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Chapter 65

{Verses 1-2: Just Prior to 2nd Advent - Period of Evangelism.
1`` "I am 'sought of'/'responded to' them
that ask not for Me
I was at hand
to those who did not seek Me.

I said, "Here I am, here I am,"
to a nation that did not invoke My name.

{Note: Basically this verse is saying that the good news of Jesus Christ will be preached throughout the world during the Tribulation. This is the ministry of the 144,000 Jews.}

2``I constantly spread out my hands
to a disloyal people,
who walk the way that is not good,
following their own designs.
  {human viewpoint thinking resulting in human viewpoint
  production - Only Divine thinking and Divine production
  has value in the eyes of God}

{Note: 'I have spread out my hands' is in the piel stem, which is very intensive, and it means I have spread out my hands with an invitation of salvation "who walked in a way not good" is 'salvation by works'. Any production done outside the framework of God's plan (under the filling of the Holy Spirit in the Church Age) is wood, hay and stubble.}

3'' The people who provoke My anger,
Who, continually, to My very face,
Sacrifice in gardens and burn incense
on tiles/'altars of bricks'.

{Note: Now Isaiah starts to describe Israel prior to the 2nd Advent - the unbelievers. "A people that provoked me to anger continually" is to show that the coming of God the Son the second time is - as always - grace. 'Sacrificing in gardens' refers to the idolatrous practices of the heathen - "burning incense upon altars of bricks" - again this has to do with heathenish practices. "Incense" is the smell of sacrificed flesh. It is also used for human sacrifice and that could be in view here.}

4``Who sit inside tombs
And pass the night in secret places
  {heathen temples};
Who eat the flesh of swine
  {contrary to the Mosaic law},
With broth of unclean things in their bowls
  {a drink which is poured our partially upon the altar to the god and
  partially drunk}.

5``Who say, "Keep your distance!
Don't come closer!
For I am holier than you."
  {others are self-righteous about those practicing idolatry}
Such things 'make My anger rage'.
  {idiom literally 'are smoke in my nose'}

6``Like fire blazing all day long.
See, this is recorded before Me;
I will not stand idly by, but will repay,
Deliver their sins into their bosom.

{Note: God will not lose any of them in the shuffle of judgement; they are going to pay for it.}

7``And the sins of their fathers as well,
said Jehovah/God . . .
who have burned incense upon the mountains,
and blasphemed Me upon the hills.
Therefore I will measure their former work
in their own bosom."

{Note: In other words/'doctrinal communications' {dabar}, they have rejected Christ, they stand on their own works and their own works will be the basis of condemnation. This is identical to the phrase found in Revelation chapter 20:12-13 - "according to their works." The sins of the unbeliever are never mentioned at the last judgement.}

{Verse 8: Preservation of Believers}
8``Thus said Jehovah/God,
as when new wine is present in the cluster,
and one says, "Don't destroy it,
there is good/blessing in it."
So will I do for My servants' sakes,
that I may not destroy them all."

{Note: In other words, there will be no destruction of the believer, they will be preserved.}

{Verse 9: Only Regenerate of Israel will Inherit the Unconditional
9``And I will bring forth a seed/offspring
  {the regenerate seed}
out of Jacob,
and out of Judah
an inheritor of My mountains.

{Note: Believers will be heirs of God. This verse is a statement of the fulfillment of the four unconditional covenants to Israel. But not all Israel is Israel.}

{Verses 10-25: Millennial Reign of Christ}
{Verse 10: Blessing in the Land}
10``And Sharon shall become a pasture for flocks.
And the Valley of Achor/Achan . . .
a place for cattle to lie down,
For My people who seek Me.

{Note: The valley of Achan is where they took Achan out and stoned him; it is the valley of the curse - Joshua 7:26. The valley was under a curse and no herds were ever sent there. But in the Millennium it will be a beautiful valley again.}

{Verses 11-12: Removal of Unbelievers}
11-12``But as for you who forsake Jehovah/God . . .
Who ignore My holy mountain . . .
Who set a table for Gad . . .
  {Babylonian god of fortune}
they furnish drink offering unto Meni.
  {M@niy - goddess of fortune; also means 'number'}

{Note: In other words, when the crisis comes the unbeliever can only think in terms that he hopes he makes it, he hope he has some luck. They are trying to store up luck for the problems ahead.}

12``I will 'number'/'destine' {manah}
you for the sword!
You will all kneel down, to be slaughtered -
Because, when I called, you did not answer,
When I spoke, you would not listen.
You did what I hold evil,
And chose what I do not want.

