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Genesis was probably written by Moses. It starts out explaining the restoration of the planet Earth for man's habitat. The Hebrew words for making, creating, restoring, etc. are very important to the understanding of this book, so they will be listed here:

1) bara' - means to create something out of nothing. So is a true beginning. See Genesis 1:1.

2) 'asah - means to construct or manufacture something out of something else. See Genesis 1:25.

3) yatsar - means to form or design.

4) banah' - which means to be built or constructed.

Chapter 1
1~~In the beginning which was not a beginning {eternity past},
Elohiym/Godhead created out of nothing {bara'}
the heavens
  {1st -earth to space; 2nd space to heaven; 3rd heaven itself}
and the planet earth.

{Note: Elohiym is the Hebrew word meaning Gods. It refers to the Godhead - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.}

{Icepack covered in Darkness - then Heat from God}
2~~ But the planet earth had become desolate and empty,
and darkness was over the raging waters
  {how the ice pack was formed};
but the Spirit of God {God the Holy Spirit}
radiated heat on the face/surface of the frozen waters.

{Concentrated light to Keep it stable as water}
3~~ And Elohiym/Godhead said,
"Light . . . BE";
and light . . . WAS.

4~~And Elohiym/Godhead saw that the light . . . {was} good;
then Elohiym/Godhead caused to separate between the light
and between the darkness.

5~~Consequently, Elohiym/Godhead called the light . . . Day,
but the darkness He called . . . Night.
So it became 'getting darker' {evening - rotated on its axis}
and it became 'getting lighter' {dawn}.

Day one.

{Note: This means the earth was rotating, once every 24 hours.}

{Atmosphere was divided from water that was above atmosphere Split it up}
6~~Then Elohiym/Godhead said,
"Atmosphere . . . be in the middle of the waters.
And, become a cause of the dividing
between the waters and the waters
  {between heavenly waters and surface waters}."

7~~Then Elohiym/Godhead manufactured the atmosphere,
and caused to separate between the waters under the atmosphere
  {surface waters}
and the water over the atmosphere {heavenly waters}.
And so it came to pass as previously described.

8~~Therefore, Elohiym/Godhead called the atmosphere . . . heavens.
So it became 'getting darker' {evening }
and it became 'getting lighter' {dawn}.

Day two.

{Verses 9-13: The Third Day of Restoration of the Earth}
9~~ Then Elohiym/Godhead said {a command},
"Waters {surface waters} below the heaven/atmosphere,
be assembled into one place/boundaries
  {God designed boundaries for the bodies of waters and they stay in
  their place},
and {NOW} dry land be seen."

And so it came to pass as described.

10~~And Elohiym/Godhead {all Three agreed}
called the dry ground . . . land/earth.
And the 'gathered waters'/ 'one place waters'
He called . . . oceans/seas/rivers.
Therefore Elohiym/Godhead saw . . . {that it was} good.

{Note: Why good? Because it came from His hand. Perfect environment was made for man BEFORE He made man. God also provided everything YOU will ever need in eternity past!}

11~~ And Elohiym/Godhead said,
"Dry land cause to sprout vegetation:
plant life producing seed . . .
the fruit tree producing fruit according to its own species . . .
whose seed within it . . . on the earth."
And it came to pass as was described.

12~~And so the earth caused to spring up vegetation . . .
plant life causing to produce seed according to its own species . . .
also the tree producing fruit
whose seed within it, according to its own species.
Therefore, Elohiym/Godhead saw . . . {that it was} good.

13~~And it became 'getting darker' {evening}
and it became 'getting lighter' {dawn}.

Day three.

{Creation of Our Solar System - One Star/Sun - 6 purposes}
14~~ And Elohiym/Godhead said {decreed},
"Light bearers/containers {ma'owr - our solar system} . . .
BE in the expanse of the heavens . . .
{1} to cause to divide between the day and between the night, also {2} to become for signs {discerning of times} and
{3} for seasons {year divided by weather changes -
  winter, spring, summer, fall} and
{4} for days {rotation of earth around its axis is one day} and
{5} for years {revolution of the earth around the sun one time is a year}.

{Note: Ma'owr is the Hebrew word for being a bearer of light. The Sun was created by God when He said Light . . . Be; and Light . . . Was! Our solar system is unique in that there is only one star in our solar system. It includes our one star (light for the day} . . . the planets, satellites (moons), comets, and asteroids in our solar system and the previously created stars in other solar systems (light for the night).}

15~~And let them become for light bearers/containers
in the expanse of the heaven
to cause to {6} give light on the earth.
And it came to pass as was described.

{Sun (Celestial Bodies} and Planets (Terrestrial Bodies) - Two Categories}
16~~And Elohiym/Godhead {God the Son this time}
constructed the two great categories of light bearers/containers; namely the greater light {sun} . . . for the dominion of the day,
and both the lesser lights {planets of our solar system}
and the 'already existing stars' . . . for the dominion of the night.

