II Corinthians

Chapter 8
1~~Now {de}, brethren,
we keep on communicating
the grace of God
having been given,
in the past with results that go on forever,
by means of the churches of Macedonia.
  {a great offering given by Macedonia churches to the Jerusalem
  destitute believers}

{Note: 'De' is Greek particle that is not really translated - it is Greek syntax meaning 'change of subject'.}

{Note: Per RBT, this section of II Corinthians is very elliptical and difficult Greek to translate smoothly into English.}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - Mental Attitude NOT the amount donated}
2~~That in the sphere of much testing of pressure
for the purpose of approval . . .
the super abundance of their happiness {+H} . . .
and their deep down poverty . . .
'Super Abounded'
because of the riches of their generosity.
  {mental attitude of giving in grace}

{Note: The Macedonians were under great poverty themselves but gave generously - they gave money by grace . . . but grace remained with them forever and ever and they shared the happiness of God.}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING -motivation behind giving - Free Will}
according to the standard of their ability,
I keep on testifying {says Paul} . . .
and beyond their ability
  {to give} . . .
willingly . . . and voluntarily . . . from their own free will . . .

{Note: Any coercion to give is evil. Just as in the right man/right woman relationship, you must have soul rapport BEFORE
giving . . . then the physical act will be right. Giving is a demonstration of your love relationship with God - and there must
be soul rapport before the giving takes place.}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - Giving is a privilege associated with Grace}
4~~ with much imploring . . .
kept on begging us
  {Paul and his team}
the favor/grace
and the partnership
in the ministry to the saints . . .

{Note: By contributing to the ministry of Paul, the Macedonians became partners with Paul in his ministering to the saints.}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - it is a soul function}
5~~ and not even as we expected,
but they gave of themselves and only themselves . . . first
  {the inner person -soul}
to the Lord,
and then to us
through the plan/purpose/design of God . . .

{Note: IMPORTANT PRINCIPAL IN GRACE GIVING!!!!! Must be SOUL GIVING first. You must give of yourself FIRST . . . then money. Money is secondary . . . always . . . it is not the amount that is important!}

{Application of Grace Giving - message about Macedonians applied to Corinthians}
6~~with the result that
we requested Titus,
that even as he had begun
  {indicative mood}
on a previous occasion,
so also he would complete
 {subjunctive mood - maybe will, maybe not -
  complete the offering started earlier}
with reference to you
this grace also.
  {giving must always be by grace}

{Note: Giving is a test of grace - not a test of your financial situation. It is a measurement of your spiritual maturity. Titus had left the Corinthians in a good status of Grace. This verse implies Paul does not know their current status today - are they still in grace?}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - giving is an extension of the daily function of GAP}

just as you superabound
  {perisseuo- indicative mood}
in the sphere of every thing
  {5 listed and NONE relate to money}:
in the sphere of 'Pistis'
  {Pistis - that which is believed -
  the inhale of bible doctrine - GAP} . . .
in the sphere of 'Logos'
  {hearing doctrine/'The Word' taught aloud} . . .
and in the sphere of 'gnosis'
  {doctrine heard and understood - knowledge} . . .
and in the sphere of 'spoude'
  {application - doctrine accepted become
  usable epignosis - as evidenced by its application here} . . .
and in the sphere of your 'agape' love
  {results of applying epignosis doctrine}
from you to us . . .
with the result that
also in the sphere of this grace
  {grace giving}
you superabound.
  {perisseuo - subjunctive mood}

{Note: The Superabounding of the every thing is in the indicative mood - a reality. The Superabounding of Grace Giving is placed in the subjunctive mood here -a potentiality. The Superabounding of Grace Giving comes only AFTER you are spiritually mature. Maybe you will, maybe you will not!}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - Giving must never be forced, coerced or 'commanded'.}
8~~I keep on communicating categorically
not according to the norm or standard of commandment,
but through diligent application of others {the Macedonians} . . . testing the genuineness of your love.

{Note: The Word of God does NOT command Giving. It must be done as a result of divine viewpoint in your mentality. 'Tithing' in the Old Testament was an income tax to all Jews - believers and unbelievers alike. Offerings were from believers only - no pressure or strings.}

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - Giving depends on grace orientation which depends on the intake of doctrine. Verses 9-11}
9~~Now you know from the experience of study
  {ginosko} . . .
the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ . . .
that He . . . being wealth
  {in all eternity past as deity} . . .
because of you all
  {as a substitute for all mankind}
became extremely poor
  {3 hours on the cross as He was being judged for our sins} . . .
that you all,
by means of the poverty of Him,
might become rich.

