Chapter 8

{Note: Verses 8:1-11 do NOT appear in the oldest and most reliable original manuscripts. In the Greek order, verse 12 begins with 'palin' which is an adverb of continuation. RBT says it clearly tells us that verse 12 is connected with Chapter 7:53. Therefore, at the very least, verses 1-11 would be a parenthesis. However, the real clue is that there are inconsistencies in these 11 verses making it not possible that they are from God the Holy Spirit through John. Finally, the majority of the passage DOES line up with grace. RBT says that the story is a true story, but whoever add to the original showed their trends toward asceticism and legalism.

The corrected translation of verses 1-11 can ONLY be seen here.}

{Verses 12:20: Jesus as the Light of the World} 8:12~~ Again {palin},
Jesus communicated doctrine categorically {laleo}
to them saying {lego - exegetical teaching of doctrine},
"I keep on being the light {phos}
of the world/cosmos {realm of Satan's rulership}.
The one who follows Me
will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life."

{Note: In the Greek order, verse 12 begins with 'palin', which is an adverb of continuation. RBT says it clearly tells us that verse 12 is connected with Chapter 7:53.}

{Note: As we saw in Chapter 7, laleo means to teach doctrine categorically as opposed to lego which means to teach exegetically.}

{Note: From verse 20, we find that Jesus was in the temple near the Treasury looking out over the crowd. He would have been looking at a huge candelabra that was in the temple. The Priests said that when the candelabra was lit, its light could be seen throughout Jerusalem. This is the scene as Jesus was giving His Light of the World analogy. Phos by the way has a few meaning related to light. Here it means the SOURCE of light.}

13~~So the Pharisees said {objected},
"You testify about yourself.
Your testimony is not true!"

{Note: The Pharisees are smart and well studied in the Old Testament. They are taking the true doctrine that it takes TWO witnesses to convict someone in a trial and TWIST that into Jesus' testimony can not be true because only HE says it! Religious legalists always take a passage here or there and distort it to their own means.}

14~~ Jesus 'had an answer'/'gave a discerning answer
from the ultimate source of Himself' {apokrinomai} and said to them, "Even if I witness/testify concerning Myself
- maybe yes and maybe no -
My testimony keeps on being true,
because I know {oida - inherent knowledge}
where I came from {aware of His own origin}
and where I am going {hupago - under the plan/authority of God}.
But YOU DO NOT KNOW {oida - and emphatic}
where I came from
or where I am going."

{Note: Oida is the Greek word for doctrine in the frontal lobe - inherent knowledge. In view here in the Omniscience of the deity of Jesus.}

{Note: Hupago means to 'go under a plan'. Huper means 'under the authority of' and 'ago' means 'to go'. Together it came to mean 'to go under a plan'.}

{Note: Jesus is saying the soulish man cannot understand the things of the Spirit. These are religious unbelievers and therefore do not know where He came from or where He is going.}

15~~"You keep on judging/condemning
according to the flesh {human viewpoint/norms and standards}
I condemn/judge no one {speaking from His humanity}."

{Two Bona fide Witnesses}
16~~And yet, if I judge,
My judgment/evaluation keeps on being true/trustworthy/accurate
  {alethes -meaning as God He knows all the facts},
because I keep on being not alone when I judge,
but I and the Father Who sent Me {do so together}.

{Note: Alethes is the Greek word meaning true as in being trustworthy and accurate.}

17~~" It stands written in your law {Deuteronomy 17:6, 19:15}
that the testimony of two men is true/accurate {alethes}."

18~~" I keep on being one
Who bears witness/testifying concerning Myself
and the Father Who sent Me
keeps on being witness/testifying concerning Me."

19a~~Then they said unto Him {Jesus},
"Where is your father?"

19b~~Jesus 'had an answer'/'gave a discerning answer
from the ultimate source of Himself' {apokrinomai},
"You neither 'know and love' Me with permanent results"
  [oida (perfect active indicative) oute oute (neither . . . nor) eme]
nor [know and love with permanent results] My Father.

19c~~If - and it is true - [ei - 1st class conditional if]
you had once and for all permanently "known and loved" Me
you would have once and for all permanently "known and loved"
My Father too."
  [oida (pluperfect active indicative)]

[Note: This is a very important tense of oida here. The "pluperfect" is very rare so when it is used pay attention! It corresponds in a single Greek word to the sense of the English pluperfect, which indicates an event viewed as having been once and for all accomplished in past time. In contrast, the perfect tense reflects the final completion of an action at the present moment described.

