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I Corinthians

Corinth was the "Las Vegas" of the ancient world. It was the ultimate party town. Lots of travelers passed through it. It was also the center of the "Isthmus Games" which were similar to the Olympics.

The population was primarily Greek and heavily influenced by the teachings of Plato who taught that the body was basically evil and, once we pass on, we lose that evil body.

The concept of a resurrected body was denied by many Christians in Corinth who had the tendency to want to pick and choose in which doctrines they wanted to believe.

And, the last point of introduction is that in Corinth "the best of everything" was found in the Greek temples built to honor the so- called Greek gods. The best meat, the best drink, and the best sex was in the temples with the priests, priestesses, and even farm animals.

This is important background to have to understand what Paul was saying to the Church he founded in Corinth - and through this Epistle to all of us also.

Chapter 1
[Verses 1:2 - Salutation of the Letter/Epistle to the Corinthians]
1~~ Paul,
called/"divinely selected and appointed" . . . [kletos]
an apostle of Jesus Christ
through the instrumentality of/"by means of [dia]
the will of God [thelema Theos]
and [kai] . . . {with}
Sosthenes our brother, 2~~
unto the church of God which is
in/by/with [en] Corinth . . .
to them who
"receiving set-apartedness/sanctification
with the result that they are sanctified forever"
  [hagiazo - perfect passive participle]
in/by/with [en] Christ Jesus . . .
called/"divinely selected and appointed" . . . [kletos]
saints . . . [hagios]
with all, [sun pas]
in every place . . . [en pas topos]
calling upon themselves/invoking
  [epikaleomai - present middle participle]
the name of Jesus Christ . . .
our Lord . . .
both [te] theirs and ours.

[Note: Saul of Tarsus took, or maybe was given by Jesus, the name "Paul" because it means "little". It is his expression of humility. He understands what he is when compared with God. I said that maybe Jesus gave him this name since Jesus (the Rock of Ages) gave Simon the name "Peter" which means "little chip of rock" (Luke 6:14). In any case, Paul became more productive for Christ than the other Apostles (I Corinthians 15:10). Paul also was the human author of the vast majority of the epistles. Near his death, Peter commented that Paul's writings are deep and difficult (II Peter 3:16). But they also are so important to study to come to understand the "doctrines of Jesus" (Galatians 1:23) which Paul once ridiculed and persecuted those who had placed their faith in Jesus and His teachings.

Also mentioned in the salutation is Sosthenes. A man named Sosthenes is mentioned in Acts 18. It appears that Sosthenes was an antagonist of Paul who came to understand grace. If this is the same Sosthenes, then now he is has become a notable member of Paul's missionary team. That is the power of the grace of God. God takes the lowest of low and "through the power of the Spirit" brings glory to Himself through them. (Even though politically Saul/Paul was great, he came to understand that he actually was so low, he was the greatest of all sinners of all time (I Timothy 1:15).)]

3~~Grace to you [charis]
and peace/tranquility/'relaxed mental attitude' [eirene]
from the ultimate source of [apo]
God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ.

{Thanksgiving verses 4-9}
4~~ I keep on thanking my God always on your behalf
[for] upon [epi]
the grace of God
which is being given you . . .
  [didomi - aorist passive participle - a verb/participle of grace -
  we receive this first at many different points in time]
in/by/with [en] Christ Jesus.

[Note: In most translations "epi" is given the unusual translation of "for" here. And, while that would be a true statement (I am sure Paul does thank God for the grace He gives to the Cornthians) here I think the primary use of "epi" should be noted - which is "upon". That gives the mental picture of "God's Grace" pouring over them and that also is correct.]

5~~That [hoti]
in/by/with [en] all things
once and for all
you keep on receiving enrichment
  [ploutizo - aorist passive indicative]
in/by/with [en] Him
in/by/with [en] all speech
and . . . [in] all "knowledge by study or experience" [gnosis].

6~~ Even as/"according as" [kathos]
the "witness of Christ"/"Christ's testimony" [marturion Christos]
was established/confirmed/"made sure"
  [bebaioo - aorist passive indicative]
in/by/with [en] you.

[Note: Jesus was the prototype. As He lived, thought, and taught, we are to imitate. Paul said he imitated Jesus and we are to imitate him. Paul is saying the Corinthians did become effective witnesses.]

7~~ That [hoste]
you are receiving not a "lacking for"/"wanting of"
  [hustereo - present passive infinitive]
  [me medeis - literally is "no not any" - a double negative in
  the Greek is a strong negative - they lack nothing]
any "gift of grace"
  [charisma -a favour with which one receives without
  any merit of his own]
eagerly waiting
  [apekdechomai - present passive or middle participle]
the coming/manifestation/appearance [apokalupsis]
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[Note: Since this does not say Jesus is seen "on the earth" it means the first time again that we will see Him. Paul says that will be when we go up to meet each other in the air . . . where we will be with
Him forever (I Thessalonians 4:17). Tie this to the description of the meeting in Philippians 2:10 and we see Jesus at that time.
This event is commonly called the "rapture of the church".]

8~~ Who {Jesus}
shall also confirm/establish/"make sure" [bebaioo] you
unto/till the end [heos telos] . . .
blameless [anegkletos]
in/by/with [en]
the day of our Lord Jesus [Christ].
  [some translations have "Christ" others do not - does not
  affect the meaning here either way]

[Note: Paul tells us in II Corinthian the analogy of how a seed must die for another plant to grow. He tells us that our "body of corruption" will be left behind. So, when we meet Jesus in the sky, He will "establish" us, in our new Resurrection body - similar yet not as powerful as His (He is the "first-fruit" with the right of double portion).]

