I Corinthians

Chapter 11
1~~ Become followers of me . . .
even as I also of Christ.

{Note: Christians either imitate Christ . . . or imitate unbelievers.}

2~~ Now I commend you, brethren,
that you remember me in all things,
and observe the ordinances,
as I delivered them to you.

{Note: Paul has been pounding them so this is kind of a break to complement them on what they do well.
  A) they pray for him and his ministry , and
  B) the keep the two ordinances
    1) the communion table
    2) water baptism - which is NOT for salvation,
  but demonstrates that the mature believer understands
  the concept of union with Christ.}

{Doctrine of Authority}
3~~ But I constantly desire to have you know,
that the head of every believer keeps on being Christ.
And the head of the woman is the man
  {In the marriage, the man is the authority}.
And the head of Christ is God.

{Note: In eternity past, Jesus, the second person of the trinity agreed to operate under God the Father's Plan. So 'Son' is more descriptive of the relationship where a 'Son' accepts the authority of the 'Father'. They are One in essence (with the Holy Spirit) but 3 in 'persons' or personalities'. Therefore 'Head' here means 'authority'.}

4~~ Every man praying or prophesying,
having his head covered,
dishonors his head.

{Note: Coming up, Paul explains that long hair is the badge of authority for the woman. For a man to have long hair, it is similar to wearing women's clothing.}

5-6~~ But every woman who prays or prophesies
with her head uncovered {hair shaved or 'without her ears covered} dishonors her head.
For that is even all one as if she were shaven {sarcasm}. 6~~
For if the woman be not covered {without a veil},
let her also be shaved bald!
But if it be indecent for a woman to be shorn or shaven
- and it is -
let her be covered {with long hair}.

{Note: Paul is making a point by sanctified sarcasm. Saying well if she does not have a veil - no veil cut off her hair! Which was the punishment of the time for certain crimes like adultery. The issue here was some legalistic bullies in the Church were saying a woman had to wear a veil. But slave girls were not permitted to wear veils so they were trying to keep the slave girls out of the Church service using this pretense. Paul will say a woman's covering is her long hair.}

7~~ For a noble man
indeed ought not to cover his head {with long hair} . . .
for he {the male believer} keeps on being the image and glory of God.
But the woman is the glory of the man.

{Note: This is in the sense of having self consciousness, self determination and having the authority over the woman. And, the woman is the reflected glory of her right man.}

8~~ For the man is not of the source of the woman . . .
but the woman . . . of the source of the noble man {Adam}.

9~~ Neither was the man created because the woman . . .
but the woman . . . because of the man.

10~~ Because of this {a woman created because of man} . . .
ought the woman to have authority on her head {her hair or a wig}
because of the angels.

{Note: Angels observe humans as part of the angelic conflict and this is a sign of her free will and protection even from the angels.}

11~~ Nevertheless neither the man without the woman . . .
neither the woman without the man . . . in the Lord.

12~~ For as the woman is from the source of the man . . .
even so is the man also through the woman . . .
but all things . . . from the source of God.

{Note: The first woman was 'built' from the man. After the fall, all children are birthed from their mother.}

13~~ Keep on discerning in yourselves.
Is it proper that a woman pray unto God with her head shaved?

{Note: Here we are commanded to keep on thinking, apply doctrine in your frontal lobe (heart) and use common sense . . . apply doctrine in your soul to experience.}

14~~ Does not even nature itself
teach you that
if a man have long hair, it is dishonorable?

{Note: This means in nature males look like males and females like females. Wearing your hair like a woman is similar to wearing women's clothing.}

15~~ But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.
For her hair is given her for a covering.

{SideNote: As a general rule, RBT says anything that covers the ears is 'long'.}

16~~If any man presumes to be contentious
- and some of you are contentious -
we have no such custom in the churches of God.

{Note: Some church members were saying a veil was required and Paul is saying it is NOT a custom in the Church Age. The woman's long hair is her covering.}

17~~ Now in this that I declare unto you . . .
I praise you not . . .
that you come together not for the better,
but for the worse.