Jesus is saying IF you believe that He was sent by God the Father, then you would HAVE TO believe also in God the Father! You can NOT believe in God the Father and still believe He sent Jesus! When you believe Jesus was sent by the Father, you automatically believe in the Deity of Jesus and the Father all at the same time!

Next, "to know" is also used in the Greek for extreme intimacy. He is also saying that they did not "know and love" Him or "know and love" God and this will be greatly distressing to His audience. Click on love to see more on love in the New Testament.]

20~~(Jesus spoke {laleo - taught categorically}
these words near the Treasury
while He was teaching in the temple courts.
No one seized Him because His time/hour had not yet come.)

{Verses 21-36: Where Jesus As the Liberator of the World} 21~~Then Jesus said {lego} to them again to their advantage,
"I keep on 'going according to a plan' {hupago},
and you will look/seek {zeteo} for Me
but will 'die from the ultimate source of' {refers to the 2nd Death}
'the sphere of your sin'
  {singular - either the sin of unbelief in the Savior
  or the Sin Nature}
Where I am going {hopou}
you cannot come."

{Note: Jesus uses zeteo for looking instead of eurisko. Zeteo means to find something you have. Eurisko means to find something you do not have. If you see a quarter on the ground and pick it up, that is eurisko. If you drop a quarter, reach down and get it, that is zeteo - you retrieve what you had and lost. The Jews HAVE Jesus. He is their Messiah and He was there right then. He is THEIRS!}

{Note: RBT says they have so much scar tissue of the soul that they have the 'hardness of the heart' and could no longer accept Christ as the Messiah if they wanted to. The examples of maximum negative volition are all OUTSIDE the Church Age. Outside the Church Age, people's negative volition is permitted to be pushed to the maximum where there was no recovery. In II Thessalonians 2:6-7 we see that in the Church Age there is 'One Who restrains' - God the Holy Spirit. He stops restraining at the end of the Church Age and the Tribulation starts. Therefore RBT says what is restrained is negative volition and some restraint is placed on actions related to negative volition. Therefore, there is no way these men - prior to the Church Age with maximum negative volition - can follow Jesus. SideNote: From verse 24 below we see the 3rd class condition. Even these men will have the chance to change their minds and believe in Him - free will - but His Omniscience tells Him that they will not ever believe and be able to follow Him.}

{Note: Hopou is the Greek adverb of PLACE - always of place. So 'whither' means the 'place where' He goes. This is important for the next verse.}

{Blasphemy and Sarcasm Related to 'Place Where Jesus is Going'}
22~~So the Jews/Jewish leaders began to say,
"Will He kill Himself/'commit suicide'?
  {He won't but suggesting He should!}
because He says, 'Where I am going you cannot come'."

{Note: Isagogics is needed here. In the Jewish Theology, if you commit suicide you will go to 'hell/geenna/she'owl/haides'. They realize that Jesus is saying He is going to heaven and they are not able to follow. So, these men sarcastically say, well if He is going where we cannot go, then HE must be going to hell! Ha Ha . . . Jesus will respond to this!}

23-24~~Jesus replied,
"You people are from below;
I am from above.
You people are from this world/cosmos {Satan's cosmic system};
I am not from this world/cosmos. 24~~
Thus I {Jesus} told you
that you will die in your sins
  {plural - sins of the cosmic system -explanation follows}.
For if you do not believe {pisteuo - ingressive aorist tense}
that I am the Christ
-maybe yes, maybe no -
you will die in the sphere of your sins {rejection of the cross}."

{Note: Pisteuo means to have faith or believe in Jesus Christ. This is in the Aorist tense - and there are three types of aorist tenses - a point of time in time or a point of time in eternity - so is a point of time divorced from time and perpetuated forever:

1) ingressive aorist - emphasizes the point before the point of time - example, it happened in eternity past that affects time.

2) constantive aorist - emphasizes the point in time - similar points grouped together

3) culmunative aorist - emphasizes the results of the point in time.}

25~~ So they said to Him,
"Who are you? {meaning 'What? Who? You . . . God?
  Naaa, who are you really?}
  {again expressing their rejection - rhetorical sarcasm}"
Jesus replied,
"Essentially, I am that which I keep on telling you. 26~~
I have many things to say {details of the Father's Plan}
and to judge about you {will indite religion/legalism see Matthew 23},
but He Who sent Me keeps on being true/genuine {alethes},
and the things I have heard from the immediate source of Him
I speak to the world."

27~~(They did not understand
that He was telling them about His Father {and the divine decrees}.)

