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Chapter 59
{Suffering from National Disaster}
1a~~Behold, Jehovah/God's hand is not shortened,
that it cannot cause to deliver {yasha`}.

{Note: Yasha` means both deliverance and salvation. Here it is referring to deliverance from national disaster. The cause of national disaster is the rejection of God and His Word. Nothing could stop God from delivering His people if He decided to do so.}

1b~~Neither . . . {is} His ear deaf . . . that it cannot hear.
  {idiom: literally a 'heavy ear' - means He always hears our

2~~But your 'punishment for sins'/iniquities {`avon}
have separated you and your God.

And, for your sins, He has hid His face from you,
that He will not hear.

{Note: We will see that iniquities are mainly mental attitude sins. Temporarily alcohol and dope can knock out your norms and standards, but mental attitude sins do it permanently (unless rebounded).}

3a~~For 'there is violence in the land'
  {idiom: literally 'your hands are defiled with blood'},
and your fingers with 'punishment for sin'/iniquity {`avon}.

{Note: When your norms and standards breakdown, then overt sins are seen - murder, disrespect for authority, etc.}

3b~~Your lips have spoken lies,
your tongue has muttered perverseness.

{Note: Also, when your norms and standards breakdown, then the 'sins of the tongue' are seen - gossip, maligning, slander, judging etc.}

4a~~None called for justice, nor any pleads for truth.

{Note: Break-down in law and order. No objectivity in law.}

4b~~They trust in vanity {subjectivity},
and speak lies.

{Note: The 'end justifies the means' type thing. They are subjective and will lie in court if they feel the ends are 'good'. Result is no one can rely on the legal system - and anarchy will result.}

4c~~'They conceive mischief'/'They are troublemakers',
and bring forth 'punishment for sin'/iniquity {`avon}.

{Analogies for the Troublemakers}
5a~~They hatch "spitting cobra's"/'spitting cobra'/
cockatrice's {tsepha`} eggs,
and weave the spider's web.

{Note: So the underlying sins of above are the mental attitude sins - arrogance, maligning, judging, jealously, envy, etc. And these sins hatch other sins eventually poisoning themselves and everyone around them. Next, as you gossip you build up a web. Those who believe what you say are caught up in your web just like a dumb fly.}

5b~~He who eats of their eggs dies.

{Note: Analogy to mental attitude sins leading to the sin unto death (if not rebounded).}

5c~~And that which is hatched
breaks out into a viper.

6~~Their webs shall not become garments,
neither shall they cover themselves with their works.

Their works are works of 'punishment for sin'/iniquity {`avon},
and the act of violence is in their hands.

{Note: So while these people are maligning people, they may be doing what other people consider to be 'good deeds'. In reality, they are really instigating violence, public unrest, and maybe even revolution.}

7a~~Their feet continually 'rush headlong blindly' {ruwts}
into evil.

7b~~They 'make haste'/rush
to shed innocent blood.
  {mob violence - temporary madness on a national scale}

7c~~Their thoughts are the thoughts
of 'punishment for sin'/iniquity {`avon}.

{Note: So now we come to the source of their problems - mental attitude sins. And, in the case of a nation, when the norms and standards of a country lack divine viewpoint, then it will decline. Anarchy and revolution will ultimately result.}

  {shod - here on a personal basis - personal destruction}
and destruction
  {sheber - here it is collective and on a national basis - 5th cycle of
are in their Ways.

8a~~They do not know the 'Way of Peace'.

{Note: There are three 'Ways of Peace'. First and most importantly, mankind is at 'war' with God at the point of the fall of Adam. The only reconciliation comes from the Work of Jesus Christ at the cross. So, 'salvation' is the first Way of Peace. Unbelievers can not know this Way of Peace. Secondly, is the proper use of 'law' and 'law enforcement'. That way the maximum numbers of people have their peace and freedom to live their own lives. Thirdly, is the proper use of a strong military. The military guarantees the peace in any generation of a nation.}

8b~~And there is no justice in their tracks.
  {destruction in objective law}

8c~~They have made them crooked paths.

8d Whoever goes on them, shall not know peace/prosperity.
  {national misery caused by lack of divine viewpoint in a national

9a~~Therefore is judgment far from us,
neither does justice overtake us.

9b~~We 'trust' {qavah} for light . . .
but behold obscurity . . .
for brightness . . .
but we Walk in darkness.