17~~And Elohiym/Godhead {God the Son} gave them
to the expanse/space of the heaven
to give light upon the earth.

18~~And to rule in the day and in the night,
and to cause to divide between the light and the darkness.
and Elohiym/Godhead saw that it {provision of light} was good.

19~~ And it became 'getting darker' {evening}
and it became 'getting lighter' {dawn}.

Day four.

20~~ And Elohiym/Godhead said/decreed,
"The waters BE PROLIFIC with aquatic life . . .
living beings . . .
and birds . . . FLY . . . above the earth
in the face of the atmosphere of the heavens {first heaven}."

21~~ Then Elohiym/Godhead created out of nothing {bara'}
'giant whales'/'great sea monsters' {water mammals}
  {'old whales'-extinct today; whale bone (blue) whales; tooth
  whales - sperm whales, porpoises, dolphins, etc.},
and every living creature moving,
with which the waters abounded/swarmed
according to their own species,
and every bird with wings according to their own species.
And Elohiym/Godhead saw that it was good.

22~~And Elohiym/Godhead blessed them {with happiness},
saying, "Procreate and multiply,
and {giant whales} saturate the waters
in the oceans/seas {with their own kind},
and the birds multiply in/over the planet earth."

{Note: God's blessing for animal life is sex. You can be stupid and enjoy sex. And, you do not need a soul to enjoy sex. But in contrast, for mankind, there must be soul involvement for sex to be truly enjoyable - otherwise you are just operating from the flesh and are nothing more than an animal.}

23~~And the 'getting darker' {evening}
and the 'getting lighter' {morning}.

Day five.

24~~And Elohiym/Godhead said/decreed,
"The earth . . . cause to spring up
the living animals {land animals}
according to its own species,
cattle {tame animals},
and creeping thing {land snakes, insects and worms},
and beasts of the land {wild animals} according to its own species.
And it came to pass as was described.

25~~ And Elohiym/Godhead constructed
  {'asah - something out of something}
the wild animals of the land according to its own species,
and the cattle according to its own species,
and every thing that creeps on the ground according to its own species. And, Elohiym/Godhead saw that it was good
  {whatever God provides is perfect}.

26~~ And Elohiym/Godhead {All agreed} said/decreed,
"Let Us manufacture {'asah - something out of something}
{man's personality/soul is being created here}
mankind {human race} in Our shadow image {tselem - real but invisible essence - all the same} - after Our pattern/likeness
  {d@muwth - personality that comes out of that essence - each
And they shall rule over the fish of the sea,
and over the birds of the heavens,
and over the cattle {domesticated animals}
and over all the earth,
and over every creeping thing {reptiles and insects}
that creeps/glides on the earth.

{Note: The invisible essence of God is in view here -
'I am' - self-awareness;
'I ought' - moral reasoning power (knows right from wrong);
and 'I will' - free will.}

27~~ So Elohiym/Godhead created
  {bara' - something out of nothing - man's soul}
the Adam/man {the first man} in His Own shadow image -
in the image of Elohiym/Godhead . . .
He created {bara'} him {singular - Adam only}.
Male and female {both Adam and Eve's souls}
  {right man/ right woman in soul only},
He created {bara'} them {plural}.

{Note: Only the male body was created at this point. The female body was created later, but her soul was created at this point and stored in Adam's body. God created the doctrine of right man with right woman in the SOUL at this point also.}

28~~And Elohiym/Godhead blessed them abundantly,
therefore Elohiym/Godhead said to them {a command},
"Procreate {originally sex was only recreation}
and multiply {activated after the fall},
and saturate/fill the earth,
and subdue/dominate it;
and 'have dominion'/rule over the fish of the sea,
and over the fowl of the air,
and over every living creature that moves/glides upon the planet earth."

{Note: If you have your right man/woman, God will bless you in this even if you are a failure in everything else you do. And, this also applies to unbelievers.}

{Food for Mankind - First Food in the Garden}
29~~And Elohiym/Godhead said/decreed,
"Behold, I have given to you
every 'plant life' scattering/producing seed {to procreate},
which is upon the surface of all the land,
and every tree which in it is the fruit
of a tree yielding seed . . .
to you it shall be for food."

{Note: All creatures originally graminivorous - they did not eat meat. After the fall, creatures became carnivorous.}

30~~"And to every beast {wild animals} of the land,
and to every bird of the heavens,
and to every thing that creeps/glides {snakes and insects} on the land, which in it . . . life . . .
I have given every green plant for food."
And it came to pass as was described.

31~~ And Elohiym/Godhead saw all
that He had constructed {'asah - make something out of something},
and behold, it was very good.
And the 'getting darker' {evening}
and the 'getting lighter' {morning}.

The sixth day
  {different syntax this time - don't know why!}.


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