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Chapter 03

1 For, behold, the Lord/ 'Adown . . .
Jehovah/God of the armies/hosts,
does take away from Jerusalem and from Judah
the stay and the staff,
the whole stay of bread,
and the whole stay of water.

2 The mighty man,
and the man of war,
the judge,
and the prophet,
and the prudent,
and the ancient, 3
the captain of fifty,
and the honorable man,
and the counselor,
and the cunning artificer,
and the eloquent orator.

4 And I will give children to be their princes,
and babes shall rule over them.

5 And the people shall be oppressed,
every one by another,
and every one by his neighbor.

The child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient,
and the base against the honorable.

6 When a man shall take hold of his brother
of the house of his father, saying,
"You have clothing,
you be our ruler,
and let this ruin be under your hand."

7 In that day,
he shall swear, saying,
"I will not be an healer . . .
for in my house is neither bread nor clothing.

Make me not a ruler of the people."

8 For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen . . .
because their tongue
and their doings
are against Jehovah/God . . .
to provoke the eyes of His glory.

9 The show of their countenance does witness against them.

And they declare their sin as Sodom,
they hide it not.

Woe unto their soul!

For they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

10 Say you to the righteous,
that it shall be well with him . . .
for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.

11 Woe unto the wicked!

It shall be ill with him . . .
for the reward of his hands shall be given him.

12 As for My people . . .
children are their oppressors,
and women rule over them.

O My people,
they which lead you cause you to err,
and destroy the Way of your paths.

13 Jehovah/God stands up to plead, and stands to judge the people.

14 Jehovah/God will enter into judgment
with the ancients of His people,
and the princes thereof . . .
for you have eaten up the vineyard . . .
the spoil of the poor is in your houses.

15`` What do you mean
that you beat My people to pieces,
and grind the faces of the poor?"
said the Lord/ 'Adonay . . .
God/Jehovah of the armies/hosts.

16~~Moreover Jehovah/God said,
"Because the daughters of Zion are proud
  {filled with mental attitude sins},
and walk with their heads held high,
and have seductive eyes,
and walk with short sexy steps,
and tinkle their dangles on their feet.

 17~~Therefore the Lord/'Adonay will afflict
the scalp of daughters of Zion
  {scabs on that head held high},
and Jehovah/God will make their forest fall.
  {lose their hair}

18~~ In that day
  {the day of disaster}
the Lord/'Adonay will take away the beauty of their anklets,
and their headbands,
and their crescent jewelry, 19~~
the dangling earrings,
and the bracelets,
veils, 20~~
and ankle chains,
perfume boxes,
amulets, 21~~
nose-rings, 22~
coats, 23~~
money purses,
hand mirrors,
and veils.

24~~ And it shall come to pass,
that instead of sweet perfume,
there will be a putrid stench/odor;
instead of a beautiful girdle . . . a rope;
instead of well set hair . . . baldness;
instead of beautiful clothes . . . sackcloth;
and instead of beauty . . . branded {as slaves}.

25~~Your men will die by the sword {in battle},
and your heroes will be killed in combat.

26~~Therefore, the gates of your city
will be filled with screaming {from rape}
and mourning {from loss of loved ones};
and deserted, she {the city}
will fall to the ground.