{Note: Jesus voluntarily gave of Himself on the cross as a substitute for us. His grace sacrifice is our example for all grace giving.}

10~~ And in this I give {didomi}
my opinion based on doctrine . . .
for this {my opinion} is profitable for you . . .
who not only 'to do'
but also 'to desire'
that which you began from last year.
  {their grace giving}

11~~ Now also . . .
finish doing it!
  {Paul's advice - finish what they started}

In order that
just as positive volition to will
  {to give} . . .
so also to complete . . .
out from having.
  {give out from what you possess from God}

{Note: You always give from what God has given you. If you go rob a bank and give the proceeds to the Church, this is not a grace gift.}

12~~For if there be on hand
positive volition {to give} based on doctrine
- and there is -
acceptable . . .
according to the norm or standard . . .
if he has or if he has not.

{Note: VERY IMPORTANT POINT HERE. The important thing is your ATTITUDE when the plate is passed. Even if you can not afford to give, a 'willing mind' means you have given . . . even if you are broke and no money passes hands - GRACE!}

13-14~~For {the offering is}
not that other of the same kind men {believers}
be released from burden {responsibility from giving}
and you pressurized . . . 14~~
but out from fairness . . .
your abundance . . . to their lack . . .
that their abundance
  {of men with spiritual gifts}
also may be a supply for your want . . .
that there may come into existence . . . balance.

{Note: Apparently the Corinthians thought this was setting up a precedent where they would foot the whole bill for the Christian World. But, we will see in Chapter 9, that the Corinthians also lack something that the Jerusalem church will supply - intercessory prayer on their behalf. Everyone is a part of the Body of Christ. Some believers are prayer warriors. Others provide time. Others provide money. Each member is to give as God has graced them.}

15~~According as it is written in the past
with the result that it stands written forever {Exodus 16:18},
"The one that . . .
having gathered much {manna}
had nothing over.

And he that had gathered little had nothing left over."

{Principal of GRACE GIVING - money must be properly administered - verses 16-19}
16~~But Grace to The God . . .
Who is constantly giving the same intensity of character
on your behalf into the heart/'right lobe of the soul' of Titus.

{Note: This is referring to the bible doctrine resident in the soul of Titus. Titus is going to lead a team going to Corinth to get them back on track doctrinally. Then they can continue with their offering and Titus's team will administer the offering.}

17~~Because he {Titus}
welcomed the exhortation/command {paraklesis}
and being in a state of more diligence
  {mental preparation and motivation} . . .
of his own spontaneous volition,
he moved out {toward the objective} . . .
face to face with you.

{Note: Paraklesis means to receive a command but in the form of allowing volition to be considered - 'Men please turn around' instead of 'ABOUT FACE' . . . but if either is said by a higher ranked officer, it means the same thing.}

18~~And we sent with him
  {sumpempo . . .Titus is in charge}
his brother {Luke},
whose applause in the gospel . . .
throughout all the churches.

{Note: 'Sumpempo' means others going on this mission would be under Titus's command. We know his brother went with him and his brother was well known through out the churches. RBT believes this brother is Luke.}

19~~And not only {is the brother (Luke) commended} . . .
but who also was appointed by public vote
  {the raising of hands}
under the authority of the churches
to travel with us in the sphere of this grace . . .
which is being administered by us . . .
face to face with the glory of the same Lord . . .
and face to face with our willingness of mind.

{Note: Paul realized that his missionary journeys - as is everything in life - are done 'in the sphere of grace'.}

20~~Constantly avoiding this,
lest anyone should find fault with us
in the sphere of handling large sums of money
being administered under our authority.

21~~Using forethought to provide for valuable things
  {offerings given under grace} . . .
not only in the sight of the Lord,
but also in the sight of men.

{Note: ANY contribution ($.01 to 1 billion, etc.) IF given without strings and by your free will, is a 'grace gift', is one of the items that is 'divine good', and is the most valuable of all money in the world. As such it must be administered accurately and honestly.}

{Commendation to an Unknown brother with the gift of administrations}
22~~ And we have sent with them our brother
  {Third man on the trip},
whom we have tested for approval
many times in many things . . .
he being diligent,
but now he being much more diligent
  {started out good but now even better},
by reason of his great confidence
directed towards you.

23~~Whether on behalf of Titus
  {leader of the delegation},
my partner . . .
or with reference to you,
my co-workers {the Corinthians} . . .
or our brethren,
agents {apostolos} of the churches
  {Luke and the Unknown administrator} . . .
glory of Christ.

{Note: No matter what job you are doing, when it is done under grace, it is all to the glory of Christ.}

24~~Therefore, in consequence,
demonstrate to them,
and before the churches,
the proof of your love,
and of our glorying on behalf of you.

{Note: The Corinthians started a great offering to help the Church in Jerusalem a year ago. Somehow the 'love offering' got sidetracked and Titus and his delegation are being sent by Paul to get it back on track. The 'proof of their love', in the context of this section, is the completion of their grace offering and its delivery to the Jerusalem believers . . . who are in great financial need. Titus will see to it that the job is done right.}


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