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II Timothy
This was the last Epistle written by Paul in the spring of circa 68 AD. In Macedonia, Paul wrote two epistles I Timothy 66 AD and to Titus in Crete in 67 AD. Then he entered the Balkans and wintered at Necropolis where he was seized and sent to Rome for his second imprisonment where he wrote this epistle. Paul knew he was to die and Nero had him beheaded. This epistle is the final words of a man who knows he will die.

Timothy means 'he who honors God'. In I Timothy, Timothy was in reversionism and Paul skinned him alive! Timothy though had a lot of doctrine in his soul and took it! And, now we find he did fully recover and is now a great SuperGrace believer. His recovery is part of the dying grace of the Lord for Paul. Timothy will take the torch from Paul and 'carry the torch of teaching genuine/real doctrine' to the next generation!

Chapter 1
1~~ Paul, an Apostle {delegated top authority of the Church}
of Christ {Messiah - means 'anointed one' - Jewish Royalty}
Jesus {Joshua - means 'Savior' - Battlefield Royalty of Jesus Christ} through the will/purpose/design of God . . .
according to the promise/pledge of eternal life
which is in {union with} Christ Jesus
{Unity of the believer with Christ forever}.

{Note: Saul Benjamin Tarsus - Name-Saul; Jewish Tribe- Benjamin; Surname- Tarsus (city if you are not from one of the original five families of Rome) - became the Apostle Paul (means 'little' - grace orientation - I Corinthians 15:10 explains why.}

{Note: The Gift of Apostle was award by Jesus Christ. An Apostle was given delegated authority from Christ to disseminate doctrine. When John died, the gift ended.}

2~~To Timothy, beloved student {student/adult son}
grace {plan of God in principal},
mercy {grace in action},
and prosperity {result of living in the plan of God}
from the ultimate source of God even the Father
and Christ {Jewish Royalty} Jesus {Battlefield Royalty}
our Lord {divine Royalty}.

{Note: Epistle is addressed to Paul's student Timothy. Timothy was a great bible student but failed early in Corinth as a pastor. Now Timothy appears to have gotten it together and will soon become a great leader of the church.}

{Note: The ministry of God the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore in the Church Age He remains in the background providing Church Age believers the power to Glorify the Lord. Therefore, He is never mentioned in the Salutations.}

{Verses 3-7 Paul is not ashamed of Timothy and that is a reversal from I Timothy}
3~~ I keep on having
GRACE {secret of the capacity and enthusiasm to enjoy life}
by means of our God
through Whom I am serving with a pure conscience
as my ancestors did {on account of my ancestors}.
This is why I constantly keep on having
a memory concerning you in my prayers . . . by day and by night {Paul is in prison and has plenty of time to pray} . . .

{Note: Timothy has now recovered and is a SuperGrace believer. This contributes to Paul's dying grace. He can now pass the torch to his faithful student Timothy and know doctrine is in capable hands. Every generation has at least one SuperGrace believer that carries the torch for that generation.}

{Note: A pure conscience means that Paul now has filled the norms and standards in his conscience with 'divine viewpoint' - maximum doctrine in his soul.}

4~~ . . . longing {having a great desire} to see you
because I remember your tears
in order that I might be filled with inner happiness {joy}.

{Note: From I Timothy, we know that Paul had to scold Timothy to get him to act like a man and fill his responsibility unto the Lord. We can guess from this verse that Timothy listened to his teacher's advice and was moved to tears by it. These could also be tears of repentance as Timothy got back on track. Now after 2 years, Timothy has recovered from Reversionism and is a SuperGrace believer ready to carry the torch that Paul will soon pass in death at the orders of Nero.}

{Paul's good report of Timothy now - Timothy is out of reversionism and is now in SuperGrace}
5~~When I recall {call to remembrance}
the real/genuine {anupokritos} doctrine that is in you
which {high quality of doctrines} first resided
in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice
then I have confidence that
it {high quality, genuine doctrine} is also in you.

{Note: Anupokritos - 'An' is the negative. Upokritos is the word for 'speaking from under a mask'. It comes from the Greek drama where the actors wore big masks and 'pretended to be what they were not' - being a hypocrite. So 'not a hypocrite' means to be real or genuine.}

{Note: Lois means 'agreeable'. Eunice means 'great victory'. Lois taught Eunice but Eunice went into reversionism and married an unbeliever who was a handsome Greek (per Acts). But as Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go and when HE IS OLD he will not depart from it." Old here is 'mature' maybe 30ish or even later! They may raise the roof in their teens, but if taught doctrine as children, they will return to it.}

6~~Because of which cause {genuine doctrine in Timothy},
I remind you {Timothy}
that you rekindle/'revive the fire'
the gift {spiritual gift as a communicator of doctrine}
from the original source of God {God gives the gift of Pastor/teacher} which is in you
{recognized} through the laying on
of my hands {a ceremony of 'identification' when a pastor/teacher is recognized by other pastor/teachers}.

{Note: Paul is encouraging Timothy to get the fire in his belly going hotter! Study and teach, study and teach. Timothy will be the SuperGrace communicator in his (the next) generation.}

{Paul warns Timothy to never back down again - to strong women, to bullying men, to anyone}
7~~For The God {pastor's boss} has not given to us {pastors}
the state of mind/breathe/spirit/life of cowardice
but of {inner} power {bible doctrine in your soul - study and teach}
and {agape} love {filling of the Holy Spirit}
and self-discipline.

