II Corinthians

Chapter 5
{Primary Doctrine - using Resurrected Body -an example of the confidence of what we know.}
1~~For we know that
if our earthly house of this tabernacle
  {or tent - our human bodies}
were loosed
according to a norm or standard
  {meaning a 'tent' analogy for death (Paul was a tentmaker)},
- maybe it will maybe it won't -
 {remember the rapture Generation won't die},
we keep on having a permanent building of God
  {a resurrection body} . . .
a house not made with hands
  {it is a gift created by and coming from God} . . .
eternal . . .
in the heavens.

{Note: The importance of the intake of bible doctrine . . . 'for we KNOW'. See also I Corinthians 3, particularly 3:9.}

{Secondary responses to the primary doctrine}
2-3~~ For in this
  {the human body}
we keep on groaning
  {the soul 'makes noises when things are not right with you'} . . . earnestly desiring to be clothed
upon with our house
  {means to already have our resurrected body right now}
which is from heaven . . . 3~~
if so be
- and it is true -
that . . . being clothed . . .
we shall not be discovered naked.
 {without a human body or a resurrected body}

4~~For we that are in this tent/tabernacle do groan . . .
receiving burden
  {means 'to be weighed down'} . . .
not for that we would be unclothed
  {a desire from the soul not to be unclothed},
but clothed upon
  {preferred to be in the resurrected body}. . .
that mortality
  {human body}
might be gulped down of life.
  {resurrected body}

{Confidence based on the ministry of the Holy Spirit}
5~~Now He that has worked us out
according to a norm or standard . . .
for the purpose of the selfsame thing . . .
God . . .
Who also has given unto us the down-payment . . .
even the Spirit.

{Note: Being indwelled with the Holy Spirit is the 'down-payment' of what we will receive in Phase III!}

6~~Therefore, we keep on always being confident . . .
having known . . .
while we are at home in the body,
we keep on being absent from the Lord.

7~~For we Walk through faith . . .
  {lead by the Spirit and doctrine in our soul - when in fellowship}
not through sight.

{Note: While alive in Phase II we are not yet in heaven 'face to face' with the Lord. Maximum Bible doctrine in your soul gives you maximum confidence and is how we are to 'see' to walk/live in full time Christian service.}

8~~ We {winner believers} are courageous, I say . . .
rather to be absent from the body,
and at home face to face with the Lord.

9~~Therefore, we keep on considering it
the highest possible honor
  {our great privilege},
whether present or absent,
to keep on being pleasing unto Him {God}.

{Note: Having an attitude coming from bible doctrine in your soul - this is pleasing to God.}

10~~ For we must all {believers}
appear before the judgment/evaluation seat of Christ . . .
for the purpose that each one {individually}
may receive back the things
  {your expression of love}
done through his body . . .
face to face with what he has practiced . . .
whether it be 'good of intrinsic value'/'divine good'
or excrement.
  {anything under the 'energy of the flesh - so includes human

{Note: The Greek word for 'receive back' was identical to the Hebrew word for when Abram offered Isaac as a sacrifice to God. When God did not take Isaac's life, Abram 'received back' Isaac from God. Our rewards in heaven are a reflection of our expression of love towards God on Earth. When we are filled with the Spirit and filled with Doctrine, we exhale Divine Good and 'express our love for God'. From God, at the evaluation seat of Christ, we 'receive back' as reward all the love we expressed for God on earth (our Divine Good).}

{Note: 'Agathos' is the word for Good here. It means good of the highest quality or divine good. The human body in analogy here can not create it - it takes the Mind of Christ {bible doctrine} plus the filling of the Holy Spirit to produce it. 'Kakos' is a word for excrement here. Kakos means bad and evil stuff or refuse/excrement/cheap/trivial. RBT uses excrement because in the analogy, the human body can produce this without the help of God - human good and human evil - 'all your righteousnesses are as filthy rags' unto the Lord.}

11~~Since we know
what it is that causes the fear of the Lord
  {ignorance of grace/ ignorance of bible doctrine},
we keep on persuading people
  {accurately present the facts - make the issue clear -
  witnessing when filled with the Holy Spirit} . . .
but we are made manifest/known unto God . . .
and I hope also are made manifest in your consciences.

