II Peter

Chapter 3
{Discussing the Devil's great offensive before the Tribulation}

{Scale of Values of Dying Grace}

{Dying Summary - mentions this is his second epistle because of
  drastic change in styles}

1-2~~ This already . . .
{is} a second epistle {2/3rds of the way through it},
beloved {members of the Family of God},
I continue to write to you
- to your advantage -
in which I stimulate {animate/completely turn them on}
your indoctrinated thought pattern {in your mind}
by means of remembrance . . . 2~~
that you may remember the words {rhema}
which were spoken before
under the authority of the holy prophets {Old Testament Books} . . . and of the teaching/precepts/commands of us . . .
the Apostles of the Lord and Savior
  {New Testament Books were written (human author) by
  Apostles or those closely associated with the Apostles}.

{Note: Rhema is the Greek word for words off the written page and now in your memory system. Doctrines in the Bible do you no good. They must be in your right lobe - rhema.}

{The attack of the scoffers - those who question the veracity/promises of God!}
3~~Knowing this from experience {GAPing it} . . .
that there will come in the last days
  {ending days of the Church Age in view here}
scoffers/mockers/deriders with scoffing/mockery/derision . . .
going from one place to another {unstable/restless}
after their own lusts {plural - approbation/power lusts here} 4~~
and keep on communicating,
"W h e r e {pou} is the promise of His coming (?) . . .
for from the very source of the day
that the fathers received sleep
  {death of the Old Testament Prophets} . . .
all things continue unchanged {remain in status quo}
as they were from the ultimate source
of the beginning of the creation."

{Note: Instead of 'tis', pou is used. Pou is a derogative adverb meaning where or in what place. The scoffers are saying the 2nd Advent has been promised a long time! Show me where it is you Christians who could believe this stuff! This is a sample of their mockery!}

{Ignorance of the Scoffers}
5~~For this,
they {the scoffers - reversionist unbelievers in view here}
habitually 'desire based on their emotions' . . .
to keep on ignoring/rejecting . . .
that by the Word of God
the heavens began to be of old {ekpalai}
and the earth cohesive
and held together out
from the source of water
and through the water.

{Note: There are three states of the atmosphere or 'heavens' on the earth. The first prior to the flood - anti-diluvian - was when the Earth was on her axis and underground were great bodies of water stored. There was a constant temperature and a light mist all over the Earth. When God brought the flood, the water came UP and that is why the ark was not destroyed in an onslaught of rain. The heavens here are described by the adverb 'ekpalai' meaning of the past or olden days. The second heaven or atmosphere on Earth is described in verse 7 by the adverb 'nun' meaning now. The atmosphere we experience today. Instead of water in the center of the earth today we have tremendous amounts of combustible gases. This is the source of a great amount of energy which Jesus can use to destroy the universe when He chooses. The last heaven mentioned will be in the millennium when the Earth again has perfect environment.}

6~~Through which the world existing at that time . . .
being overflowed by means of water {referring to the flood} . . . perished {apollumi - the civilization ended with the destruction
  of all unbelievers}.

{Note: All civilizations END with the destruction of all unbelievers. The anti-diluvian civilization began with creation and ended with the flood. The post-diluvian civilization began with Noah and his family and ends with the 2nd Advent and the removal of all unbelievers from the earth. The millennial civilization ends with the destruction of the Great White Throne judgment and the destruction of the universe. The eternal civilization begins with the creation of the new universe and never ends.}

{Note: Apollumi means to destroy from an ultimate source. And, here the ultimate source is God.}

7~~ But the {restored/new} heavens and the earth . . .
which are now . . .
by the same word
  {Word of God - Jesus Holds the universe together}
are kept in storage/treasured up . . .
guarded {by God} . . .
in the sphere of fire . . .
against the day of judgment
  {destruction of the Earth - the Last Judgment}
and perdition/judgment of unbelieving men
  {judgment of the unbelievers - a 'people' judgment}.

{Principal given - God keeps His Word}
8~~Members of the Family of God {beloved} . . .
do not forget {allow to go unnoticed}
this one thing {that God keeps His Word} . . .
that one day . . .
from the immediate source of the Lord . . .
as a thousand years
  {time is no barrier to the Lord - everything in His Own Time} . . .
and a thousand years as one day.

9~~The Lord {God the Father}
is not slow/tardy/late
concerning His promise {to you} . . .
as some over-think
to the {false} conclusion
that God is slack/tardy . . .
but in contrast, God keeps on being
patient/ longsuffering toward us {His timing is perfect} . . .
God Himself {on the basis of His character}
does not decree/appoint
that anyone {not even one member of the human race}
to have perished
  {last judgment - to receive destruction from the ultimate
  source of God} . . .
but in contrast that ALL {entire human race}
should 'make room for'/'have capacity for'/'move toward'
repentance {change of mind about Christ}.

{Note: A characteristic of God is patience. Only the SuperGrace believer experiences patience at a high level.}

{Note: God decrees that ALL mankind be saved - have a change of mind toward Christ. It is man by his free will who chooses to go contrary to the will of God and remain unsaved.}

{Judgment of the Earth}
10~~But the day of the Lord
  {technical for end of the millennium}
will arrive as a thief {kleptes} in the night . . .
in which day
the heavens shall completely disappear {through destruction} . . . with a great noise,
and the structure of the universe {elements}
shall dissolve with fervent heat {description of fission or fusion} . . . the earth also
and the works/production {human good} in it . . .
shall be burned up.

