Chapter 5
{Hindrance to 'Phase 1'/'Salvation'}
1~~ Keep on making a permanent stand, therefore,
in the liberty
where with Christ
has once and for all set us free . . .
which is to our advantage.
And, do not receive again
entanglement with a yoke of bondage.

{Note: As we have seen, the Greeks were moving from the bondage to false gods, to the freedom of being under the Grace of God, to the yoke of the ritualism of the Mosaic Law. Now Paul amplifies by discussing 'circumcision' - a ritual of the Mosaic Law. The passage means do not go back into the law as 'salvation by works' or 'as a way of life' . . . following the Mosaic Law is not salvation.}

2~~ Behold I, Paul, say unto you - over and over
- to your advantage -
that if you be circumcised
- maybe you will, maybe you won't -
Christ shall profit you nothing.

{Note: If you are not born again, circumcision will do nothing for
you . . . and you will not have salvation.}

3~~ For I keep on witnessing again to every one of you
that is circumcised {under the Jewish ritual}
that he keeps on being a debtor to do the whole law.

4~~ You all {legalistic Jews}
have become null and void
from the ultimate source of Christ
whosoever are being vindicated
by means of the law {religious crowd}
you have drifted off course from grace.

{Hope of the believer}
5~~ For we,
through the instrumentality of the Spirit
by/'out of' doctrine/faith
- for our benefit -
we keep on eagerly waiting
for the hope/'absolute confidence'
of righteousness/dikaiosune.

{Note: 'Waiting' is the expression of faith and the perpetuation of faith. We are to wait for what God does for us . . . in time and in eternity}

{Note: Dikaiosune means more then righteousness. It means the 'total fulfillment of spiritual maturity'.

6~~ For, in Jesus Christ,
neither circumcision avails any thing
nor un-circumcision {the opposite also has no meaning}
but, in contrast,
faith {in Jesus Christ avails EVERTHING}
which keeps on operating efficiently
by means of divine love.

7~~ In the past,
you were 'running' commendably {growing spiritual by Grace}.
Who did hinder you?
With the result that you yourself should not obey the Truth/Doctrine?

{Note: The reversionist Galatians went away from Grace and trying to be spiritual by keeping the Mosaic Law. Even in Paul's day, runners would purposely run into competitors to break their stride. Paul was saying, "Who broke your stride? You were doing well in Grace - filled with the Spirit - rebounding habitually - but now are off stride".}

8~~This persuasion {of the previous verse}
NOT of Him
Who calls you.

9~~ A little leaven keeps on leavening the whole lump.

{Note: Leaven always represents evil in the bible - here refers to legalism}

10~~ I have confidence in the past
and I keep on having confidence
with reference to you
in the sphere of the Lord
that you will change your mind.
But he that troubles you shall bear his judgment
whosoever he is.

11~~ And I, brethren,
if I yet preach circumcision
- and I do NOT preach circumcision -
why do I yet suffer persecution?
Then is the offence of the cross
rendered null and void!

{Note: Legalists were saying Paul 'really' preached circumcision and Paul denied it here.}

12~~ I wish that they {the legalists}
'would cut it ALL OFF'/'were even castrated'
{those legalists} which/who trouble you!

{Note: This is Paul's harshest piece of sarcasm in the Bible. But, remember the whole issue was salvation by circumcision. The Jewish legalists said 'cut off a little piece for salvation' (circumcism). Paul said why stop there? Cut it all off! Sanctified Sarcasm.}

{Freedom from the law does not mean 'license' to sin}
13~~ For, brethren,
you have been called
for the purpose of freedom.
Only, not liberty for an occasion of the flesh
but, in contrast,
by means of agape/love {virtue love - mental attitude love}
help one another.

{Note: The freedom and liberty here refer to the FREEDOM to BELIEVE in Christ . . . to BELIEVE in His Word . . . and to serve the Lord . . . by applying doctrine to experience . . . not free to 'serve' our Old Sin Nature.}

{Higher Law of Christ - Love Your Neighbor As Yourself}
14~~ For all the {Mosaic} law
receives fulfillment in the past with the result
that it keeps on being fulfilled forever
in this one saying/word,
'You shall love {agapo -based on your own virtue not the
  virtue of the object of your mental attitude love}
your neighbor {ALL mankind} as yourself.'

{Note: This means that the Mosaic Law can NOT be fulfilled by keeping the law. Only Christ fulfilled the law. We now must follow the Higher Law of Christ . . . walk filled with the Spirit. Impersonally love all mankind based on who and what YOU are.}

15~~ But if
- and it is true -
you keep on biting
and devouring one another of the same kind {believer}
keep on being aware
that you be not consumed
under the authority of another one of the same kind.

