II Corinthians

Chapter 7
1~~Having and holding therefore these promises,
beloved ones,
let us cleanse ourselves
from all filthiness {Molusmos}
of the flesh and spirit {rebound} . . .
perfecting sanctification {Hagiosune}
by means of respect toward God.

{Note: 'Molusmos' was the word for the mud/excrement/garbage that you got on your garments in walking in the ancient cities where trash and excrement was thrown in the street. Here it means excrement of the flesh and spirit - maligning, judging, etc. - so means to rebound from your sins - I John 1:9. 'Hagiosune' or sanctification through the Grace Apparatus of Perception.}

2~~Receive us with love
  {make space in your soul} . . .
we have acted unrighteously toward no one . . .
we have corrupted no one
  {with his Grace message} . . .
we have defrauded financially {Pleonekteo}
no one.

{Note: People in Corinth made three false claims against Paul and he responds to them here. 'Corrupted' here means many people this Rebound corrupts . . . to easy to sin and be forgiven . . . a distortion of the doctrine.}

{Note: 'Pleonekteo' - means wild for money - apparently a common false claim against Paul.}

3~~I speak not in the spirit of condemnation.

For I have said before
with the result that you keep on being
in our hearts
  {the norm and standard lobe of the soul - right lobe} . . .
dying a violent painful death . . .
or continuing to live with you {in our heart}.

{Paul was depressed and is explaining how he became depressed and got out of it. verses 4-7}
is my courage of speech
face to face toward you . . .
is my boasting on behalf of you.
  {to others as he travels}

I have received the filling of comfort . . .
I overflow with happiness in all of our pressures/troubles.

{Note: The Corinthians said Paul was a mouse face to face with them. They were incorrect. But Paul was SOO strong with them in I Corinthians relationally they felt that way.}

{Note: Now Paul is telling them that he brags on the Corinthians to others when he is away - they are generous, well meaning people. But in I Corinthians he had to be tough to straighten them out. Now Titus is coming along and acted/said something to bring Paul comfort.}

{Explanation of Paul's depression - no let up for Paul}
5~~For, when we
  {Paul, Luke, Timothy, and others}
were come into Macedonia,
our flesh had no rest . . .
we constantly received pressures/troubles
  {angelic conflict}
on every side
- without were tactical battles/personal combat . . .
within were fears.

6-7~~But God, and only God . . .
Who comforts the depressed . . .
comforted us
by means of the coming of Titus . . . 7~~
and not by his coming only
but by the act of comfort
in which he received comfort over you
  {Titus received comfort because of their change in attitude -
  they had been negative toward Timothy and Apollos and Paul
  in particular} . . .
when he brought back word {reported} about you . . .
your earnest desire
  {a great desire to change to now a positive volition to Paul and his
  teaching} . . .
your lamentations
  {as in mourning for the dead - they were sorry for how they
  treated Paul in the past} . . .
your zeal toward me
  {now positive toward Paul and his teaching - bible doctrine is now
  important to them} . . .
so that I rejoiced the more.

{Note: Titus was always a blessing for Paul to see - Titus was a great troubleshooter for Paul. But, in addition to fellowship, this time Paul received great comfort when Titus reported the status of the Corinthians. Titus himself was comforted when the Corinthians rebounded and he was blessed by their response to his authority. He reported this back to Paul which brought Paul great comfort.}

{Side Note: It is POSSIBLE that Titus was the brother of Luke. Titus was not mentioned in Acts - maybe this is why.}

8-9~~If also I made you to be sad
by means of a letter
  {the harsh I Corinthians},
I do not regret
  {present tense} . . .
though I did regret . . .
for I glanced and saw
that the same epistle that has made you sorry . . .
if it were but for a season
  {the pain they got from the chewing out in I Corinthians was
  short} . . . 9~~
now I keep on having happiness . . .
not because I caused you distress . . .
but because you grieved yourself
to a change of mental attitude . . .
for you were caused distress
according to the standard of God . . .
that you might suffer damage
from us in nothing.

10~~For sorrow,
according to the standard of God,
keeps on working out a change of mental attitude . . .
directed toward deliverance
  {from the sin unto death} . . .
not to be regretted of
  {Paul is not sorry about the Corinthians having to be sorry but
  finally changing their minds} . . .
but sorrow,
according to the standard of the world,
keeps on working out death {the sin unto death}.

11~~For behold this very thing,
that you received sorrow,
according to the standard of God,
what diligence it worked out in you.

What a defense of yourselves!
  {Rebound their own sins - is to defend yourself}

What a new attitude!

What fear!
  {Occupation with Christ through GAP}

What insatiable desire!
  {For doctrine}

What zeal!
  {Function in the Plan of God - Dynamics}

What revenge!
  {Divine viewpoint supercedes human viewpoint}

In all these things
you have approved yourselves
  {proved to have taken a proper stand in the matter}
to be clear in this matter.

if I wrote unto you
- and I did -
I did it not on the account of the one having been wronged . . .
nor on account of the one doing the wrong . . .
but that your diligence on our behalf
in the sight of God
might appear face to face with you.

{Note: Paul was not taking sides in their controversies, but he wrote about the need for rebound, and GAP and relationship with God and spiritual growth. Sometimes people have to be HURT before they will come to the grace of God.}

{Verses 13-15 are the introduction to Titus Lesson 1 (series 470) - see this tape for information}
13~~Because of this
we received comfort
on the basis of your {the Corinthians'} comfort . . .
more abundantly we had,
in a point of time,
inner happiness
on the basis of the inner happiness of Titus . . .
because his {human} spirit
has been refreshed
from the ultimate source of you all.

{Note: When a pastor/teacher communicates doctrine, the epignosis in his soul is reinforced and his soul is refreshed. When the audience is receptive, the spirit receives inner happiness!}

14~~For if I had boasted anything to him on behalf of you
- and I did -
I am not ashamed.

We communicate all things to you in truth . . .
even so our boasting
which {we did} before {to} Titus
is become . . . a truth.

15~~And his {Titus'} inward affection
is more abundant for you
while he remembers again and again
your respect for his authority
which was associated with concentration
and agitation of mind
  {means the tough teaching didn't come easy to them}
and mentally accepting his doctrine.
  {embracing him}

{Note: Titus beat them up pretty good using the I Corinthian Epistle. But in response, they concentrated . . . they mentally vibrated but took it all in . . . they accepted his authority in the pulpit . . . and rebounded . . . and got it . . . and can now progress.}

16~~ I have inner happiness therefore
that I have confidence in you . . . in all things.


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