II Corinthians

Chapter 4
1~~Because of this
  {the contents of previous verses}
we keep on having this ministry
  {personal witnessing} . . .
as we have received mercy,
we faint not.
  {means we are not despondent}

2~~But we have renounced
the hidden things of dishonesty
  {avoid gimmicks in witnessing},
not Walking in craftiness
  {to be cunning to 'trick someone'},
nor handling the Word of God deceitfully;
but by manifestation of the truth
  {present the Gospel honestly - make the issue clear - take the veil
commending ourselves
to every man's conscience
in the sight of God.

3~~ But if our gospel be hid
- and it is hid -
it has been hidden/veiled
to them that are lost.
  {to be destroyed from the ultimate source of yourself}

{Opposition to Witnessing}
4~~ In whom the god of this world
  {Satan - the ruler of this world}
has blinded the thoughts of them who believe not
  {so they do not discern the truth},
that the light of the glorious gospel of Christ,
the image of God,
should not shine unto them.

5~~For we declare not ourselves . . .
but Christ Jesus . . . the Lord.

{Note: RBT does not mention the end of this verse pertaining to being the servant of the Lord and it does not seem to fit so we left it out.}

6~~For the God,
having said to the light
to shine out of darkness . . .
has shined in our hearts face to face
with the light of the knowledge
of the glory of God
  {doctrine intake is like light going to the soul}
in the face of Jesus Christ.
  {the animated human face of Jesus was similar to the face of
  Moses with glory shinning through - same as it is with all mature
  believers today}

{Note: Light equals the gospel and it is GOD who will make it shine through.}

7~~But we have this treasure
  {bible doctrine resident in the souls of mature believers}
in earthen vessels
  {our human bodies},
that the excess of divine power
might be from the source of God . . .
and not from the source of us.

8-10~~We are receiving overt pressure
- to our advantage -
on every side . . .
yet not distressed.

We constantly are receiving inner pressures
- to our advantage -
  {being perplexed}
but not abandoned . . . 9~~
but not abandoned . . .
cast down
  {to be destroyed by stoning i.e. Lystra},
but not destroyed . . . 10~~
always carrying here
and there in the body
  {information about}
the dying of the Lord Jesus
  {orientation to Grace} -
that the life of Jesus
  {humanity of Christ}
might be made manifest
  {to make known or to imitate the character of Christ}
in our body.

11~~For we
who keep on living
{a Way of life- filled with the Spirit}
are always delivered
unto the direction of death
  {designed to handle maximum pressure}
because of Jesus
  {we are His representation on the Earth} . . .
that the life also of Jesus
might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

{Note: As His representative on Earth, when we imitate Christ, His life can be seen in the way we live our lives.}

12~~So then death
  {a maximum pressure situation}
works in us,
but life in you.

{Note: While Paul was under maximum pressure, he still taught them and gave them doctrine and brought spiritual life to them. Paul was not destroyed, but strengthened and through his suffering and pressures, it brought blessing to them or became part of their life.}

{Passing of the baton from David to Paul}
13~~We having the same spirit of faith,
according as it is written
  {by David in Psalm 116:10},
"I have been caused to believe,
and therefore have I communicated."

We also believe, and therefore communicate.

  {doctrines already learned}
that He {God the Father}
Who raised up the Lord Jesus
shall also raise us up by Jesus,
and shall present us in association with you.

15~~ For all these things are for your benefit,
for the purpose that
the grace having been multiplied
to more and more people
may cause the giving of thanks
to abound
to the glory of God.

16~~For which cause
we keep on not being despondent . . .
but though our outward man perish . . .
the inward man is constantly receiving renewal
 day by day.

{Note: Our physical bodies die, but through the daily intake of bible doctrine our souls receive renewal - and just as we eat every day, so should we take in doctrine on a daily basis}.

17~~For our 'light affliction'
  {see II Corinthians 11:24 for a more full description -
  facetious statement - Paul truly suffered for Christ},
which is but for a moment . . .
works for us
a far more exceeding and eternal
weight of glory.

{Doctrine of eternal happiness - Paul is saying, "Won't you join me?"}
18~~While we do not 'look at'/'concentrate on'
the things which are seen
  {referring to all the details of life - work, play, family
  possessions, relationships etc.},
but at the things which are not seen
  {bible doctrine in your soul} . . .
for the things which are seen are temporary . . .
but the things which are not seen are eternal.

{Note: There is at least ONE thing you can take with you to heaven - bible doctrine resident in your soul is eternal.}


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