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Chapter 22
{David's Messianic Psalm about His Greater Son - Jesus Christ}

{Note: This psalm is dual in nature. David has just seen the consequences of his reversionism in the ruins of Ziklag (see I Samuel 30:1-6). As he goes through the pain and anguish of seeing the destruction, he proclaims words that Jesus Christ will also say on the cross. See also Acts 2:30}

{Verses 1:21: The Death of Christ}
{Prophesy of Matthew 27:46 Jesus on the Cross}
1~~To the chief musician,
concerning the 'Doe of the Dawn' {ayyeleth ha-shahar}
  {a title for the Lord Jesus Christ in His Helplessness on the Cross
  A deer hunt begins at the dawn and is a picture of helplessness}
A psalm of David.

My God, My God {'El 'El}, why have You forsaken Me?
Far from deliverance are the words of My screaming.

{Note: 'El is used for God as the Judge - God as the Strong One. RBT says this is separation of God the Father and God the Holy Spirit from Jesus while He was bearing our sins on the cross. So, this is prophecy by empathy. It is also David's suffering in Ziklag when the Amalekites have burned his town and taken his wives and the other women and children.}

{Separation of Jesus on the Cross from the Godhead While He is Bearing our Sins in His Body}
2~~ O My 'Elohiym/Godhead,
I scream/'cry out' by daylight {first three hours on the cross}
You do not answer Me.
And by the 'night-season'/'supernatural darkness'
  {noon to 3 PM was total darkness while Christ was on the cross}
You are silent.

3~~You are Holy {integrity of God - His righteousness and justice},
and the {worthy} recipient of their praises.

{Back to David Recalling His Ancestor's Faith was Rewarded by God}
4~~Our fathers trusted {in You - batach - faith rest technique}.
They trusted, and You delivered/rescued {palat} them.

{Note: Jesus Christ also knows that God the Father will 'deliver' Him after the imputation and judgement of sins on the cross are complete. Once Jesus says 'It is Finished', His spiritual relationship with God the Father is restored - we know this because now Jesus returns to the relationship word of 'Father' into Your hands I dismiss My Spirit'.}

5~~ They 'shouted out'/cried unto you {prayed},
and were delivered {malat}.
They trusted in you,
and were not 'put to shame'/disappointed {buwsh}.

6~~ But I {David/Jesus in prophesy}
am a worm {tolah used for 'a totally helpless person'},
and no longer {look} human
  {see also Isaiah 53:10 - Jesus was crushed by the weight of our

{Note: Tolah is Hebrew for a caucus elictus worm - this worm was placed in a vat and the worm's blood was used to make crimson robes for kings. Jesus - the King of Kings, Lord of Lords was being crushed under the weight of the sins of the world.}

{Ridicule of Downtrodden David and Jesus Christ on the Cross}
22:7-8~~ All they who see Me, mock/'laugh in scorn at' Me.
They gesture insults
  {idiom: literally 'thrust out their lips' - we would say 'thumb their
  nose at me'}.
They wag their heads
  {a Jewish insult - like 'giving the finger' today} saying, 8~~
"He 'rolled his problems'/trusted on Jehovah/God,
let Him deliver/rescue Him
since He keeps on having perfect delight in Him."

{Verses 9-11: God had a Plan for David's Life}
9~~But You {God} {are}
He Who took me out of the womb
  {means he was born with a purpose for his life}.
You motivated/caused me to trust/'have confidence'
when I was upon my mother's breasts.

{Note: David was from a big family. Almost as soon as he was weaned, he was off to the fields to tend to the flocks. That was the end of his family life! }

{Jesus' Testimony}
10~~I {Jesus} was caused to be dependent
upon You {God} from the womb.
You are my El/God from My mother's womb.

{David and Jesus Again}
11~~'Be not far from me'/'do not stay far from me' {rachaq}.
For trouble . . . {is} near.
No one . . . helping me.

{Note: David was alone at this point in his life. Jesus had to go to the cross alone. No one could help him carry the sins of the world.}

{Jesus' Suffering on the Cross}
12~~ Many 'wild bulls with horns' {par} have surrounded Me
  {horns goring into His body - represents the sins He is bearing
  entering His Body}.
Strong bulls of Bashan {refers to evil powers}
have surrounded Me.

{Note: This verse gives the picture of Jesus being surrounded by strong and evil forces/bulls who gored Him many times. Each time a sin was imputed to Him on the cross, it was like another goring of a bull.}

13~~They {all the sins of the word}
tear Me to pieces {patsah}
with their mouths,
as a ravening and a roaring lion.

14~~ I {Jesus} am poured out {shaphak} like water
  {dehydrated on the cross with loss of physical strength},
and all My bones are pulling apart
  {separation of the joints as He is hanging on the cross}.
My heart/'right lobe' is like wax.
It is melted in the middle of My bowels/emotions
  {nervous system telegraphing pain}.