{Note: They are fussing about the veil and other issues - Paul is not happy with them for being distracted by non critical issues. Salvation first. Next, the intake of bible doctrine for spiritual growth. Do not hinder anyone's desire to take in doctine.}

18~~ For first of all, when you come together in the church,
I hear that there be divisions among you
and I believe this is true of a part of you.

19~~ For there must also be heresies among you . . .
that the approved ones may be made known among you.

{Note: The heresies here are self-willed opinions that are contrary to Bible doctrine. Paul is saying the heresies are somewhat tolerated, to determine who are the 'approved ones'. They are the ones who, in this case, stay out of the divisions. This is one way to find the real leaders of the Church.}

20~~ When you come together therefore into one place,
is this not to eat the Lord's supper?

{Note: In the early Church they met in homes. Before service, they ate and drank together in part of what they called 'the Lord's supper' or a 'love feast'. Afterward, they had service and took the Eucharist. The dissention is frustrating the purpose of the love feast and the Eucharist . . . which will be brought out by Paul.}

21~~ For in eating {the dinner}
each one takes before his own supper
and one is hungry and another is drunken.

{Note: This means the early Church gathered for a 'supposedly' pot-luck type meal but some did not want to share with the others because their food was grand . . . so they hurried and ate their own food early and do not want to share with all . . . ok maybe I will share with those in my faction type thing.}

{The Rebuke}
22~~ What? Have you not houses to over-eat and to over-drink in?
Or, do you have contempt for the authority of the church of God? And, shame them that have not?
What shall I say to you? Shall I praise you in this? I praise you not!

{Note: Paul is not condoning it, but if you are going to do it, do it in the privacy of your home. Over eating and over drinking demonstrate another inability to exert control of your life.}

{Purpose of the communion table - Verses 23-26}
23~~ For I have received
from the ultimate source of the Lord {doctrine}
that which also I also 'betray' to you,
that the Lord Jesus the same night
in which He was 'betrayed' took bread.

{Note: Paul used a play on words - two uses of betray. This is very powerful in the Greek. Bread represents the person of Christ. The blood represents the work of Christ. What Paul received he taught. 'Betray' is a system of perception where everyone knows everything though it is supposedly wrapped in secrecy.}

24-26~~ And having given thanks
  {eucharisteo: 'to be thankful'},  He broke it, and said,
"This keeps on being My body . . .
which keeps on being a substitute for you.
Keep on doing this for the purpose of remembrance of Me." 25~~
After the same manner also the cup,
when He had supped, saying,
"This cup keeps on being the New Testament
in the sphere of My blood. 
Keep on doing this as often as you drink it
in remembrance of Me." 26~~
For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup,
you announce the Lord's death,
according to the norm and standards of the Lord's Word,
until He comes.

{Note: The cup refers work of Christ on the cross where Christ 'drank all our sins and they were judged as a substitute'.}

27~~ Wherefore whosoever {any believer} shall eat this bread
and drink this cup of the Lord . . .
un-worthily/'out of fellowship' shall be guilty of the body
and blood of the Lord.

28~~But let a man examine himself {rebound first},
and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.

{Note: 'Examine himself' is the same as I John 1:9 - Rebound - state your sins to God and forget them and move on.}

29~~ For he who eats and drinks un-worthily,
eats and drinks discipline to himself,
not discerning the Lord's body.

[Divine Punishment for Taking the Eucharist out of Fellowship]
30~~ For this cause, many are weak {loss of energy and strength}
and sickly among you {more sick without Rebounding},
and many sleep {sin unto death/die before your time}.

31~~ For if we would keep on judging ourselves . . .
we should not be judged {same as Rebound - I John 1:9}.

32~~ But when we are judged,
we are disciplined under the authority of the Lord,
that we should not be condemned with the {unbelieving} world.

33-34~~ Wherefore, my brethren,
when you come together {church service} to eat {the love feast},  tarry one for another {wait for everyone to show} . . . 34~~
and if any man hunger, let him eat at home {very practical},
that you come not together unto condemnation.

And the rest {other abuses in the church will wait until later}
will I {Paul} set in order when I come.


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