{Note: Kleptes from which we get kleptomaniac is the Greek word for a thief intent on stealing only - no physical violence. To steal this way, the thief must come quickly and take the person by surprise - no warning - boom just there!}

{Note: This is a good description of a nuclear destruction of the universe. The energy stored up in the molecules of matter is more than sufficient to destroy the universe.}

11~~ Since all these things
are to be destroyed {this World will end some day},
in this way, what sort of people ought you to be
in holy conduct {virtue}
and godliness?

12~~ As you eagerly look forward
to the day of God {the eternal state}
and speed its coming.
That day will bring about
the destruction of the heavens
by nuclear fission/fusion {puroo} . . .
and the structure of the universe {elements}
will melt in the heat.

{Note: Puroo means to ignite as in lighting a fire. The description in verse 10 describes what we now know to be a nuclear event - either fission or fusion.}

{Promises for eternity future}
13~~ Nevertheless we {believers},
according to the norms and standards of His promise
  {promise of a new universe and tremendous blessing in the
  new universe} . . .
look/think in anticipation . . .
for new heavens
and a new earth,
in which indwells righteousness.

{Note Isaiah 65:17 has the promise of the new heaven and earth and the old one forgotten. Blessings forever in the new universe are described in 66:22 and more in Revelation}

14~~Because of which {doctrine},
members of the Family of God {beloved} anticipating these things,
be diligent
for the purpose that
you may be discovered by Him {God}
in prosperity/peace {eirene} . . .
without spot {aspilos} . . .
and blemish {amometos}.

{Note: Aspilos translated spot in context is an analogy for the stains on the robes of the people of the day. It means the trends of the Old Sin Nature, lust patterns, human good. To remove the spots, use rebound and the daily function of GAP.}

{Note: Amometos translated blemish. In context, this is being filled with the Holy Spirit . . . living in the divine dynasphere as much as possible. Erection of an edification complex of the soul and entrance into the SuperGrace Life.}

{How do you do it? How can you be dressed your best when your Visitor shows up? Study the Epistles of Paul - verses 15-16 (and all the Word of God by extension) }
15~~ Keep on concluding {hegeomai} . . .
that the patience {makrothumia} of our Lord . . .
as deliverance {from the Day of God - destruction of the universe}
even as our beloved brother Paul
also according to the wisdom {sophia}
having been given to him
- to his advantage -
has written unto you.

{Note: Hegeomai means to think logically and objectively and come to a correct conclusion.}

{Note: Makrothumia is a technical word for a SuperGrace function and is translatable 'patience' or to live through all circumstances with an RMA.}

{Note: Sophia means more accurately the capacity for knowledge and great wisdom. Doctrines are built upon doctrine. You need one doctrine to learn another. Paul was the greatest believer of the Church Age because he learned one doctrine on another and had the greatest capacity to learn because of using GAP.}

{Note: Per RBT here, in Dying Grace, Peter wants to clear up the 'dispute' he and Paul had earlier - he is saying Paul was right to brace him for going legalist (as recorded in Galatians 2:11). This verse indicates things are now 'right' between these two great Apostles.}

16~~ As also in all epistles
  {all epistles hold doctrines from the ultimate source of God} . . .
communicating in them of these things
  {specifically Paul's epistles in context here} . . .
in which {Paul's epistles}
keep on being some things
'hard to be understood'/'difficult thinking' . . .
which they who are
non-students/non-disciples/unlearned {amathes}
and unstable
  {negative to the Word and the teacher - instability of mind} . . . twist/distort . . .
as they do also the rest of the scriptures . . .
to their own very own destruction {bring it on themselves}.

{Note: Peter is saying that Paul's doctrines are a 'little hard to understand', but they are solidly based in wisdom GIVEN to Paul - Doctrine of Divine Inspiration.}

{Note: Amathes means 'not a disciple' or not a student of the Word and therefore is unlearned.}

{Doesn't have to be this way - Tactical (higher or mature believers) winner's verse}
17~~ You, therefore beloved,
knowing this ahead of time . . .
be 'on your guard'/'have doctrine in custody'
  {guard your soul against reversionism} . . .
lest . . .
being led away by the error of wicked {lawless in the soul} men . . . you begin yourself to fall
from your own stabilized base
  {away from grace and into reversionism}.

18~~ Grow up in the sphere of grace . . .
and in the 'specialized knowledge'
  {knowledge of an objective nature - Paul's epistles here}
of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
And, to Him . . .
be glory . . .
both now
and in the day of eternity
  {you can take doctrine in your soul into eternity future}.
Amen/'I believe it'!

{Note: There will be two distributions of escrow blessings:
  1) Now - in time when you become mature, and
  2) Eternity Future - 'in the day of eternity' .
By growing in grace and knowledge of the Lord (study His Mind), we can bring Glory to the Lord both in time and in eternity.}

{Note: So nice in the original . . .
Be growing in grace,
and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
To Him . . . be glory both now and forever. Amen.}


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