I Corinthians

Chapter 6
{Carnality in Litigation - first half of Chapter 6}
1~~ Do any of you have the nerve,
having a matter against another,
to go to law before an unbelieving judge,
and not before the saints?

{Note: This verse implies a dispute between two believers.}

2a~~ Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world?

2b~~And, if you shall judge the world,
are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

3a~~Do you not know that we shall judge angels?

3b~~How much more things that pertain to this life?

4~~ If then you have judgments of things
pertaining to this life {altercations}
- maybe you will maybe you won't -
why do you appoint judges
who are the most contemptible in the church?

{Note: Paul is referring to a specific case where they put a knucklehead to rule over a Spiritual dispute in the Corinthian
Church - it was so bad they then went to civil court}

5a~~I speak to your shame.

5b~~Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you?

5c~~No, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?

{Note: Paul earlier discussed the difference between "sophia of this world" and "sophia of Divine Viewpoint". A truly Wise Man is one who has maximum doctrine and can apply it ( sophia - wisdom).}

{Pattern of lawsuit carnality - verse 6-8}
6~~ But brother goes to law with brother
and that before the unbelievers!

7a~~Now therefore there keeps on being utterly a failure among you - to your disadvantage -
because you keep on having lawsuits among yourselves.

7b~~Why do you not rather take wrong?

7c~~Why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?

{Note: One believer cheated another. So, Paul says stay out of God's way . . . He will discipline the sinner.}

8a~~No! You do wrong!

8b~~And rob him {of discipline from God},
and that {to} your brethren!

{Note: Principal here is two wrongs do not make a right.}

9a~~ Do you not know that the unbeliever
  {does not have the imputed righteousness of Christ}
shall not inherit the kingdom of God?

9b~~Be not deceived!

  "fornicators mixing sex with religion" [pornos], nor
  idolaters [eidololatres], nor
  adulterers/"faithless to their spouse or God", [moichos] nor
  effeminate/"homosexual type prostitute" [malakos], nor
  "abusers of themselves with mankind"/
  sodomite/male homosexual" [arsenokoites] , 10~~ nor
  {another Greek word for a type of homosexual or pedophile}
  thieves, nor
  {in context, judges who could be bought}
  covetous, nor
  alcoholics, nor
  revilers {abusive type}, nor
shall inherit the kingdom of God.

{Note: Start with 9a and you will see Paul is discussing unbelievers and, in particular, judges who are unbelievers. These are categories of the unbelieving judges in Corinth with their areas of weakness. These judges shall not go to heaven because they do not believe - not because of their specific weaknesses. We need to keep in mind the entire context of Chapter 6 (important to see verse 11).}

11a~~And [kai] such were some of you!
  {means when they were unbelievers now 3 changes
  at the point of salvation.}

11b~~But, in contrast, [alla]
you are one and for all washed [apo-louo].
  {cleansed from all sin}

[Note: I have heard many good-meaning but mis-lead pastors preach on "if you do THIS you will lose your salvation". And, I would bet it is from this chapter that they doubt the doctrine of eternal security (once saved always saved).

This is the verse where Paul clarifies what he means. See John 13 and particularly John 13:10. Jesus explains to the disciples that they need to "nipto" themselves often after salvation. That is the Greek word for a wash-cloth touch-up type wash. It is a picture of using
I John 1:9 for fellowship recovery. However "louo" means a full body wash. Jesus tells us that we need to "louo" only one time and it is permanent. This is the picture of eternal security - once you believe and are full-body washed (louo) you only need a touch-up (nipto) from time to time. Here Paul is using louo. He is talking to believers. Before they were full-body washed, they also would not inherit the Kingdom of God.]

11c~~But, in contrast, [alla]
you are sanctified/"set-apart-to-God". [hagiazo]
  {Union with Christ. Positional sanctification.}

11d~~But, in contrast, [alla]
you are vindicated
  {justified - declared righteousness -share Christ's
  perfect righteousness }
in/by/with [en] the name/person of the Lord Jesus
and [kai]
in/by/with [en] the Spirit of our God.

{Carnality in lasciviousness- verses 12-20}
12a~~All things
  {refers to divine production in context}
are lawful unto me
  {refers to the law of liberty which is toward
  yourself - freedom to serve the Lord or not}.

12b~~But, in contrast, [alla]
all things are not worthwhile
  {expedient- refers to the law of expediency toward unbelievers}.

12c~~All things are lawful unto me.

12d~~But, in contrast, [alla]
I will not be brought under the power of any!

{Note: Paul will not be influenced by the law of expediency so Paul would be distracted from the law of liberty which allows him to serve the Lord.}



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