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II Peter

This is the swan song of the Apostle Peter. He takes the opportunity to say very important things as he prepares to go to be with the Lord.

This epistle is very elliptical in nature. Peter has strong feelings as is common for a man near death. As we would say to our child, "Time for you to go to the store!" If our child ignores us, we might say it stronger and leave out the verbs - "YOU . . . STORE . . . NOW!"

Chapter 1
{Scale of Values of Living Grace}
{Introduction to the human writer - Christian Self-consciousness}
1~~Simon Peter,
a slave/servant {all communicators of the Word are slaves of God}
and an Apostle {spiritual gift - office of authority in the church}
of Jesus Christ,
to them who have obtained {received by Grace and have forever} 'equal honor faith' {isotimos pistis} to us
- to our advantage -
in the sphere of the righteousness of God . . .
even our Savior . . . Jesus Christ.

{Note: Simon was his name. Peter is a nickname really. It means 'little chip'. Christ was the rock and He nicknamed Simon 'little chip' of the Rock (Jesus) or 'Peter'.}

{Note: Apostles are:
  1. Elected by God in eternity past- Romans 1:1
  2. Appointed by the Holy Spirit at the point of Salvation - I Corinthians 12:11
  3. No Apostles to the Church until after the Ascension of Christ - Ephesians 4:11 and I Corinthians 12:28
  4. Eyewitness to the resurrected Christ I Corinthians 9:1 and 15:8-9
  5. Had other miraculous gifts as authority backups (calling card)
  6. Temporary gift ended with the Amen to Revelation.}

{Note: Isotimos Pistis - Isotimos means 'equally precious' or 'equally honored . . . 'to be esteemed equal to'. Pistis has an 'inhale' and 'exhale' type meaning. Inhale is doctrine. Exhale is 'faith'. Here it means faith. The rest of the verse tells us that this is 'a part of the righteousness of God'. So 'equal honor faith' here describes what occurs at the cross:
 1. Reconciliation - toward mankind. Reconciled with God the Father.
 2. Propitiation - toward God. God's Justice and Righteousness are satisfied.
 3. Redemption - toward sin. Mankind is redeemed from the slave market of sin.}

{Starts with items related to the Divine Decrees}
2-4~~ Grace and prosperity/peace . . .
receive multiplication toward you
by means of epignosis knowledge
from the source of God and of Jesus our Lord . . . 3~~
like as His divine {'pertaining to God'} power
has given to us
- for our benefit -
'The All Things' . . .
with the result that we possess 'The All Things' . . .
face to face with life {phase II}
and godliness {spirituality} . . .
through the epignosis knowledge of Him {God the Father}
Who called us to His very own glory
and virtue {response to God's Grace} . . . 4~~
through Whoms {Plural - all members of the Godhead} . . .
have freely given to us
- to our advantage -
extremely valuable
and a fantastic number of favors/blessings/promises . . .
in order that through these things {favors}
you may become partners in the divine endowment . . .
having escaped from the degeneracy
caused by evil desires {lust pattern of the Old Sin Nature}
in the cosmic system.

{Peter was a student of Greek Drama . . . versus 5 -7 are based on a Greek drama's format}
5-7~~ Yes, and for this cause/reason
  {Classical Greek idiom: refers to Divine power in previous verses},
having made every effort {GAP it daily} . . .
by means of The Faith of yours {doctrine in your soul}
virtue {1-function of GAP producing divine good}.
To virtue . . . {add} gnosis knowledge
  {2- technical meaning - doctrine in your edification complex of the
  soul}, 6~~
and to 'virtue knowledge' {perception of doctrine}
{add} self-discipline {3},
and to self-discipline . . .
{add} patient endurance
  {4-Relaxed mental attitude in action - courageous endurance
  - using doctrine when facing great outside opposition},
and to patient endurance . . .
{add} godliness
  {5-respect/duty which man owes to God - refers to the filling of
  the Holy Spirit in Phase II},7~~
and to godliness . . .
{add} brotherly kindness
  {6-personal capacity for love in personal areas - a strong capacity
  for love for members of the Royal Family based on doctrine},
and to brotherly kindness . . .
{add} agape love
  {7-impersonal love - relaxed mental attitude again}.

{Note: In God's Plan . . . virtue first - virtue being defined as a combination of honor, humility, faithfulness, courage - virtue must come from humility not arrogance or legalism.}

{After Divine Decrees comes Knowledge - Principal of Knowledge}
8~~ For these things/attributes {chorus of 7 above}
coming into existence {through GAP} to you . . .
and are abounding to wider action . . .
cause you to stand
according to an absolute norm/standard {doctrine} . . .
not barren or unproductive
in the epignosis knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

{Knowledge and orientation to grace verses 9-10}
9~~ He who keeps on lacking these things/attributes
keeps on being blind {black out of the soul- reversionism} . . .
and is nearsighted {disorientation to the Christian life} . . .
having received forgetfulness {reversionism}.

{Note: This part was not in the original ' Having been purged from his old sins'.}

{Back to Divine Decrees}
10~~Because of the more {grace}, brethren,
be eager to keep on making your calling/election
a {spiritual} reality.
For if you keep doing these things {intake of doctrine},
you will never miss a step {never make a future false step}.

