I John

Chapter 5
1~~Everyone who believes that Jesus
is the Christ/Messiah/'Anointed One'
has been born from God.

Furthermore, everyone
who loves the Father
  {agapao - virtue love}
loves {agapao} him
  {Jesus and any fellow believer}
who has been born of the Father.

{Note: Personal love should be directed at God - virtue love based on the characteristics of the object of love. This is the motivating virtue - personal love for God. Impersonal love should be directed at other believers - virtue based on the characteristics of the one doing the loving (the subject) of the other believer.}

2~~Only by this
  {understanding the two aspects of virtue love -
  personal and impersonal love}
we have come to know
that we keep loving the children of God
  {function of impersonal love as a virtue} . . .
by loving God
and executing/'carrying out' His mandates/commands.

3~~For this love for God
  {motivating virtue} . . .
we continue to execute His mandates.

And His mandates are not difficult.

4~~Because every category of humanity
which has been born from God
defeats/overcomes the world/'cosmic system'.

This is the {initial} victory
that overcomes the world/'cosmic system' . . .
even our faith {in Jesus Christ}.

{Note: This means at the moment we believe we receive both temporal and eternal security.}

{See Revelation 1:9 - Testimony of the Lord - Verses 5-12}
5~~Who is this person
defeating/overcoming the cosmic system?

No one else,
but he who has come to believe
that Jesus is the Son of God.

6~~This One {Jesus Christ} is He . . .
Who came by water
and blood clots/serum {physical death}.

Not by water alone,
but by water and by blood clots.

Furthermore, it is the Spirit
  {God the Holy Spirit}
Who testifies
  {about the Lord's work on the cross} . . .
because the Spirit is Truth/Doctrine.

7~~Because there are three that testify . . . 8~~
the Spirit
  {God the Holy Spirit},
the water
  {the 'water' of the Word of God},
and the blood
  {saving work of Christ on the Cross} . . .
these three witnesses have the same purpose.

9~~If we accept the testimony of men
- and we do -
the testimony of God is greater;
because this testimony
  {of the three witnesses}
is from God . . .
because He has testified concerning His Son.

10~~When anyone believes in the Son of God,
he has the testimony in himself.

When anyone does not believe the God
he has made Him a liar . . .
because he has not believed the deposition
which God testified concerning His Son.

11~~In fact, this is the deposition,
that God has given to us eternal life,
and this {eternal} life resides in His Son.

12~~ He who has the Son
has {this eternal} life.

He who does not have the Son of God
does not have {this eternal} life.

13~~ I have written to you
who believe in the person/name of the Son of God
these things {bible doctrine}
in order that you may know
that you have eternal life.

14~~In fact, this is the confidence
  {motivating virtue}
which we have toward Him,
that if we ask anything according to His will,
He hears us.

15~~In fact, when we know that He hears us
- whatever we ourselves may have asked -
we know that we have obtained the request
we have asked from Him.

16~~If anyone
  {a believer in prayer}
has seen his brother/'fellow believer' commit a sin
not terminating 'face to face with'/in death,
he should ask {pray}
and God will give life to him.
  {the carnal fellow believer}

That is to those
who have not sinned a sin terminating in death.

There is a sin terminating in death.

I do not recommend that anyone
should pray about that {category of sin}.

17~~All wrongdoing is sin
  {Motus Operendi of all believers in the cosmic system},
and yet there is sin not terminating unto death.

{Principal, Precedent, and Protection}
18~~We have learned that
anyone who has been born from God
  {then at that same time}
does not sin.
  {the Principal}

But He {Jesus Christ}
Who was born from God
guards/protects Him.
  {while in fellowship - the Precedent}

And the evil one {Satan}
absolutely does not {ouk} touch Him/him.
{Jesus and believers in fellowship - the Protection}

{Note: The syntax of the Greek indicates the action of the participle occurs at the same time as the verb. So this means that at the point of salvation in Christ - at that specific point in time - all your sins have been blotted out and you are without sin. Next, you can not sin while IN fellowship - because it is the decision to sin that takes you out of fellowship and into carnality.}

{Note: The precedent was Jesus Christ in the prototype divine Dynasphere in His incarnation. And, in the prototype Divine Dynasphere, Satan could not touch Him. Nor can Satan touch us when we reside in the Divine Dynasphere.}

{Divine Interpretation of History}
19~~We have learned that
we are from God,
and that the entire world/'cosmic system'
is under the control of the evil one {Satan}.

20~~We have learned that
the Son of God has come {1st Advent}
and has given to us
the faculty for perception
  {understanding the purpose and plan of God},
so that we may understand
'objective reality'/'the true'/'the correct/'the genuine'
and we are in the sphere of objective reality
by means of His Son - Jesus Christ.

This One {Jesus Christ}
is the true God
and eternal life.

21~~'Positive students'/'little children'
  {immature believers growing in grace},
guard yourselves from idols.

{Note: In this last verse, John ends with the fact that you are responsible for your own mistakes in life. Stay in fellowship and away from the cosmic system and its activities. The worship of false gods is an example of an activity outside of the will of God.}


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