I John

Chapter 3
1~~Concentrate on how great a love {complex}
the Father has given to us
  {Royal Family of God}
that we should be designated students/children of God!

And we are!
  {students of God under divine authority and training}

Therefore, the world {cosmic system}
does not understand us
because it {the world/cosmic system}
did not understand Him.
  {Jesus Christ on earth in the incarnation}

2~~Beloved {Royal Family}
we are now students/children of God,
and what we will be
  {in phase III - Eternity Future}
has not yet been revealed.

We know, however,
that if He should appear
- maybe He will, maybe He will not {in our lifetime} -
we shall be like Him
  {not equal, but similar}
because we shall see Him
  {resurrected Christ}
just as He is.

{Purity verses Lawlessness - Verses 3-4}
3~~And, everyone {mature believers}
who keeps on having
this hope in him . . . purifies himself
just as He
  {that Unique Person of the Universe - Humanity of Jesus Christ}
is pure.

{Note: This verse is indicating that just as Jesus did NOT sin in the prototype Divine Dynasphere, no one can sin while residing IN the Divine Dynasphere.}

4~~Everyone {believer}
who commits/does sin
also produces/does lawlessness.
  {steps out of the Divine Dynasphere (DD) into the Cosmic System}

In fact, sin IS lawlessness.

5~~Indeed you know that
He {Christ} was revealed {1st Advent} . . .
in order that He might carry our sins . . .
and, in fact, sin is not in Him.
  {He remained in the Divine Dynasphere}

6~~When anyone
  {positive believer}
resides in It
  {neuter gender - the Divine Dynasphere},
he is not sinning.

When anyone sins
  {no rebound/residence in the Cosmic System} . . .
he {believer still in view here}
has not seen Him {Christ}
nor does he come to know Him.
  {no Occupation with Christ}

{Note: This is a 'Key Phrase'! We all sin, but when we are in the Divine Dynasphere we are Not Sinning. When we sin we immediately move to the cosmic system and 'live by the flesh' and 'not by the Spirit'.}

7~~My dear children/students
  {John's non-resident congregation},
let no one deceive you.

When anyone performs righteousness
  {function inside the Divine Dynasphere},
he is honorable . . .
just as HE {Christ} keeps on being honorable.

8~~When anyone
  {a believer in view}
commits/does a sin . . .
he has become an agent of the devil/accuser/slanderer
because the devil has sinned from the beginning.

For this reason the Son of God appeared/revealed
that He might destroy/void/nullify
the works of the devil.

9~~And at the moment when anyone
is born from God {salvation on},
he is not sinning
  {at the point of entering the Divine Dynasphere (DD)}
because His seed
  {God the Holy Spirit}
keeps residing in it {the DD}.

Furthermore, he is not able to sin {inside the DD},
because he has been born from God.

{Note: At the moment of salvation you are not able to sin because you are in the Divine Dynasphere. When from your own volition you decide to sin, you immediately are in the Cosmic System.}

10~~By this, students of God
  {believers Walking in the DD}
and disciples of the devil
  {believers in the cosmic system}
are manifest/apparent/obvious.

Anyone who does not manufacture integrity/righteousness/dikaiosune
and anyone who does not love his fellow believer . . .
is not from God.
  {a believer but outside the DD}

{New Paragraph: Test of People Distraction}
11~~Because this keeps on being the mandate/message
which you have heard from the beginning {of the Church Age}
that we should love one another {impersonal love}.

12~~Not as Cain!

Who was motivated from that evil one
and, consequently, he 'murdered with a sacrificial knife' his brother.

And why/'for what reason'
did he murder him with a sacrificial knife?

Because his own deeds/functions/actions/'motus operendi'
were evil/worthless/degenerate
but those
  {deeds/functions etc.}
of his brother
were righteous/honorable/virtuous/dikaios.

13~~Brethern/'Royal Family of God'
stop being shocked/amazed/surprised,
if the world/'cosmic system' perpetually hates you.

14~~We know that we have changed our residence
from the realm of death {cosmic system}
to the {More Excellent Way of} life,
because we love the brethren.
  {function of impersonal love}

When anyone does not love {the brethren}
he resides in the sphere of death {cosmic system}.