{Grace in Phase III - provision begins with Jesus Christ}
11~~For so an admission
shall be provided/supplied for you abundantly . . .
into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

{Reality and importance of the Word of God - Peter's dying message}
12~~ Because of this {orientation to grace in first 11 verses}
I will be ready always
to keep on reminding you under authority {as an Apostle}
concerning these things . . .
even if you already know them
- and you do know them {1st class condition} -
having been stabilized mentally
by means of the 'always with you doctrine/truth'
  {doctrine in categories in your soul - doctrine stabilizes you}.

{Note: This is one of the main verses of the Chapter. Peter is saying that Bible doctrine - in this case, regarding the 2nd advent - is more important then seeing it with your own eyes. Peter SAW Jesus in His resurrected body, but because it was in the WORD was MORE REAL to Peter!}

13~~Yes, I consider it my duty,
as long as I keep on being
in this tabernacle {a tent, here Peter means his body - while alive}, to keep you turned on {to excite them}
by means of reminding you {with authoritative teaching}!

14~~Knowing {certain knowledge}
that it {death}
is near at hand {soon}
I must put off this my tabernacle {die} . . .
even as our Lord Jesus Christ has showed me.

{Peter's motivation in his dying message}
15~~Morover, I will be diligent
for the purpose that
you may have it {Peter's motivation for the Epistle}
and hold it at all times
after my decease
to call these things to remembrance
so they may be applied {doctrine in the word}.

16~~Not having followed as an authority . . .
'skillfully invented'/'cunningly devised' fables,
when we made known unto you the omnipotence {inherent power} and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ {2nd advent} . . .
having become eyewitnesses of His magnificence/glory.

{Note: Matthew 16:28 through 17:3 - Peter, James and John saw Christ in His resurrected body.}

17~~For He received
from the immediate source of God the Father . . .
highest honor and glory . . .
when there came a Voice
having been carried to Him from the majestic glory,
"This keeps on being My beloved Son . . . in Whom I am well pleased."

{Note: Little humor here . . . Peter did not finish the quote from God nor was it necessary for him to do so here! The rest just was God telling Peter to shut HIS mouth and LISTEN to Jesus! Peter has advanced tremendously by the time of the writing of this epistle!}

18~~And this Voice {God the Father}
which came from heaven,
we {Peter, James and John} heard
when we were with Him
on the holy mount {the Mount of Transfiguration}.

{The Bible is MORE real then Experience - Ties in with Revelation 2:28}
19~~We keep on having and holding {echo}
a more reliable/more certain word/doctrine of prophecy . . .
regarding which you keep on doing honorably . . .
'by taking heed'/'by having and holding'
in a face to face teaching situation {prosecho}
(as unto a light that shines in a dark place,
until the day dawn {light shining through},
and the light bearing body/'day star' {Jesus} shall arise)
in your right lobes {frame of reference}.

{Note: 'Echo' here refers to doctrine IN THE BIBLE. 'Prosecho' (Pros-echo) is doctrine taught to you and 'in your right lobe' means it has been transferred to your soul. Therefore this is the doctrine of
GAP . . . with 3 analogies to the doctrine of the 2nd Advent of Christ in parenthesis. The main sentence is, " We keep on having and holding a more reliable/more certain word/doctrine of prophecy . . . regarding which you keep on doing honorably . . . by taking heed/by having and holding in a face to face teaching situation . . . in your right lobes {heart}".}

{Note: From the previous verses, in context here, Peter is using the prophecy of the 2nd advent of Christ as an illustration. He personally SAW Christ in His resurrected body, but it is MORE real because the Bible told him it WOULD occur - many Old Testament and New Testament references. This parenthesis holds 3 analogies to the 2nd Advent of Christ: 1) "as unto a light that shines in a dark place" is the coming of the Lord, the darkness being the earth in the Tribulation - minus the Church and minus the 'restrainer' - God the Holy Spirit. 2)"until the day dawn" - means until the light shines through literally - Christ will return when the earth is in complete darkness - same as when He was bearing our sins on the cross. The new day is the millennial reign of Jesus Christ. 3) "and the light bearing body/'day star' shall arise" This is the 'Shining Light' resurrected body of the Lord Jesus Christ and the 'day star arises' is a reference again to a title for Christ's return in Zechariah for example.}

{Note: Just as Jesus modeled the prototype life in His hypostatic union, He also modeled His resurrection body to Peter, James and John on the Mount of Transfiguration. This body demonstrated the translucent shining covering that winner believers will earn in time per Revelation Chapter 2:28 and surrounding {Matthew 17:1-2 In fact His face shoned like the sun and His clothes white like light .}

{The Source of our Absolute Criterion - verses 20-21- Negatively stated here}
20~~Knowing this first {from the experience of study} . . .
that no prophecy of the scripture
originates from one's own explanations/ideas.

{Note: The Word originates from God, not from a human author. You can NOT manipulate the Bible to what YOU want it to say!}

{The Source of our Absolute Criterion - verses 20-21- Positively stated here}
21~~For the prophecy {eschatology - 2nd Advent in view}
was not {picked up and} carried in old times {Old Testament}
by the purpose/design/will of man . . .
but . . . holy men
from the ultimate source of God {God the Father}
communicated {communicated the Mind of Christ in writing}
as they were 'carried along'/moved
under the authority of the Holy Spirit.

{Note: Doctrine of the inspiration of the Word. Inspiration is not really the right word though. This is a 'breathing process'. " All scripture is God BREATHED. He exhales. We inhale it in {study under a prepared pastor/teacher. And we exhale it out in applying doctrine to experience. And, because the Word is the Mind of Christ, all members of the Godhead are in view in this doctrine.} 


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