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Chapter 08

1 Moreover Jehovah/God said unto me,
"Take you a great roll,
and write in it with a man's pen concerning
'Swift is Booty . . . Speedy is Prey'/
'Maher Shalal Chash Baz'
  {Maher Shalal Chash Baz -swift is booty, speedy is prey" - symbolic
  name given by Isaiah by the Lord's direction to Isaiah's son -
  prophetic indication that Damascus and Samaria were soon to be
  plundered by the king of Assyria}.

2 And I took unto me faithful witnesses to record,
Uriah the priest,
  {'Uwriyah - name means 'Jehovah is my light'}
and Zechariah,
  {Z@karyah - name means 'Jehovah remembers'}
the son of Jeberechiah
  {Y@berekyahuw - name means 'Jehovah blesses'}.

3-4 And I 'drew near' unto the prophetess
and she conceived, and bare a son.

Then said Jehovah/God to me,
"Call his name
'Swift is Booty . . . Speedy is Prey'/
'Maher Shalal Chash Baz' . . . 4
for before the child shall have knowledge to cry,
'my father, and my mother,'
the riches of Damascus
and the spoil of Samaria
shall be taken away before the king of Assyria."

5 Jehovah/God spoke also unto me again, saying, 6
"Forasmuch as this people refuses
the waters of Shiloah that go softly/gently,
and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah's son . . . 7``
now therefore,
behold, the Lord/'Adonay brings up upon them
the waters of the river . . . strong and many,
  {the rushing waters of a river is an analogy to the sound
  of an army marching}
even the king of Assyria, and all his glory.

And he shall come up over all his channels,
and go over all his banks.

8 And he shall pass through Judah.

He shall overflow and go over.

He shall reach even to the neck.

And the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land,
O Immanuel . . . God/'El.
  {`Immanuw'el 'el - Immanuel means 'God with us'
   (the following 'el is in the Hebrew)}

9 'Be wicked'
  {ra`a` - imperative mood - a command},

O you people,
and you shall be shattered/'broken in pieces'.

And give ear yourself . . . all you of far countries.

'Receive equipping/girding/clothing yourselves for war'
  {'azar - Hithpael passive reflexive stem}
and you shall be shattered/'broken in pieces'.

'Receive equipping/girding/clothing yourselves for war'
  {'azar - Hithpael passive reflexive stem}
and you shall be shattered/'broken in pieces'.

10 Take counsel together, and it shall come to nothing.

Speak the word . . . and it shall not stand . . .
for 'El/God is with us.

11 For Jehovah/God spoke thus to me with a strong hand,
and instructed me
that I should not Walk in the Way of this people, saying, 12
"Say you not, A conspiracy/treason/alliance,
to all them to whom this people
shall say, A conspiracy/treason/alliance.

Neither fear you their fear . . . nor be afraid. 13

Keep on causing the set-apartness/holiness/sanctification
  {qadash - Hiphil causative stem, imperfect tense}
of Jehovah/God of the armies/hosts Himself;
and let Him be your fear,
and let Him be your dread."

14a~~"Therefore, He
  {Jesus Christ at His 1st Advent}
shall become a Tabernacle/sanctuary
  {to the believer in Him, He is a Tabernacle/sanctuary}."

{Note: Jesus Christ is our 'Tabernacle'. He 'tabernacled' for a while with us on earth in the 1st Advent. Now, He 'tabernacles' in Church Age believers forever. 'Tabernacle' is a running joke on Satan throughout the bible - see Revelation.}

14b~~"But a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence
  {to unbelievers - this is what Jesus Christ is to them}
to both houses of Israel . . .
  {Northern and Southern Kingdoms}
both a snare and a trap . . .
to the inhabitants of Jerusalem."

{Note: This was quoted in part by Paul in Romans 9:33.}

15 "And many among them shall stumble and fall and be broken,
and be snared and be taken. 16

Bind up the testimony.

Seal the law among My 'learned ones' {limmuwd}. 17

And I will 'wait with confidence and desire' {chakah}
upon Jehovah/God . . .
Who hid His face from the house of Jacob . . .
and I will look for Him. 18

Behold, I and the children whom Jehovah/God has given me
are for signs and for wonders in Israel
from Jehovah/God of the armies/hosts,
who dwells on mount Zion. 19

And when they shall say unto you,
'Seek unto them who 'are necromancers'/'have familiar spirits'
  {'owb - masculine noun with a feminine ending -
  this particular ventriloquist demon always enters a woman},
and unto the 'male mediums'/wizards/'demon possessed men'
  {yidd@`oniy - the male medium - the compliment to the female
who 'intensively chirp/peep'
  {tsaphaph Pilpel intensive form},
and who are caused to be moaning and groaning . . ."
  {hagah - Hiphil causative stem participle}

Should not a people keep on enquiring
unto their 'Elohiym/Godhead (?) . . .
the alive . . . the dying? 20

To the law and to the testimony?

If they speak not
according to this Word/'doctrinal communication' {dabar},
because . . . no Light {shachar}. 21

And they shall pass through it,
being ill-treated {qashah} and hungry.

And it shall come to pass,
that when they shall be hungry,
they 'shall anger themselves'/
'place themselves into a rage' {qatsaph},
and curse their king
and their 'Elohiym/Godhead,
and look upward. 22

And they shall look unto the earth
and behold trouble/Tribulation {tsarah}
and darkness {chashekah},
dimness/gloom {ma`uwph}
of anguish/pressure/distress {tsowq}.

And they shall be banished/'thrust-out' {nadach}
to darkness/gloominess/calamity {'aphelah}."