13``Assuredly, thus said the Lord/'Adonay God/Jehovah,
"Behold, My servants shall eat,
but you shall be hungry
  {this is in time of crisis}
My servants shall drink,
but you shall be thirsty.
Behold, My servants shall rejoice,
but you shall be ashamed."

{Note: A perfect illustration of this was Daniel who ate at the king's table. Unbelieving Jews starved.}

{Contrast in the Attitude in Judgement}
14`` "Behold, My servants shall sing for joy of the 'right lobe'/heart,
  {the believer in the midst of the great difficulties of life shall sing}
but you shall cry in anguish of the 'right lobe'/heart"
and howl in heartbreak/'vexation of spirit'.

{Note: They are terribly upset. Vexation of spirit means they are upset by nothing. When times get tough people get upset about nothing.}

{Curse of Judgement at the 2nd Advent and also with
  Nebuchadnezzar's Arrival}
15``And you shall leave behind a name
by which My chosen ones shall curse,
and the Lord/'Adonay God/Jehovah shall slay You;
and He shall call His servants by another name.

{Note: This does not anticipate the Church Age, it simply means that the servants of the Jehovah/God who are Jews will be called by other names. Illustration: Daniel chapter one.}

{Occupation with Christ Among Believers}
16'' "So that he who blesses himself in the earth
shall bless himself in the God of truth/faith/doctrine;
and he that swears in the earth
  {makes an oath or a promise}
shall make an oath by the God of truth/faith/doctrine;
because the former troubles are forgotten,
and because they are hid from My eyes."

{Note: In other words, we have the God of faith or the God of faithfulness and they are occupied with Him.}

{Eternal State - See also II Peter Chapter 3: 13 and surrounding and Revelation 21:1}
17~~For, behold, I {God}
create a new heavens
and a new earth . . .
and the former {earth}
shall not be remembered,
nor come into mind.

{Note: This means after the millennium the heaven and earth are destroyed and the former earth and all the 'human good'/works will be destroyed with the old universe and the new one is so great that the memory of the old one will be overwhelmed and forgotten!}

{Verses 18-19: Details with regard to the New Jerusalem}
18``Be glad, then and rejoice forever
in what I am creating.
For I shall create Jerusalem as a joy,
And her people as a delight.

{Note: This is actually the New Jerusalem of Eternity future - the satellite city - not the Jerusalem of the Millennium.}

19``And I will rejoice in Jerusalem
and delight in her people.
Never again shall be heard there
the sounds of weeping and wailing.

{Verse 20 - Population Explosion in the Millennium}
20``"No more shall there be an infant or graybeard
who does not live out his days.
He who dies at a hundred years
shall be reckoned a youth,
but the sinner/'wrong doer'
who fails to reach a hundred
shall be reckoned accursed."

{Note: This means that in the Millennium people will grow very old.}

{Verse 21 - Millennial prosperity}
21`` "And they shall build houses and inhabit them.
And they shall plant vineyards,
and eat the fruit of them."

{Note: At the time in which this was written they operated on the basis of the agricultural economy and the phrases found in this verse are prosperity under an agricultural economy.}

{Verse 22-24: Right of Private Property Continues in Millennium}
22`` "They shall not build for others to inhabit.
Nor shall they plant, for others to eat.
For as the days of My people shall be
as long as the days of a tree.
And My elect shall outlive/'wear out'
the work of their hands."

{Note: Each person will have a right to that which he earns. No unfair income tax!}

23``"They shall not labor in vain,
nor bring forth for calamity;
for they are the seed of the blessed of Jehovah/God,
and their offspring with them."

{Note: This means they will continue to enjoy the work of their own prosperity.}

{Verse 24 - Prayer in the Millennium}
24``"And it shall come to pass that,
before they call, I will answer.
And while they are yet speaking,
I will hear."

{Note: All prayer will be answered no later than when you are uttering it in the Millennium.}

{Verse 25 - Animals in the Millennium}
25``"The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,
and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
And dust shall be the serpent's meat.
In all My sacred mount
nothing evil or vile shall be done."
said Jehovah/God.

{Note: This last part means there will be no venomous serpents. No animals will be dangerous in the Millennium.}