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I Peter

Peter is writing from Babylon, which is really Rome. He is writing at the time of Nero's persecution of the Christians in circa 65 AD. Paul at this time is on his fourth missionary journey and is in Spain and will not be back for two years. So Peter is writing to warn the Christians about Nero. Nero was running out of Christians to kill in Rome so he was moving out to the Roman province of Asia (Turkey today) for more Christians. These Christians will be in for great suffering.

Chapter 1
1-2~~ Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ,
to the elect ones scattered
throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, 2~~ according to the fore-knowledge of God the Father,
by means of the sanctification of the Spirit,
because of obedience
and the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ.
Grace unto you to your advantage,
and peace {the result of Grace} be multiplied.

{Actual subject of the Epistle follows}
3-5~~ Blessed be God even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who according to His abundant mercy
has begotten us again {born again into the family of God},
through a constantly living confidence
in the resurrection of Jesus Christ out from the dead . . . 4~~
{Who has secured for us} an inheritance which is non-perishable
and undefiled {unstained} and will not fade away,
reserved {permanently guarded} in heaven for you 5~~
who are garrisoned {on Earth} by the power of God
through faith unto salvation . . .
ready to be revealed {to be unveiled like a bride}
in the last time {second advent}.

6~~ In the sphere of which {doctrine},
you keep on celebrating
although for a little while . . . at the present time . . .
if it is necessary, and it is,
you receive suffering in the sphere of diverse adversities.

7~~ That the testing of your faith {suffering for blessing},
is of much greater value {the testing is of greater value}
than gold which is destroyed.
Though it {testing for blessing} receives testing through fire,
it might be found to result in commendation,
honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

8~~ Who {Jesus Christ} . . . not having seen,
you keep on loving . . .
Whom at the present moment you see Him not,
yet you constantly keep on believing in Him
and keep on rejoicing
with happiness inexpressible
and having received glory {edification complex}.

9~~ Having received back with interest,
the ultimate destiny of your faith,
even the salvation of your souls.

10~~ Concerning which salvation
the prophets have investigated diligently and explored carefully, having prophesied concerning grace to you.

11~~ Investigating with reference to what time
and what manner of time {what dispensation}
the Spirit of Christ {functional reference to the Holy Spirit -
  always the teacher or mentor}
in them
brought to light {ministry of the Holy Spirit},
when It {the facts of the Holy Spirit's teaching}
testified beforehand of the sufferings of Christ
and the 'after-this' glories
  {reference to the second advent of Christ}.

12~~ Unto whom it was revealed,
that not only unto themselves but to us
  {for Old Testament believers AND also for the Church Age},
they kept on ministering the things,
which are now reported back to us
through them that have preached the gospel to you
by means of the Holy Spirit
sent down from heaven
  {at the beginning of the Church Age the Holy Spirit came to Earth}.
Which things {Old Testament Doctrine}
the {Elect} angels have an insatiable desire
to bend over and concentrate on.

13~~ Because of which {grace multiplied}
having cleared up your mind for action,
be constantly stabilized and oriented,
having confidence with results
being carried in {by means of doctrine} to you
as the means of enlightenment {daily intake of doctrine}
of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

14-15~~ As children of obedience,
not being molded
according to the former lusts in the sphere of ignorance . . . 15~~ but according to the standard of the Holy One
having called you {in eternity past}.
Become Holy in all manner of life.

16~~ In as much as it is written, "Be you holy; for I am Holy."

17~~ And if you call upon the Father
 {all prayer is addressed to God the Father - the author of the Plan},
Whose impartiality evaluates
according to the standard of each one's business . . .
live by certain principals
during the time of your temporary residence
in the sphere of occupation with God.

{Doctrine of Redemption from Sin}
18-19~~ Because, having known you did not receive salvation
with perishable things, such as silver coins and gold coins,
out from your futile and useless manner of life
inherited from your fathers; {legalism} 19~~
but by means of the most valuable blood of Christ,
as of a lamb blameless and without spot.

{Note: Salvation is being redeemed or freed from the slave market of sin. Jesus paid the price for YOU at the cross.}

20~~ Who {Christ} having been foreknown
before the laying of the foundation of the cosmos,
but received manifestation in these last of times
  {refers to the first advent of Christ - at the end of the interruption
  of the dispensation of Israel}
because of you.

21~~ Who {Christ} through Him are believers in God,
having raised Him out from the dead,
and having given Him glory
with the result that your faith
and confidence to be in God.

{Doctrine of Soul and Spirit}
22~~ Having purified your souls
by means of your obedience
to the truth {Bible doctrine},
with genuine brotherly love
and without hypocrisy,
see that you love one another of the same kind - intensely.

23~~ Being born again,
not out of perishable seed,
but of enduring seed,
by means of the Word of God,
which lives and abides forever.

24~~ For all flesh is as grass,
and all the glory of the same is as the flower of grass.
The grass withers, and the flower thereof falls away.

25~~ But the Word of the Lord endures forever.
And this is the Word by which the Gospel is preached to you.


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