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Paul and Titus travel to Crete, which is an island filled with Christians. However, they are ascended from Dorian Greeks - same as the Spartans. They are a fighting breed and prone to tell whoppers. Paul leaves Titus to find men with the gift of Pastor-teacher to bring true Bible doctrine teachings to the island. Titus was Paul's best trouble shooter his 'most reliable son' in the faith. Titus also straightened out the Corinthians after Apollos and Timothy could not.

Chapter 1
1~~ Paul, a servant of God, and
an apostle of Jesus Christ,
for the purpose of the faith of the elect of God, and
the epignosis knowledge of doctrine {metabolized doctrine}
which is for the purpose of godliness.

2~~ In the confidence of eternal life,
which the 'non-lying God' promised to underwrite you,
before the world began {in eternity past}.

3~~ But has manifested {made known through repetitive teaching} by means of His own dispensations,
His word through preaching,
with which I was entrusted according to the strict authority, and responsibility to that authority . . . of God our Savior.

{Note: God did not make known the Church Age Mysteries until the Church Age. The Cretans are being caught up in Jewish Legalism.}

4~~ To Titus, my most reliable son after the common faith:
mercy, and
from the ultimate source of God the Father and
the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

5~~ Because of this grace,
I left you flat in Crete(!)
that you should set in order
the things that are deficient {which is a lot!}, and
ordain elders {synonym for pastors}
according to the standard of every city, as I had appointed you . . .

{Note: Titus is to train Pastors in each city in Crete according to Paul's plan they had earlier agreed to - now Titus was to carry out the plan}.

{Qualities to look for in the Pastor Teacher- verses 6- 9}
6~~if any one keeps on being:
a one-woman man,
having children who are believers . . .
not in the sphere of accusation of riot, or
unruly {not a hell raiser, rebellious}.

7~~ For it is necessary for a bishop to be irreproachable - as God's administrative manager:
not self-willed {literally means not to allow stubbornness to make the
  pastor unfair -grace orientation},
not prone to easily anger {relaxed mental attitude},
not prone to drunkenness,
not a brawler {not a fist-fighter},
not eager for dishonorable profit.

{Note: 'Biship' means an 'administrative overseer with authority'. This is another title for the pastor-teacher with an emphasis on his administrative responsibilities.}

8~~ But:
a lover of divine good,
a lover of good men,
sober {absent of mental attitude sins},
fair and equitable,
holy {capacity for love, occupation with Christ},
temperate {self-control - mastery of the details of life}.

9~~ Constantly clinging to the dependable word
according to the standard of doctrine
that he might be capable
by means of pure doctrinal teaching
to keep on exhorting and
to keep on reproving {chewing them out}
those in opposition {believers in opposition to true doctrinal teaching}.

10~~ For there are many
unruly {undisciplined/ rebellious} and
vain talkers and
mind deceivers . . .
especially they of the circumcision {legalistic Jews}.

11~~ Whose mouths it is necessary to silence.
Who keep on corrupting entire churches,
teaching things which they ought not,
for filthy lucre's sake {dishonorable profit}.

12~~ One of themselves {a Cretan}, a poet of their own, said,
"The Cretans:
always liars,
evil beasts {mental attitude sins result in loss of use of frontal lobe}, slow bellies."

13~~ This witness keeps on being truth {Cretan's ARE this way}.
Because of this, therefore, rebuke them
in a rude manner
that they may be accurate and sound
in the whole realm of doctrine. . . 14~~
not giving heed to Jewish fables, and
commandments of men {human viewpoint},
that turn from the Truth/doctrine.

{Note: Principal is that a pastor is not always to be 'sweetness and light'. The delivery has to change with the audience. The constant is in the 'accurate and sound' teaching of the Word!}

15~~ All things are pure to those that are pure.
But unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure . . . but their mind and conscience are defiled.

16~~ They profess that they know God;
but in production they contradict Him -
being abominable, and
disobedient, and,
face to face with every good work, reprobate/depraved/unprincipled/
  'in a theology rejected by God'}.


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