{Note: Blameless here means the removal of your Old Sin Nature.}

9a~~God . . . faithful!

9b~~By means of [dia] Whom
you received calling
  [kaleo - aorist passive indicative - God calls at many points
  in time - you must respond "yes" at least once in your life]
into/toward [eis]
the fellowship/association/friendship [koinonia]
of His Adult Son [huios] -
Jesus Christ our Lord.

10~~ Now/Moreover [de]
I exhort you, [parakaleo]
through/"by means of" [dia]
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ:
for the purpose that [hina]
you all may speak
  [pas lego - present active subjunctive]
the same [thing/content/"Divine Viewpoint"] [autos]
  {speak from divine viewpoint on all subjects},
that there may be no divisions [me schisma]
in/by/with/among [en] you . . . [so that]
you may be [eimi - subjunctive]
"working together in unison"/"a tuned-up machine"
  [katartizo - perfect passive participle]
in the same mind [nous]
and in the same judgment/opinion. [gnome]

{Note: In Greek Drama, actors were hung from a stage and the machine sometimes went bad leaving them dangling - literally - over the stage. Hence the idiom "tune up the machine" meant to get things in order and everyone work together well}.

11~~ For it has been declared/
"made known by relating at various points in time"
  [deloo - aorist passive indicative]
unto me
concerning/about you [peri humon],
my brethren
by them who are of the house of Chloe
that there are contentions/strife/wrangling/debating [eris]
in/by/with/among [en] you.

[Note: Chloe apparently was a stable, mature believer that the Corinthians knew and respected.]

12~~ Moreover [de]
this thing [touto]
 [that there is contention among them]
I say because of every one of you who says:
"I certainly am of Paul"
  [this faction is strong in "Grace" - placing their faith
  in Jesus Christ and His Doctrine (Followers of the Way)],
now/moreover [de]
"I am of Apollos"
  [see Acts 18:24 - Apollos was a great Church Leader. He was
  very well educated and excelled in the Written Word to this point.
  He apparently was a great orator and the Greeks loved great
  speakers. This list is of the great "men" in the early church.
  Apollos was included in those that the Corinthians did know.] 
and  "I am of Cephas"
  [Kephas is another name for Peter. It means "stone". This
  group followed Peter (Cephas) - from Galatians we see that
  Peter had returned to the Mosaic Law restrictions in error and
  the Galatians had Greeks being circumcised under ritual. Maybe
  this represents the people who believed you had to still follow
  the restrictions of the Mosaic Law - adult sons trying to return to
  the bottle - see Galatians 4:1]
and "I am of Christ".
  [in this day, there were Old Testament believers (students of
  John the Baptist) who had not even heard of Jesus' coming
  (Acts 19:2 and following). This verse says that to say you are
  "of Christ" divides believers.]

13a~~ Is Christ being divided
with results that last forever? NO!
  [merizo - perfect passive indicative]

13b~~Was Paul crucified over and over
  [stauroo - aorist passive indicative]
as a substitute [huper]
for you? {NO}

13c~~Or, were you baptized over and over
  [baptizo - aorist passive indicative]
into/toward [eis]
the name of Paul? [NO]

14~~ I thank God that I baptized none of you . . .
"if not"/except [ei me]
Crispus and Gaius.

[Note: This is Paul's ritual baptizing record in Corinth. Apparently in Corinth some thought they were "superior" because of who baptized them! It is the "I am better than you because I was baptized by Peter or Apollos" attitude (apparently here we learn that Paul only baptized a few of them in Corinth and there is no record of Jesus baptizing anyone in Corinth). Including Jesus and Paul proves that
there is just NO valid reason to divide believers! It brings no glory to Christ when parts of His Body work against other parts!]

15~~ Lest
  [hina me - negative purpose clause]
any should say at any time
  [lego aorist active subjunctive]
that I had baptized
in "mine own name".
  [meaning 'for my own glory or advancement']

16~~Moreover [de],
I baptized also the household of Stephanas . . .
I know not whether I baptized any
other of the same kind [allos].

[Note: Paul needs to be very accurate, so he updates the record.]

17a~~ For [gar] Christ
"sent me on a mission under His authority"
  [apostello - aorist active indicative]
absolutely not [ouk] to baptize,
but in contrast [alla]
to preach the gospel.

17b~~Absolutely not [ouk]
in/by/with [en]
"the words of the "wisdom of men"/
"divine viewpoint expressed in words" [sophia logos]
  [sophia - used in the negative sense so is "human viewpoint"]
lest/"that not"/"with the negative purpose that" [hina me]
the cross of Christ
should be neutralized/"made void"/"deprived of its essence or virtue".
  [kenoo - aorist passive subjunctive]

18a~~For The Doctrine [logos]
of the cross
  [a title of the teaching/doctrine of Jesus - see Galatians 2:2
  and Galatians 2:16]
is for them in the process of perishing/"total destruction" . . .
  [apollumi - unbelievers in view]
foolishness [moria].

18b~~Moreover/Now [de]
to us having received salvation
  [sozo -present passive participle - God does the work]
it [the Doctrine of the Cross]
is the "inherent power"/ability [dunamis]
of God.

19~~ For it received writing in the past
with results that last forever {Isaiah 29:14},
  [gar grapho - perfect passive indicative]
"I will destroy the wisdom of the wise
and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent."

[Note: So clearly Paul has been talking about how studying the doctrines of Jesus are building up Divine Viewpoint in the soul is good. And, this is in contrast to genius' who only have human viewpoint. They are great in their own minds only!]



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