{Paul now remembers Jesus Christ in 8-11 and he is not ashamed of Him either}
8~~Therefore, do not be ashamed
of that evidence with reference to our Lord
nor of me {Paul} His prisoner
but join with me in suffering evil with reference to the gospel according to the power of God.

{A slight change in subject - Orientation to Grace}
9~~The One having saved us
and having called/elected {an invitation to privilege and blessing} us into a holy station of life
not according to our works
but according to His own predetermined plan . . . even grace
which {grace} has been given us in Christ Jesus
before human history {the world began}.

{Note: Who having saved us is a 'constantive arist tense' meaning once you are saved you are saved forever. Considering salvation, Christ's work on the cross accomplished at least three things:

  Reconciliation - Toward Man - removed the barrier between sinful
  man and perfect God

  Redemption - Toward Sin - redeemed man from the slave market
  of sin. Takes someone outside of slavery (i.e. perfect) to have
  done this.

  Propitiation - Toward God the Father - Satisfied the Justice and
  Righteousness of God}

{Note: 'Grace' is the name of God's predetermined plan. It is all God is able to do for us because of Christ's work on the cross.}

10~~But at the present time,
grace has been revealed
through the appearance of our Savior Christ Jesus
Who, on the one hand, released us
from association with death {spiritual death}
and, Who, on the other hand, has illuminated {eternal} life
and immortality through the gospel.

{Note: There are 4 categories of appearances of Jesus Christ:

  1. The The-oph-o-nies (sp) - Appearances of Christ in the Old
  Testament usually called The Angel of Jehovah or the Angel of
  the Lord.

  2. The First Advent - having to do with becoming man to die on
  the cross for our salvation - this is the one in view here
  because of the mention of 'Savior'.

  3. The Christ-off-o-nies (sp) - the appearances of Christ in His
  Resurrection Body.

  4. The Second Advent - yet to come!}

11~~For which purpose, I have been appointed
a Royal Herald {a communicator for a King - Jesus Christ}
being both an Apostle and a teacher {didaskalos}.

{Note: Didaskalos is the Greek word for an authoritative lecturer/teacher of a group of 'disciples' or serious students of the Word. There is a different word for one on one teaching}.

{Note: 'Of the Gentiles' is not in the original.}

{Paul is not ashamed of doctrine - the great deposit Verses 12-18}
12~~Also for this reason
I am caused to suffer these things,
but I am not ashamed
for I know in Whom I have believed,
and I have received confidence {from doctrine resident in the soul} that He keeps on being able
to guard my deposit {the doctrines of salvation and eternal security} against that day {of Judgment}.

{Note: This is an eternal security verse. Once you are in Union with Christ, you are in One with Him forever.}

{Doctrine resident in the soul - Verses 13-14}
13~~Keep on having {retain}
a categorical outline {delineation/outline/pattern/standard}
of correct {healthy/sound} doctrines
which {correct doctrines} you have heard
from the immediate source of me {Paul - the ultimate source is God} by {previously learned} doctrine {build complex doctrine on basics}
by means of agape love {filling of the Spirit}
which . . . {is} in {union with} Christ Jesus.

14~~Guard, through the agency of the Holy Spirit
Who keeps on dwelling in us,
the noble deposit of doctrine which has been entrusted to you.

{Note: The first 'deposit' is Faith in Christ - salvation. This is the second deposit - bible doctrine resident in your soul. Guard it means to not go into reversionism.}

15~~You know this fact
that a great many of they who are in Asia {Roman Republic of Asia} have turned away from me {in Reversionism}
especially Phygellus and Hermogenes.

{Note: This refers to the seven churches in Revelation Chapter 2-3.}

{Note: Phygellus (Phy - gell -us) by coincidence means 'fugitive' and he is a fugitive from doctrine. Hermogenes (Her -mogg -a - knees} means great (eloquent) public speaker and was probably a name given to him as an adult based on his gift of speaking. However, both of these guys are reversionistic pastors and are leading many believers away from true doctrine.}

{SuperGrace believer by way of contrast - Verses 16-18}
16~~The Lord give mercy {grace in action}
to the family/house of Onesiphorus {prayer for grace by association} because many times he has refreshed me
{food, clothing, company, in prison though risking his own life} and was not ashamed of my chain {Paul in his second imprisonment}.

{Note: This is to Onesiphorus' (On-a-ciff-or-us') family. He himself is dead and face to face with the Lord. He died as a SuperGrace believer.}

17~~In fact, when he happened to be in Rome,
eagerly/diligently he began to search for me
and he finally discovered/located me.

{Note: At this point, Paul was such a controversial figure to Nero's government that even other Christians did not know where exactly Paul was imprisoned. Also, it is likely that by Onesiphorus' diligent search he became conspicuous to the Romans and may have lost his life over his friendship with Paul. Through his support, Paul received food, clothing etc and survived until Nero took his head.}

{Paul's comments on his SuperGrace friend and blessings for his family though he is now dead}

18~~The Lord {God the Father}
give him {SuperGrace believer Onesiphorus}
to 'discover' mercy {Phase III blessings}
from the ultimate source of the Lord
on that day {Judgment seat of Christ}.
In fact, on how many occasions at Ephesus,
he ministered {ministry of refreshment - fellowship/food/housing etc.} to me. YOU {Timothy}, and only you, know better than I do!

{Note: 'Discover' here is a play on words from the verses above. Onesiphorus searched and discovered Paul in prison. Now he is face to face with the Lord and will 'discover' the rewards awaiting him in heaven for his SuperGrace life on Earth} 


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