I Corinthians

Chapter 7
1-2a~~ Now concerning the things
whereof you wrote unto me,
it is good for a man
"to not kindle a fire"/"to not sexually excite"
a woman . . . 2a~~
  [me haptomai (present middle infinitive) gune]
through/"by means of" howbeit/moreover   [dia de]
fornication/"sex in conjuction with religion. [porneia]

2b~~Every man should have and hold his own woman/wife.
  [hekastos echo (present active imperative (an order)) gune]

2c~~And every woman should have
and hold her own husband/"noble man".
  [hekastos echo (present active imperative (an order)) aner]

3a~~Every man should give from the ultimate source of himself
  [apodidomi (present active imperative (an order))]
the wife/woman being owed benevolence/kindness,
  [gune opheilo (present active participle) eunoia]

3b~~And likewise/in the same way [kai homoios]
the woman's [gune] husband/"noble man" [aner]
[he should receive the "being owed kindness" from her].

[Note: He is hers and she is his. Paul will explain next that their bodies actually belong to the other after marriage. Of their free will, they gave themselves to each other. That was a covenant they made to each other in the sight of God and that makes it Holy. For more on sex and marriage, click here.]

4a~~The woman absolutely has not [ouk]
power of her own body,
  [exousiazo (present active infinitive) idios soma]
but, in contrast, [alla]
the man [has power over her body].

4b~~Howbeit/Moreover . . . likewise . . . also/and [de homoios kai]
the man absolutely has not power of his own body,
but, in contrast, the woman [has power over his body].

[Note: The believers in Christ who marry should do so understanding Divine Viewpoint. This is it. If they marry, their bodies belong to the other. The other has the "power" of their body. They do this of their own free will. In this verse, we express love in sex - both need each other for maximum sexual satisfaction.]

5a~~Do not "fraudently deprive"/"hold back"
  [apostereo (present active imperative (an order)) me]
from the ultimate source of yourself {of mental attitude love}
one to the other of the same kind.
  [allelon - (in marriage, you are one flesh)]

  [ei me ti (literally "if not this - and it is true)]
whatsoever it be by mutual/harmonious agreement
for a time [pros kairos (face to face with a period of time)]
for the purpose that [hina]
you may give yourselves to prayer.

[Note: Some translations have "fasting and prayer". Fasting means to "set aside those activities which are permitted - such as eating - to spend that additional time in prayer or other spiritual activity". It does NOT mean to skip a meal. As with the majority of the doctrine of the Bible, it is what you THINK that is important. The action will follow once the thought is "Divine Viewpoint".]

5c~~And may come together again
  [kai sunerchomai (present middle/passive subjunctive) epi autos
  (idiom for having marital intimate sexual relations)]
"for the purpose that"/"with the result that" [hina]
Satan may not tempt you not
through/"by means of" [dia] your "lack of self-control" [akrasia].

[Note: The couple must form an agreement . . . don't deprive your significant other of their desire to go to Church, to Bible study, or to pray, etc. Marriage becomes more wonderful in advancing years. And spiritual growth becomes more important than physical needs as you get older. The marriage should not interfere with spiritual growth. But the body also has needs. Paul just told us that your body belongs to your spouse. If you deny your spouse the enjoyment of your body, the forces of evil will tempt your spouse maybe to the point they can not resist. Remember in the Church Age there is no more difference between male and female spiritually for those who follow the doctrines of Jesus. So, this "activity" should be from the free will of each person.]

6-7a~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
I speak this by way of concession/indulgence [suggnome]
- I wish you all would do this but you all won't -
and absolutely not [ouk] by commandment . . . 7a~~
  [As an Apostle and a primary leader of the early Church
  Paul has been passing on commands from God to the
  congregation. The following is a "desire" of his not
  a command from God.]
for I "desire from my emotions"
  [gar thelo (present active indicative)]
that all mankind were even as I myself.

[Note: Paul mentioned that Satan used "sex outside of marriage" as a means to tempt believers to sin. Paul is saying that if everyone was single as he was . . . then this temptation would be removed and everyone could spend more time in fellowship and would have more time to exercise their spiritual gifts to bring more glory to God.]