28~~ Then Jesus said,
"When you lift up the Son of Man {crucifixion prophesized},
then you will know that 'I AM'/'I keep on being',
and I do nothing from the ultimate source of Myself,
but I speak just what the Father taught Me
  {His humanity speaking}."

{Note: Jehovah in the Hebrew actually means 'I AM . . . THE ' I AM'' which means 'the eternally existing One' - the One Who always was and always will be. When Jesus says throughout this that HE is the 'I am', these Jewish religious leaders 'get' what He is saying!}

29~~"And He Who sent Me keeps on being with Me.
The Father has not deserted Me/'left Me alone',
because I keep on doing
'the pleasing things {His Plan} to Him'."

{Verses 30-32: Phase I - Salvation, Then Jesus pronounces Phase II - After Salvation - Study Bible Doctrine}
30-32~~ While He was saying these things,
many people believed - at a point in time divorced from time
and perpetuated forever {pisteuo - aorist tense} -
on Him.31~~
Then Jesus said to they
who had believed {pisteuo - perfect active participle} on Him,
"If you abide/live/persist {meno} in My Word {Bible doctrine is the Mind of Christ /Word of God}
- maybe you will, maybe you will not -,
you keep on being
My disciples {all believers are not disciples/students of the Word} . . true/genuine/reality {alethes} 32~~
and you all will know
  {ginosko - to comprehend by study not inherent knowledge}
the truth/bible doctrine {aletheia},
and the truth/bible doctrine {aletheia}
will make/set you {spiritually} free to serve {eleutheroo}."

{Note: In verse 30, pisteuo was in the aorist tense - a point in time divorced from time. Here the perfect active participle refers back to verse 30 and says you believed in the past (few minutes ago for them) with the result that you keep on being saved forever. Active voice YOU have eternal security.}

{Note: Meno means to live or abide. It is important in that Jesus will use the same verb in verse 35. So He is tying all of this together in verse 35.}

{Note: Aletheia is a compound noun made up of 'a' which is the alpha privative - which is a negative and letheo, which means 'to conceal'. So with the negative aletheia means 'not to conceal' - open it up in categories. So bible doctrine is divine Truth opened up in categories so it can be learned/assimilated by the human mentality/consciousness.}

{Note: Eleutheroo means to set free a slave. Salvation frees you from the slave market of sin. Once saved, bible doctrine resident in your soul, plus rebound and the filling of the Holy Spirit to guide you, gives you the tools and knowledge and power (from the Holy Spirit) to serve the Lord. This allows Christ to work IN YOU . . . to produce divine good through you. He does all the work and receives all the glory.}

{Verses 33-51: Jesus Christ as the Founder of the Jewish Nation}
33~~"We keep on being seed/descendants of Abraham," they replied, "and have never been anyone's slaves!
How can you say, 'You will become free'?"

{Note: They were wrong in what they stated in many ways. The Jews were enslaved in Egypt. They were now under the thumb of Rome and their own Sanhedrin Counsel. And, they were enslaved by the distortion of the Mosaic Law so they could not even carry a bed on a Sabbath! But Jesus answers with the spiritual - the slavery of their Old Sin Nature.}

34-36~~ Jesus 'had an answer'/'gave a discerning answer
from the ultimate source of Himself' {apokrinomai} and said to them, "Point of doctrine/I tell you the solemn truth,
everyone who commits the sin
  {principal of all sins - the Old Sin Nature}
keeps on being a slave of the sin {Old Sin Nature}. 35~~
The slave does not abide/remain/persist {meno}
in the family/household forever,
but the Son abides {meno} forever! 36~~
If the Son sets you free
-maybe He will, maybe He will not
  {depends on your positive volition}-
being free . . . you shall be {free to serve the Lord}. 37~~
I know that you keep on being Abraham's seed {sperma -singular}.
But you are seeking to 'physically violently murder' Me,
because My Word/teaching {logos - exegetical teaching}
has no room in you {religious legalists have so many
  doctrines of demons in them that there is no room for
  true doctrine}.

{Note: Meno means to live or abide. It is important in that Jesus here uses the same verb as He did in verse 31. So He is tying all of this together in verse 35.}

{Note: 'Being free' is a state of freedom. Everyone saved by faith in Christ, is now free to serve the Lord! Whether you do or not is up to you! As long as you are alive . . . you have the freedom to serve the Lord. Carnality hinders that freedom. Rebound brings you back into fellowship where you actually DO serve the Lord.}

{Note: By using 'sperma' in the singular - which does means sperm, seed and therefore offspring - Jesus is stating that He recognizes these men as Jews and not, for example Arabs who also came from Abraham through Ishmael. The racial Jews are descended through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.}


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