{Note: Legalist believers with a Jewish background were criticizing the Galatians for not being circumcised and not otherwise following the Mosaic Law. As Royal Family believers we are priests and represent ourselves before the Lord! We are FREE to live as doctrine in our soul demands, not as a fellow believer expects!}

{Live the Christian Way of Life! - Be filled with the Holy Spirit - Use Rebound I John 1:9}
16~~ This I keep on saying then in conclusion,
"Walk by means of the Spirit
with the result that you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh
  {not be under the control of the old sin nature}."

(Description of the internal conflict - controlled by EITHER the old Sin Nature or the Holy Spirit - 100% spiritual or 100% carnal}
17~~ For the flesh is antagonistic against the spirit
and the spirit against the flesh.
And these are in open conflict - the one to the other -
with the result that you cannot do these things
if you desire to
- maybe you do desire to do them, maybe you do not.

18~~ But if
- and it is true -
you receive leading
under the authority of the Spirit
you are NOT under the authority of the {Mosaic} law.

19-21~~ Now the works of the flesh are always manifest,
such a sort as these:
  {Four sexual sins - not a complete list just categories}
  uncleanness {mental adultery},
  lasciviousness {desire separate from mental concept -
  no one in mind particularly}, 20~~
{Next Four categories of sin based on direction of the sin:
  (1) sin toward God
  (2) sin toward self
  (3) sin toward others and
  (4) sin toward the Word}

  idolatry { anything worshiped in place of God},
  'pharmakeia' {pharmacy comes from Greek word -
  toward self - drug addition},
  hatred {sin toward others - many other examples follow},
  strife {feelings hurt and you fight back},
  emulations {envy makes you try to 'out spiritual them' whatever},
  wrath {emotional outburst - get mad without knowing the facts},
  strife {organized factions -get friends on your side},
  seditions {divisions among believers that are not based
  on doctrinal differences},
  heresies { sin toward the Word - to hold an opinion that is
  contrary to the doctrine of God's Word}, 21~~
{Two different categories of sin - inner sins and outer sins}
  envyings {mental attitude - inner sin},
  murders {an overt sin and others follow},
  drunkenness {drink TO EXCESS},
  nocturnal and riotous parties,
  and things like these {means there are even more categories}.

Of the which I constantly have warned you before
as I have forewarned you in time past
and I keep on warning you
that they which habitually and without restraint
practice of such things
shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

{Note: Habitual, unrestrained practice of sin characterizes the unbeliever who is not saved. They also represent the believer in deep reversionism. Salvation is permanent and can not be lost. However, rewards in heaven are only for the victorious/winner believer. These rewards come as a result of spiritual maturity (growing in the grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) and applying divine viewpoint/metabolized doctrine to life's experiences. God the Father decreed these rewards for you in eternity past. These rewards can go unearned.}

22-23~~ But in contrast,
the FRUIT {singular because is referring to the Character
  of the Humanity of Christ - divine good production}
which has its source in the Holy Spirit is:
{Inward characteristics- first three mentioned are
  things you THINK not do}
  joy {inner mental happiness - Sharing the Happiness of God},
  peace {tranquility/happiness/inner mental stability/relaxed
  mental attitude},
{Now outward concepts toward others}
  longsuffering {patience with others, stability of temper},
  gentleness {expresses itself in comfort toward others - either
  by saying comforting things or keeping your mouth shut},
  goodness {to do something for someone else - from the motivation
  of Grace - they don't earn it or deserve it},
{Next are upward or God-ward things}
  faithfulness {consistent intake of the Word}, 23~~
  meekness {mental attitude of Grace - we are all here by the
  Grace of God - knowing that none of us deserves it},  temperance {self-control} . . .
against such there is no law {beyond the Mosaic Law}.

24~~ And they {believers}
belonging to Christ
have crucified the flesh
with the affections {passions}
and lusts.

{Note: 'Crucified the flesh' refers to Retroactive Positional Truth. Believers 'identify with Christ' in His crucification on the cross as a propitiation for all our sins.}

25~~ If we live by instrumentality of the Spirit
- and we do -
let us also advance in the instrumentality of Spirit.

26~~ Stop becoming conceited boasters!
Provoking one another of the same kind!
Envying one another of the same kind {second group does this}.

{Note: One group of believers is judging and provoking another group of believers. The other group of believers is envying another group of believers. Both groups are out of fellowship.}


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