15~~Everyone who hates
his 'fellow believer'/brother is a murderer,
also you know that not every murderer
has eternal life residing in him.

{Maximum Application of Impersonal Love under Disaster}
16~~In this
  {the Divine Dynasphere}
we have come to know
this {impersonal agape} love . . .
that He {Jesus Christ} and only He . . .
laid down His life {psuche}
'on behalf of us'/'as a substitute for us'.

Consequently, we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

{Note: Psuche is the Greek word for 'breath of life'. It also is the word used for soul.}

{3 Third class conditions - maybe yes, maybe no and then Answer}
17~~ If anyone has 'material possessions'/'worldly wealth'
and sees his fellow believer is destitute
  {in a state of poverty}
and he has no compassion on him
  {wealth minus impersonal love -
  - literally - he has locked up his bowels against him},
how can this love {agape - impersonal love} from God
be residing in the sphere of him?
  {Answer - it can not!}

18~~Dear children
  {John's non-resident congregation},
let us not {'me'} love {agapo}
with thought or language only {personal love}
but also in function/action/deed
  {Royal Family Honor code}
and in truth/doctrine.
  {based on doctrine of impersonal love - a reality in your life}

{Note: 'Me' is a Greek word for a negative, but not the strongest form. Ouk is the 'absolutely NO' word. So in this verse, John is inviting you to join him in learning and applying impersonal love - love all your fellow men . . . based on who and what YOU are! Impersonal love is based on the characteristics of the person GIVING the love, not the object of the love. You do not say or even think impersonal love, you DO impersonal love! Toleration is a good example of impersonal love.}

19~~In this {Divine Dynasphere}
we shall come to know
that we are from the source of the truth/doctrine
  {our source of strength is the truth of what is believed},
and we shall convince/'have confidence in'
our right lobes/hearts
'before Him'/'in His sight'.

20~~Because, if our 'right lobe'/heart
condemns/'know against' us
- maybe they do, maybe they do not -
bear in mind that God
  {in His capacity to think}
keeps on being greater
than our 'right lobe'/hearts.

Furthermore, He has known all things {and will always} .

{Note: Bible doctrine is the Mind of Christ. What we know is a sub-set of all that He knows. A set of knowledge is greater than one of its sub-sets.}

21~~Beloved/'Royal Family of God'
if our right lobe/heart does not {me} condemn us
- maybe it does, maybe it does not -
we keep on having confidence
'before God'/'face to face with God'.

{Note: John is saying in this verse, that when we are in carnality, our divine viewpoint does not warn us that we are sinning. Therefore, rebound and stay in fellowship. SideNote: Courage is toward man. Confidence is toward God. To have courage toward God is blasphemy. To have confidence toward man is idiocy.}

22~~Furthermore, whatever we have asked
we have received from Him,
because we continue to keep/execute His mandates
and we keep on doing what is pleasing in His sight.

23~~Furthermore, this is His mandate,
that we believe in the person/name of His Son, Jesus Christ,
and that we love {agapao - impersonal love} each other
just as He gave us mandate
{to impersonally love all mankind}
- to our advantage.

{Note: Agapao love is impersonal love based on who and what the lover is. It is never conditional on the object of the love or their characteristics. It is a mental attitude love that only comes when filled with God the Holy Spirit. Philo is personal love. It is based on the character of the object of the love. Only a perfect object can be loved this way without a let down. Once the object fails, the lover is crushed. So, personal love should be towards God. Impersonal love should be used for 'loving all mankind' - based on who and what YOU are. Not how good or stinkerish the object is! The biggest problem in the world is trying to find unconditional - personal love. By definition, this does not exist.}

24~~In fact, he who keeps/executes His mandates
and continues residing in it.
  {neuter case - refers to the DD}

Also He {Christ} . . . {is} in him.
  {Christ is residing in us when we are filled with the Holy Spirit}

In fact, by this {policy} we have come to know
that He resides in us
from the source of the spirit -
which He has given us.

{Note: You must have a human spirit to understand bible doctrine. God the Holy Spirit teaches our spirit what is true doctrine. So the source of the spirit here could accurately mean our human spirit or God the Holy Spirit.}


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