{Note: Qavah is the strongest Hebrew word for trust. Walking in darkness is basically not applying divine viewpoint to your experiences. Unbelievers have no 'divine viewpoint'. Believers who do not study the Word, never gained divine viewpoint. Believers who did study the Word, but then backslide (reversion) begin again to operate on their own viewpoint. All of these Walk in Darkness.}

10a~~We grope along the wall . . .
like the blind,
and we grope
as if we had no eyes.

{Note: Blind people travel through the city by touching the walls. That is how people without divine viewpoint Walk through life (or stumble through it as the Word says next).}

10b~~We stumble at noon day as in the night.

10c~~We are in desolate places as dead people.
  {lack of divine viewpoint destroys individuals and can destroy the
   national entity}

11a~~We roar all like bears,
and mourn sore like doves.

{Note: Bears make a lot of noise. So you have the screaming angry types and the crybaby types (why me??). Neither action is supported by divine viewpoint of the Word.}

11b~~We look for justice . . .
but there is none . . .
for deliverance . . .
but it is far off from us.
  {situation is becoming increasingly hopeless - and yet no one
   knows enough to turn to the Lord!}

12a~~For our transgressions are multiplied before You,
and our sins testify against us . . .
for our transgressions are with us.

12b~~And as for our 'punishment for sins'/iniquities {`avon} . . .
we know them.

13~~Transgressions and denying Jehovah/God,
and departing away from our 'Elohiym/Godhead,
speaking oppression and revolt/revolution,
conceiving and uttering from the heart/'right lobe'
lying words/'doctrinal communications' {dabar}.

14~~And justice {mishpat}
is turned away backward,
and righteousness {ts@daqah}
stands afar off . . .
because Truth/Doctrine {'emeth}
is fallen in the street,
and fairness {n@kochah}
cannot enter.
  {excrement falls on the streets in this day. Doctrine is treated
   as if it were dung is the point}

15a~~Yes, Truth/Doctrine {'emeth}
'has been left behind or neglected' {`adar}.

15b~~And he who avoids evil
makes himself an outlaw.
  {people operating on their own viewpoint - HATE those who utilize
   divine viewpoint - it is so foreign to their thinking they try to make
  it even against the law}

15c~~And Jehovah/God saw it,
and it displeased Him
that there was no judgment.

16 And He saw that there was no man,
and wondered that there was no intercessor.

Therefore His arm brought deliverance unto him.

And His righteousness, it sustained him.

17 For He put on righteousness as a breastplate,
and an helmet of deliverance/salvation upon his head.

And he put on the garments of vengeance for clothing
and was clad with zeal as a cloak.

18~~According to their deeds,
accordingly He will repay . . .
fury to his adversaries,
recompense to his enemies . . .
to the gentiles He will repay recompense.

19a~~So shall they fear
the name of Jehovah/God from the west,
and His glory from the rising of the sun {east}.

{Note: Historically, in Palestine, the invasion from the West has been the Egyptians and from the East the Assyrians. Here we have hope. If the people in the land return to God and His Word in time, then there can be national recovery.}

{God Pushes on the National Enemy When Nation Going Out}
19b~~When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
  {invasion of the Assyrians under Sennacherib}
the wind {ruwach} from Jehovah/God drives them on.

{Note: The Wind of the Lord will push the enemy right along like a big wind storm (unstoppable). The next verse indicates this intense situation will cause the people to turn back to the Lord!}

{Deliverer - Jesus Christ}
20~~And the 'One Who always does the Redeeming'
shall come to Zion {to deliver},
and unto those who 'turn from transgression'
  {who these people are is answered in Isaiah 37:31 - The Remnant}
in Jacob, said Jehovah/God.

{Note: The near prophecy of this was one year away. In one year, Jesus Christ would come and destroy the army of Sennacherib. The far prophecy is the 2nd Advent of Christ.}

21~~As for Me {God the Father},
My covenant is with them, said Jehovah/God.
  {'them' refers to those with divine viewpoint in their souls - an ECS}

"My spirit that is upon you {Isaiah},
and My words/'doctrinal communications' {dabar}
which I have put in your mouth {message of Isaiah},
shall not depart out of your mouth,
nor out of the mouth of your seed,
  {Isaiah's seed are those who respond in his bible class}
nor out of the mouth of your seed's seed,"
  {means there will always be a remnant of doctrinal believers}
said Jehovah/God . . .
from henceforth and forever.