7b~~But, in contrast, [alla]
every one has his own specific gift out from God . . .
  [hekastos echo idios charisma ek theos]
"that certainly/truly after this manner
 [idiom meaning one group to be single like Paul]
and that [other group] after "that manner".
  [idiom concludes meaning another group to be blessed in marriage]

8~~ I say therefore to the unmarried and widows
it is good for them if they abide even as I {stay single}.

9a~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
if - and it is true - [ei]
they absolutely cannot [ouk] control their own libido,
  [ouk egkrateuomai (present middle/passive indicative)]
let them marry.

9b~~For it is better to marry
than to burn {with sexual desire}.
  [e puroo (present passive infinitive)]

{In context that follows in 10-11, this is marriage between two believers}
10~~ And unto the married
- in the past with the result that they remain married -
I command you
  {under Paul's authority as an Apostle}
absolutely not [ouk] I,
but, in contrast, [alla]
the Lord {commands you}
let not the wife separate from her husband/"noble man".

11a~~Howbeit/Moreover and/also if [de kai ean]
she depart/"receive separation"
  [chorizo (aorist passive indicative)]
- maybe she will, maybe she will not -
let her remain unmarried
or be reconciled to her husband.

{Note: There are only a few reasons why a woman should separate from her husband. "Separate" here is in the passive voice. This means it is the actions of the husband that cause her to separate i.e. brutality, personal safety, etc.}

11b~~And, let not the husband/"noble man" [aner]
divorce/"to put away" his wife.

[Note: This continues the thought that the male caused the wife to leave by not truly being a "noble man". He did not follow the doctrine of Jesus that says for a husband to "love his wife as Christ loved the Church". Jesus was willing to give his life for the Church. That is a high standard to meet, but it is one that should be met if a man is going to take a woman in marriage.]

{Verses 12-16: Mixed Marriages (believer and unbeliever)}
12a~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
to the rest speak I absolutely not [ouk] the Lord
  {still Paul's commands, Jesus did not speak to the point}.

12b~~If any [ei tis - 1st class conditional if]
brother/"believer [in Christ]"
  [adelphos - relationship of believers in Christ in the Church Age]
has a wife that believes not
- and they do -
and she be contented to dwell with him,
do not "divorce her"/"leave her".
  [me aphiemi (present active imperative (an order)) autos]

[Note: Why? Because by her witness of his "living Christ" (living according to the doctrines of Jesus) she might come to believe also!]

13~~ And the wife/woman
who has an husband/"noble man" that believes not,
and he be contented to dwell with her,
do not "divorce him"/"leave him".
  [me aphiemi (present active imperative (an order)) autos]

14a~~ For the unbelieving husband
is sanctified/'set apart to God'
in/by/with the wife/woman. [en gune]

14b~~And the unbelieving wife
is sanctified/'set apart to God'
in/by/with the husband/"noble man". [en aner]

14c~~Else/"so then seeing that" [ara epei]
were your little children [teknon] unclean [akathartos]

14d~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
now they are sanctified/'set apart to God'. [hagios]

[Note: 'Sanctified' means 'set apart-ness'. The whole family can be blessed in time by God because of one believer in the family - this is an example of "grace by association".]

15a~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
if - and it is true - [ei - first class condition]
the unbelieving one departs, let him stay away.

15b~~A brother or a sister is absolutely not [ouk]
under bondage - with results that last forever
in such cases.
  {they are free from the marriage obligations}

15c~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
God has called us with results that last forever
in the sphere of peace/'inner happiness' [eirene].

16a~~For [gar] what know you, O wife,
with results that last forever . . .
"if and it is true"/whether [ei]
you shall save [sozo] [your] husband/"noble man" [aner]?

16b~~Or what know you, O husband/"noble man",
with results that last forever . . .
"if and it is true"/whether [ei]
you shall save [sozo] [your] wife/woman?

17a~~But if - and it is true - [ei me]
God has distributed to every one
as The Lord has called every one
with results that last forever . . .
  [kurios kaleo (perfect active indicative) hekastos]
so walk.
  [houto peripateo (present active imperative (an order))]

17b~~And so I myself ordain/"give order"
  [kai houto diatasso (present middle indicative)]
in/by/with all churches.
  [en pas ekklesia]



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