I John

Chapter 4
{Verses 1:6: Challenge of Thought Testing}
1~~ Beloved ones/ Royal family of God
stop believing
every {persuasive} spirit/'spiritual speaker' {pneuma},
but keep analyzing/'testing for purity' {dokimazo}
those spirits/'spiritual speakers'
whether he
  {analyze ONE eloquent speaker at a time}
is from God,
because many false teachers/prophets
have gone out
  {to evangelize for Satan}
for the 'cosmic system'/world.

{Note: RBT says that pneuma here - which is usually translated 'spirit' or even breath of life' is here referring to negatively influential speakers - who are discussing supposedly spiritual matters. John is warning against being taken in by false teaching BECAUSE OF the eloquence of the speaker. Great or not so great eloquence makes no difference. It is the CONTENT of the message that matters! }

{Note: Dokimazo is the Greek assayer's term for testing ore for its mineral content. It is used to analyze the doctrine being taught for its 'divine gold' or purity of content.}

2-3~~By this, learn to recognize
the {influential} spirit/'spiritual speaker' {pneuma}
who is from God.

Every spirit/'spiritual speaker' {pneuma}
  {referring to honorable ministers here}
who 'states the case'/communicates/teaches {homologeo}
that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh
is from God.

{Note: John is warning against the 'Gnostic' false teachers/prophets. They taught that Christ was an optical illusion and God never came in the flesh. These false teachers were very intelligent and eloquent teachers. They were leading many of John's congregation astray! And, John is warning us that most false teachers emphasize some form of false prophecy, so he calls them 'false prophets'.}

3~~In fact, every {persuasive} spirit/'spiritual speaker'
who does not teach/acknowledge this Jesus
  {Jesus of Orthodox Christianity}
{then that false teacher}
is not from God.

Furthermore, this {false teaching} is the
spirit/'persuasive influence' of the antichrist,
about whom {the antichrist}
you have heard that he is coming {in Tribulation}
and even now {Church Age}
{the antichrist}
is already in the world.

{Note: RBT says in the Church Age, all false teachers and false 'persuasive speakers' who preach usually eschatology (prophecy), but leave out soteriology (salvation) and Christology are representatives of Satan on earth. This also includes all believers who consistently reside in the cosmic system.}

4~~You and only you are from God,
dear children
  {John's congregation},
and you have overcome them
  {momentum tests},
because greater is He
  {God the Holy Spirit}
Who is in you
than he {Satan}
who is in the world/'cosmic system'.

  {false teachers and Gnostics here},
and only they,
are from the world/'cosmic system';
therefore, they teach
from the source of the world/'cosmic system',
and the world/'cosmic system'
hears/understands/'listens to' them.

6~~We and only we
  {orthodox pastors - faithfully teach the Word}
are from God,
and he who has come to know God
  {student positive to faithful bible teaching}
keeps listening to us.

But he who is not from God does not listen to us.

For this reason, we have come to know
the spirit/'spiritual significance' of the truth/'bible doctrine'
and the spirit/'persuading influence' of deceit/error.

{Verses 7-12: Dynamics of Impersonal Love}
7~~Beloved ones
  {fellow members of the Royal Family},
let us love {agapao} one another,
because {agape type} love
  {as a functioning virtue}
comes from God.

Everyone who loves
  {agapao - comes only from believers}
has been born from the source of God
and has come to know God.

{Note: Agapao is the function of unconditional impersonal love. It is based on the integrity of the subject, not the object of love. It only occurs in believers who are in fellowship and filled with God the Holy Spirit. There are two requirements for agape type love - 1) salvation 2) learning about God by studying the Mind of Christ. You can not love who or what you do not know - THAT is pseudo-love.}

8~~When anyone
  {believer out of fellowship and in the cosmic system}
does not love
  {unconditional impersonal love toward all mankind}
he has not come to know God
  {a believer without doctrine resident in his soul},
because God is {agape type} love.

9~~By this,
the love of God was manifest in our case
because the God
  {God the Father}
has sent
His unique/'one and only' Son into the world
in order that we might live through Him.

10~~By this . . . the love
  {as a virtue}

Not because we have loved God,
but because He {God the Father}
has loved us
and sent His Son . . . {as}
a propitiation/'atoning sacrifice'
for our sins.

  {Royal Family of God},
if God so loved us
- and He did and does -
we also have become obligated
to keep loving each other.

12~~About God,
no one has ever seen God
  {God the Father};
but if we love each other,
the God
  {God the Holy Spirit}
resides in us
and His love
  {divine impersonal unconditional agape love}
have been fulfilled/accomplished
in us.

{Verses 13-21: Dynamics of the Divine Dynasphere as Power System}
13~~We have come to realize
  {by this function of unconditional impersonal love}
that we are residing in it
  {Divine Dynasphere (DD)/in fellowship}
and He
  {God the Holy Spirit as the power system in the DD}
resides in us,
because, by means of His Spirit,
He has given it {the DD} to us.

14~~In deed, we have perceived
and keep confirming
that the Father has sent His Son
to be the Savior of the world.

15~~If anyone confesses/acknowledges {homologeo}
that Jesus is the Son of God . . .
the God resides in him
and he . . . {resides} in God.

16~~Furthermore, we have come to know
and have come to believe
this love
  {unconditional impersonal agape divine virtue}
that God keeps having toward us.

In fact, the one who resides in that love
  {love complex - the DD}
remains in 'association with God'/'the plan of God'
and God
  {God the Holy Spirit}
'stands fast in him'/'remains in association with him'.

17-18~~By this
  {living in the DD},
{virtue unconditional agape} love
has been 'brought to completion with us'/'achieved in us' . . .
that we might have confidence
in the day of evaluation/judgment . . .
because just as He is
  {the incarnate Christ in the prototype DD},
so also we are in this world. 18~~

Fear does not exist in love!
  {in the love complex of the DD}

But mature/perfect love
  {unconditional impersonal virtue agape}
'drives out'/banishes this fear,
because fear includes/involves punishment.

In fact, the one {believer}
who is afraid
has not been matured/perfected
in the love {complex}.
  {virtue unconditional agape}

{Description of a SuperGrace believer/ pivot of a client nation}
19~~We love
  {virtue of unconditional impersonal love toward all mankind} . . .
because He has first loved us.

20~~ If someone
  {a believer out of fellowship}
should allege,
"I love God,"
- yet he hates his brother/'fellow believer' -
he is a liar.

For he who does not love his brother/'fellow believer'
- whom he has seen -
is not able to be loving God . . .
Whom he has not seen.

we have this mandate from God,
"That he who loves God
  {motivating virtue}
should also love his brother/'fellow believer."

{Note: Personal love for God is our motivating virtue.}


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