{Note: This is a picture of Jesus on the cross becoming physically weak. He is dehydrated and His 'mentality' is mixing in with His emotions from all the physical pain of crucifixion and the imputation of sins.}

15~~My {Jesus} strength is dried up like a broken vessel/pot
  {like a shattered vessel all in it is pouring out}.
And My tongue is swollen and sticks to My jaws.
You have laid Me in the 'dust of death'
  {idiom meaning Jesus realizes He is dying and very near death}.

16~~For dogs
  {derogatory term for gentiles - Roman soldiers here}
have surrounded Me.
The assembly of the wicked {religious Jews}
have encircled Me.
They have pierced My hands and My feet
  {Jesus being nailed to the cross}.

17~~I {Jesus} can number all My bones.
They keep glancing at Me and keep on seeing Me.

{Note: Jesus' is naked on the cross. His bones are moving out poking on His skin as He hangs on the cross.}

18~~They {Roman Soldiers}
part/divide My garments among them,
and gambled for My clothes.

{Note: Jesus was well dressed. His clothing was expensive and the Roman soldiers gambled over who would get what.}

19^~'Be not far from me'/'do not stay far from me' {rachaq}
O Jehovah/God . . . my strength,
hurry to my aid.

20``Save/Deliver My {Jesus'} soul
from the sword {chereb}.
Your 'uniquely born Son' {yachiyd}
 from the clutches/power of the dog
  {Jesus from the Roman soldiers}.

21~~Deliver me {David/Jesus} from the lion's mouth.
For You have answered me
from the horns of the water-buffalo/unicorn {r@'em}.

{Note: The horns of the water buffalo represents painful and certain death - Jesus will not be delivered from physical death, but OUT from physical death forever again in His resurrection body.}

{Verses 22-26: Glorification of Christ}
22~~I will 'record in writing' {caphar}
concerning Your Person {God the Father}
unto my brethren {fellow Jews}.
In the middle of the assembly
I will praise You.

{Note: Between Daniel 2 verses 40 and 41 we have 'The Great Parenthesis'. This is the Church Age. It was a mystery to the Old Testament Believers - the time of Judah's 5th cycle of discipline. This also occurs in Daniel 7 between verses 23 and 24; Daniel 9:26 in the middle of the verse; Daniel 11 between verses 35 and 36; Psalms 22 between verses 22 and 23 (here); and Isaiah 61 between 1 and 2.}

23~~Those of you {SuperGrace types}
who have respect/fear {yare'} of Jehovah/God,
praise Him.
All you the seed of Jacob {every one born in the line of Jacob}
'become His honor/glorify'.
And respect Him {occupation with Christ},
all you the seed of Israel.

{Note: The name Jacob means chiseler. That indicates the condition of every human when they come to the decision about salvation - hopeless and useless.}

{Dual Principal again - David and Jesus}
24~~For He has not despised nor abhorred
the affliction of the afflicted
  {God did not ignore the disaster of David or Jesus on the Cross}.
Neither has He hid His face from him.
But when he cried unto Him,
He 'heard and concentrated' {shama'} on him.

25~~My praise shall be of You in the great assembly.
I will pay my vows before them who respect Him
  {idiom meaning David will explain how prosperity returned to him by
  the grace of God}.

26~~The meek/humbled
  {`anav - technical for SuperGrace Believers}
shall eat {spiritual food - the bread of the Word}
and be satisfied {soul saturated with divine viewpoint}.
They shall praise Jehovah/God,
they who constantly seek after {positive volition} Him
  {refers to the mature believer constantly seeking more intake of the
Let your 'right lobe'/heart refresh itself forever.

{Verses 27-31: Reign of Jesus Christ - Greater Son of David - Forever and Ever}
27~~All the ends of the world
shall remember {recall doctrine resident in the soul}
and convert/turn the Jehovah/God
  {great evangelism of the millennium}.
And all the families of the nations shall themselves
  {an individual thing}
worship before You.

{Note: David began the Davidic Dynasty. Jesus Christ is the last of the Dynasty and will rule forever and ever.}

28~~For the kingdom is Jehovah's/God's {Millennial Reign of Christ}.
And He is the ruler among the nations.

22:29~~All the prosperous ones {idiom: literally 'all the fat ones'}
upon earth have eaten
  {eaten spiritual food and are reaping prosperity in SuperGrace}
and keep on worshiping.
All they that go down to the dust
  {including David - David now realizes he must reap what God has
shall bow before Him {Jesus Christ}.
And no one can keep alive his own soul {nephesh}.

30~~A seed shall serve Him.

It shall be written {caphar}
about the Lord/'Adonay to a generation.

{Note: The seed of the woman shall be the enemy of Satan and will bite his heal. That seed is Jesus Christ.}

31~~They shall come {Super Grace believers in all generations},
and shall be motivated to relate His righteousness {ts@daqah}
unto a people that shall be born,
that 'it has been manufactured'/
'it has been done'/'it has been finished'
  {`asah - to make something from something}.

{Note: This phrase is roughly equivalent to the last thing Jesus Christ uttered on the cross before He dismissed His spirit to God the Father - in the Greek 'telelestai in the perfect tense - 'It is finished in the past with results that continue forever and ever' - John 19:30.}