Note: Who are YOU trying to please? If you have put anyone or anything ahead of God, you are the 'salt that has lost its savor.}

7~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul} Noah,
having been warned about things not yet being seen
 {120 years warning of the coming flood - Genesis 6:3} . . .
having been motivated by reverence {occupation with Christ} . . . {Noah} constructed an ark/ship
for the purpose of the deliverance
of his family {blessing by association}.
Through which {doctrine resident in Noah's soul},
he {Noah} condemned the world,
and {Noah} became
the heir of the righteousness pertaining to doctrine.

{Note: The unbelieving world condemned Noah and laughed at him for building this huge ark. They came and laughed for 120 years! But at the end of that time, he condemned them -not in reaction to them - but by being a SuperGrace believer and faithful. He turned around the course of history.}

{Verses 8-22: The Roster of Strong Believers in the Period of the Patriarchs}
8~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul}, Abraham,
when he was called . . . obeyed . . .
by going out to a place
which he was about to receive as an inheritance.
And he went out, not knowing where he was going.

{Verses 9-10: Abraham's Surpassing Grace}
 9~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul},
he {Abraham} 'lived as a temporary resident'/sojourned
with reference to the land of the promise,
as to a foreign land,
dwelling in {large} tents with Isaac and Jacob,
the joint-heirs of the same promise.

10~~For {explanation} he {Abraham} himself
kept waiting with anticipation
for a city {see Revelation 21:2 and below Hebrews 11:23}
having foundations . . .
whose architect and contractor is the God.

{Verses 11-12: Abraham's SuperGrace Blessings in Time}
11~~By means of doctrine {resident in her soul}
even Sara herself received 'sexual ability'/power
for the deposit of sperm/seed,
though she was beyond the proper time of life for conception . . . because she concluded faithful . . . the One Who had promised
{her in eternity past}.

12~~And, {therefore from the source of one hopeless couple
was born Isaac} . . .
these same ones {Abraham and Sara}
having become {sexually} dead
{in contrast to the promise of Genesis 15:5} . . .
"just as the stars of the heaven in number,
and as the sand which is by the lip of the sea . . . innumerable".

{Dying Grace}
13~~According to doctrine {resident in their souls}
all of these {Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob}
died {under the principal of dying grace}
not having received {in their lifetimes}
the promises {Surpassing grace promises - which pertained to eternity future},
but having seen them {Surpassing grace blessings} at a far distance, and having saluted {on this side of the Golden bridge comes a salute}
and having embraced them {on the other side of the Golden bridge comes the hugs}, and so having acknowledged that {in conclusion} they were strangers and transients {passing through from grace to grace} on the earth.

{Note: The grace of God starts unbelievable fantastic - eternal life at the point of Salvation Grace that can not be lost. Then Grace in time can be even more unbelievable. Next, Dying grace can be even beyond the incredible SuperGrace ending your allotted time . . . but Surpassing Grace blessings in eternity future are so fantastic that a human body is not built to handle them! Must have the resurrected body first!}

14~~ For they who say such things as these {that they are 'not OF the earth'} make it clear that {a conclusion}
they keep striving {and that is not easy} for a {heavenly} country/fatherland.

{Principal of Geographic Distraction - being out of the Geographic Will of God for you}
15~~And, if, on the one hand,
they had continued remembering
that country from which they had originated -
but they did not continue to look at the country
from which they originated -
they would have had opportunity/'favorable time'
to 'bend back'/'circle back'
{returning to Err of the Chaldea as a failure - reversionism}.

16~~But, on the other hand, as a matter of reality,
they themselves desire and strive for something better
that is, heavenly {blessing and reward in Eternity Future}.
Therefore, the God is not ashamed
of the same ones {patriarchs} . . .
to be called/surnamed their God . . .
for He has prepared for them {the patriarchs} a city.

{Note: As part of their Surpassing Grace blessing (SG3 - in eternity future) of the patriarchs, God has prepared them a city - the heavenly Jerusalem. RBT says 'city' is a designation of the SG3 blessings for the Jewish Age SuperGrace believer and is analogous to the 'crowns' promised to SuperGrace believers of the Church Age.}

17~~ By means of doctrine {resident in the soul},
Abraham, when he was being tested,
offered up {as a sacrifice} the Isaac.
Even, he who had received the promises
went to offering his only one.

{Note: The context here is the 'promise from God'. Isaac was Abraham's only son who was part of the promise. Ishmael was not born of Sarah and was not part of the promise of God.}

18~~ Toward whom {Abraham} it had been communicated
{by doctrinal teaching recorded for us in Genesis 21:12},
"That in Isaac {meaning 'laughter'} shall your sperm/seed be designated."

{Note: God determined in eternity past the ONLY SON of Abraham in whom the new Jewish Race would originate - Isaac, son of Sarah. This means that Isaac has to LIVE for this promise from God to be kept! }

19~~ Having calculated {accounting term} that
the God was able {had the inherent power}
to raise him {Isaac} up,
even out from the dead
{his faith said God had to bring Isaac back - to keep His promise},
for which reason also,
he recovered him {back from the sacrificial altar}
by means of a comparison/type
{the comparison is with Jesus Christ Who would be sacrificed}.

{Note: A calculator comes to conclusions based on it's 'inner workings'. Our inner workings are our norms and standards in the soul. So either you stay with your human viewpoint, or you replace that with the divine viewpoint as explained to us via bible doctrine.}

{How Doctrine can make a Man out of a Wimp}
20~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul}
even concerning things destined to be/come
{the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant}
Isaac blessed Jacob {in the covenant}
and Esau {outside of the covenant - Isaac gave all he could give
to his unbelieving son}.

21~~By means of doctrine {resident in his soul}
Jacob, while he was in the process of dying {in dying grace},
blessed each one the sons of Joseph . . .
and worshipped {proskuneo},
leaning on the top of his stick/scepter/'badge of authority' {Genesis 47:31}.

{Note: This is the 'crossed hands incident'. Jacob knew the doctrinal principal of the elder serving the younger. Joseph placed his older son (Manasseh) under Jacob's right hand - the hand of blessing -and his youngest son (Ephraim) on the left side. But Jacob understood the principal so he crossed his hands indicating again that the youngest would receive the 'double portion' blessing. And, the tribe of Ephraim was always the largest tribe of Israel. SideNote: This is also analogous to our receiving the blessings of salvation really earned by Jesus Christ - the firstborn. We receive His righteousness at the point of salvation.}

{Note: Proskuneo literally means 'face to face' and 'kissed'. It was the custom to greet a king by getting down and kissing the hem of his robe. The word worship really is either in face to face teaching of bible doctrine, or in the receiving of the teaching of the word. That is real worship.}

22~~ By means of doctrine {resident in his soul}
Joseph, while he was in the process of dying {in dying grace},
he recalled to mind {the prophetical doctrine -eschatology at that point} about the Exodus of the children of Israel;
and also gave orders concerning his bones {Exodus 13:19}.

{Note: For 430 years Jews in slavery looked at the coffin holding the bones of Joseph - as a reminder that someday they would leave the land of Egypt and bury Joseph in the promised land.}



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