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James was the half-brother to the humanity of Jesus Christ (so was Jude - Matthew 1-55). He did not become a believer in the Lord Jesus until after the Resurrection. He became the pastor teacher of the Church in Jerusalem but it became so deep in legalism, he writes to the tribes scattered. James was written around 45AD and was one of the first epistles.

Chapter 1

1~~James, a slave/servant of God
and a slave/servant of the Lord Jesus Christ,
to the twelve tribes who are scattered abroad - to their advantage -
  {dative of advantage - their advantage to be away from Jerusalem} . . . keep on rejoicing.

{2-15 Deals with the Edification Complex of the Soul (ECS)}
2~~My brothers {believers},
after weighing the facts, {draw on doctrine resident in your soul}
conclude the entire inner happiness {+H} . . .
whenever you become involved in many categories of kinds of pressure.

3~~Patience . . . keep on having perfect work.

4~~But let patience keep on having
her fully mature production {edification complex of the soul} . . .
that you may be mature and undamaged in all parts of the soul . . .
being deficient in nothing.

5~~If any one of you is destitute of wisdom {bible doctrine}
- and you are {first class condition} -
keep on asking from the immediate source of God
  {prayer- God provides doctrine if you are positive} . . .
Who keeps on giving to all generously without reserve and not reproaching
  {God does not reproach positive volition ever} . . .
and it shall be given to him to his advantage.

6~~Keep on asking by means of faith . . . doubting nothing.
For he that doubts is like a wave of the sea
constantly being agitated by the wind and constantly being hurled about.

{Note: Doubting nothing means to convert gnosis (book knowledge) to epignosis (doctrine in the soul) by faith.}

{Verses 7-8 - Enemy of the edification complex of the soul is 'pride thinking'}
7~~Stop thinking divorced from reality,
for that man must stop presuming
that he shall receive anything immediately of the Lord.

{Note: They assume because they are 'working for the Lord' they are due some reward like they earned it!}

8~~A double-souled Noble man is unstable in all his ways.

{Note: When emotions rule then you have an 'emotional revolt of the soul' which creates the analogy to having a 'second soul'.}

9~~ Keep on celebrating . . .
poor but grace oriented {ECS 1st floor} brother . . .
in the sphere of exaltation.

10~~But the wealthy . . .
in the sphere of his grace orientation . . .
because . . . as the flower of the grass . . . it shall fade away.

{Note: This means that the details of life shall pass away.}

11~~For the sun rises again with a scorching heat,
and it withers the grass,
and the flower falls off
and the beauty of the fashion {beauty of the flower} perishes.
So also shall the rich man fade away in his ways
  {will face losing the details of life}.

12~~Happy is the Noble Man {all believers}
who keeps on enduring temptations {pressure testing}.
Having become approved,
he shall receive the 'crown of life' {first reward given on judgment day to
  those with ECS - reaching SuperGrace A}
which the Lord has promised to them
who love Him {category 1 love - love for God - love concentration on God}.

13~~Let not one person say when he is tempted,
"I am being tempted from God" . . .
for The God cannot be tempted from the ultimate source of evil.
Furthermore, He Himself does not tempt anyone.

14~~But each one {getting more and more personal} is tempted,
when he is taken in tow under the authority of his own lust pattern
and being enticed.

15~~Then lust . . . having become pregnant {allowed to 'take form'} . . . gives birth to sin {lust is natural and not a sin, but if the seed takes,
  in the mind, then it is sin}.
And sin, having been completed, gives birth to death.

{Note: Spiritual death is the result of any sin - waiting for rebound in order to recover.}

{Verses 16-27: Importance of GAP - Grace Apparatus for Perception}
16~~Do not be deceived {being led astray from doctrine},
my beloved brethren {believers}!

17~~Every good act of giving {principal of God's giving - by Grace . . . life,
  sunshine, etc. - all physical and spiritual things}
and every completed gift {edification complex of the soul}
 keeps on being from above . . .
coming down from the ultimate source of The Father of Lights
  {each bible doctrine is a 'light' so plural -'that which enlightens'} . . .
from the immediate source of Whom . . .
there is not within Him variation/variableness
  {God never varies, He is dogmatic} . . .
nor an Eclipse {of Grace - God's Grace is never overshadowed}.

18~~Having been decreed {in eternity past}
He regenerated us . . .
by a spiritual birth . . .
by means of the Word of Truth . . .
for the purpose of being . . . with reference to us . . .
the first portion of his creatures {we are the result of Grace}.

{Next paragraph 19-25}
19~~Know this, my beloved brethren,
let every one keep on being swift for the purpose of hearing {doctrine} . . . slow to speak {when doctrine is being taught} . . .
slow to anger {when disciplined for talking}.

20~~For the anger of man does not achieve the virtue of God.

21~~Therefore, having removed all pollution {rebound/ I John 1:9} . . .
and the overthrow of wickedness {sins of the tongue - arrogance} . . .
and retain/embrace/receive in the sphere of meekness
the impregnated word . . . which is able to deliver your souls.

22~~ Keep on becoming doers of the word . . . and not hearers only . . . deceiving your own selves.

{Note: The function here is inside the soul. Not an 'overt action' in view here. This is the overcoming of 'secondary negative volition' - also see Hebrews 4:2. Primary negative volition is 'not sitting and listening to the Word'. Secondary negative volition is hearing but rejecting the doctrine being taught. Here we have people who listen to the word, but reject it and do not convert it to useable doctrine in the Human Spirit . . . where it can be applied to day to day life.}

23~~ For if any be a hearer of the word . . . and not a doer . . .
he is like a man beholding his natural face in a mirror.

24~~For once he had looked at himself, and gone way,
he straightway forgets what manner of man he is.

{Note: In the analogy, this means you need to constantly take in doctrine, or you 'forget what it looks like'. So, if you take in doctrine, then forget about doctrine, that is like looking at yourself, and then forgetting what you look like! Not very beneficial!}

25~~But the one who looks intently {positive volition concentration}
at the perfect law of freedom {Bible Doctrine}
  {spiritual freedom as opposed to human freedom} . . .
and stays with it {daily intake of doctrine} . . .
not having become a forgetful hearer . . . but being a doer of the work . . . this person shall be happy in the action of doing.

26~~If any one, thinking subjectively,
holds to the opinion that he is 'a votary to fear' / 'pious' / 'devout'
  {religious type out of line! 'Working' for the Grace of God} . . .
not bridling his own tongue . . .
but deceiving himself {synonym of reversionism} . . .
this person's system of piety/human good {religion}
is vain/empty.

27~~Pure religion
  {unsoiled/ guiltless system of activity with God in mind}
and undefiled from the immediate source of God and the Father is this . . .
to visit the helpless children without parents
and helpless widows in their afflictions
and to keep himself unspotted from the world
  {free of scar tissue of the soul}.


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