{Note: The conscience is part of the soul - doctrine when accepted from your right teacher becomes part of your norms and standards or your conscience in your soul}.

{Note: Hope here is elpizo which really is hope . . . not 'confidence'. Paul is NOT confident in the Corinthians . . . that they will concentrate and 'get it'.}

{Paul gives an 'aside' we are not commending ourselves}
12~~For we commend not ourselves again unto you,
but we give you an opportunity for glorying through us,
that you may have something in opposition
to those who boast in outer appearance,
and not in heart/'right lobe'.
  {the mentality of the soul}

{Note: This is a shot at the legalists in Corinth who tell them they must witness to 20 people a day and give a report, dress somberly, etc. These people are showing their pseudo-holiness in outward appearance for the approbation of man instead of inwardly thinking from Bible doctrine in their souls . . . loving God . . . and producing divine good.}

13~~For whether we be emotional toward God
  {category one appreciation - Love for God}
- and we are -
or whether we keep on having a stabilized mentality
  {relaxed mental attitude - no mental attitude sins}
- and we do -
it is for your benefit.

{Note: Paul is saying that our emotions are to be inwardly expressed to God. It is perfectly natural to grow with Bible doctrine in your soul to the point of a tremendous love for God because 'we love Him because He first loved us!' But to the human world, we are to show our relaxed mental attitudes. Not allow our emotions to rule our intellect, but in contrast to have our intellect keep authority over emotions.}

14~~We thus discerned
  {from the consistent study of doctrine}
that One {Jesus}
died for all . . .
for we are constantly motivated
by the love of Christ.

{Note: Doctrine of Unlimited Atonement - Christ spiritually died for ALL sins, believers and unbelievers alike. (He said on the cross, 'It is Finished.' So He had already died Spiritually as a substitute for us before His physical death).}

15~~And that He died for all
  {repeat of the doctrine} . . .
that they which live
  {all of us alive}
should not live unto themselves
- to their disadvantage -
but unto Him Who died for them . . .
and rose again.

{Note: Share the 'good news'. Witness for Christ. This is NOT a door to door thing, but as God the Holy Spirit brings the opportunity to you to witness. You witness . . . expressing the Word of God to the unbelievers or believers in reversionism.}

16~~Therefore/Wherefore from now on
we do not know any man
according to the principal of the flesh
  {human viewpoint}
though, yes,
we have known Christ according to the flesh,
yet, now henceforth we know Him no more.

{Note: We no longer 'know Him' from the human point of view. Now we know Christ died for our sins. We know this from the divine viewpoint - which comes from bible doctrine resident in our souls.}

{Orientation to the Grace of God - positional truth with Christ for the Church Age Believers}
17~~Therefore {conclusion} . . .
if any one . . . in Christ Jesus
- and he is -
he is a new species in creation.

The ancient things {'archaios'}
have come to an end {vanished}.

Behold/'Focus on this'. . .
they have become new in species in the past
with the result that they will always be new in species.

{Note: Christ was the first to receive a resurrected body - a new species of creature. Old Testament Believers were saved, but not part of the 'new species' - the body of Christ.}

{Note: 'Archaios' in the Greek means 'ancient things' - thousands of years old. In view here is the 'original sin' - the Sin of the Father - imputed to you at your birth - born spiritually dead - all sins before salvation are forgiven at the point of salvation. So your spiritual death - no relationship with God - is gone. And, now you are a new creature and always will be.}

18~~ Now 'The All Things' {bible doctrines}
are from God . . .
Who has reconciled us to Himself through Christ,
and has given to each one of us the ministry of reconciliation.

19~~Namely, that God was in Christ,
reconciling the world to Himself,
not counting their trespasses against them,
and having deposited in each one of us
the doctrine of reconciliation.

20~~ And so,
we keep on being ambassadors for Christ,
as though God were entreating through us,
we request/beg you on behalf of Christ . . .
be reconciled to God.

21~~He {God the Father}
has made Him {Jesus} . . .
Who knew no sin . . .
to be sin on our behalf
  {as a substitute for us - to bear the guilt of our sins}
for the purpose that
we might become the righteousness of God in Him.


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