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{The Galatians were the first cousins to the Irish and the French Galls. After the Apostle Paul evangelized the people, the saved, yet legalistic Jews followed him to Galatia. They said that you must believe in Christ, but then you must also 'work' to be saved and to be spiritual. Follow the Mosaic Law. Be circumcised.

They were critiquing Paul and he is very angry when writing this. He is very harsh and sarcastic. In Greek writing, it becomes elliptical - missing verbs - etc. when the writing is forceful. So, when translated, the English is not always smooth. But it is very elegant and forceful in the Greek.

In Ephesians, Paul discusses grace from a positive viewpoint. Here it is discussed from the negative viewpoint.}


Chapter 1
{Salutation verses 1-5}
1-2~~ Paul, an Apostle,
(not of men . . .
neither by man . . .
but by Jesus Christ
and God the Father
Who raised Him from the dead) 2~~
and all the brethren who are with me . . .
unto the churches of Galatia.

{Note: 'Paul' states here that God made him an Apostle - which means absolute spiritual leader or literally 'one sent'. This is in contrast to Acts 1:23 where Peter, when legalistic, asked God to 'pick of these two' to replace Judas. All Apostles were appointed by Jesus - NOT by Peter or any other man.}

3~~ Grace be to you
and peace/tranquility/'inner happiness'
from God the Father
and from our Lord Jesus Christ.

{Note: Grace always comes first!.}

4~~ Who {Jesus} gave Himself
as a substitute for our sins
that He might once and for all deliver {rescue} us
from this present evil age
according to the will of God and our Father.

{Note: Satan rules this world WILL until the 2nd advent of Jesus. Jesus going to the cross was part of the Plan of God the Father in eternity past. Jesus ageed to the plan in His deity in eternity past and in His humanity in time.}

5~~ To Whom {Christ}
be glory forever and ever.
Amen/'I believe it'.

{Galatians went Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) from Grace}
6-7~~ I keep on being amazed
that you are so soon removed from Him {God the Father}
Who called you {election}
into the grace of Christ
unto another of a different kind of gospel
which is not another of the same kind of gospel
except there will be some {legalists}
that trouble you
and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

8~~ For if we
or an angel from heaven
preach any other gospel unto you
than that which we have preached unto you
keep on being 'set apart for divine destruction'/accursed.

9~~ As we said before
so I keep on saying now again
if any man preach any other gospel unto you
than that you have received
keep on being accursed.

{Note: In the Greek, repeating this statement is similar to our saying, "I am not angry, I have thought about it and I will not take it back - you WILL BE ACCURSED"}.

10~~ For do I now persuade men or God?
Do I seek to please men?
For if I kept on pleasing men
- but I do not -
I should not be the servant of Christ.

{Note: This means to persuade men using a 'human' gimmick - to win over by false means.}

11~~ But I keep on laying it on the line to you, brethren,
that the gospel which was preached by me
is not after man.

12~~ For I {Paul} neither received it from man
nor was I taught {by man}
but by means of revelation from Jesus Christ.

13~~ For you have heard of my manner of life in time past
in the Jews' religion
how that beyond measure I persecuted the Church of God
and wasted/sacked/ravaged it.

{Note: Paul was the greatest persecutor of the Early Church. He was the most zealous of the Jews. As Saul he murdered thousands
of Christians . . . and because of his self-righteousness and 'religiosity' . . . Paul was caused to realize he was the greatest sinner of all time.}

14~~ And kept on profiting and advancing in the Jews' religion
above many my equals in my own nation
being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.

{Note: Paul was exceedingly faithful to the Mosaic Law and all facets of the Jewish religion as a Pharisee. At a very young age, he passed in stature almost all other Pharisees.}

{God's purpose for Paul's work}
15-16~~ But when it pleased God
Who separated me from my mother's womb
and called me by the instrumentality of His grace 16~~
to reveal His Son in me
that I might keep on preaching about Him among the gentiles
to their advantage.
Immediately, I conferred not with flesh and blood.

{Note: Paul was appointed the 12th apostle in eternity
past . . . way before he was even born. Jesus laid out the facts for Paul on the road to Damascus and Paul 'welcomed the message with open arms!' Then, when this was made clear to him, Paul didn't get one or a bunch of people together and ask them what to preach!}

17~~ Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them
who were Apostles before me.
But I went into Arabia
and returned again unto Damascus.

{Note: Paul did not ask the other Apostles what to preach either. Instead, Paul's training for the ministry was in the same place and manner of Moses. Moses went out in the desert for 40 years of training and Jesus Christ Himself revealed to Paul directly the same true doctrine. We do not know how long Paul trained in the desert.}

18~~ Then after three years {in Damascus}
I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter,
and stayed with him for fifteen days.

19~~ But other of the Apostles saw I none,
except/save James the Lord's brother.

{Start of Paul's message on False teachers feeding the flock non-grace teachings}
20~~ Now the things which I write unto you, behold,
before God, I lie not.

21~~ Afterwards I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia.

22~~ And was unknown by face unto the churches of Judea
who were in Christ.

23~~ But they had heard only
that he who kept on persecuting us in times past
now preaches the doctrine/faith
which once he destroyed.

24~~ And they glorified God in me!

{Note: This is reason for learning bible doctrine. Paul learned to imitate Jesus Christ. By learning and applying divine viewpoint, Jesus Christ was glorified IN HIM. We are then instructed to also imitate Paul . . . as he imitated Christ! This also glorifies God in US.}

{Note: The purpose of this Chapter was to demonstrate the grace of God! How miraculous was the grace of God to take the greatest sinner of ALL TIME - Paul - and make him the greatest teacher of doctrine and the greatest UltraSuperGrace believer in the Church Age.}


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