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I John

The early elders of the church attributed this book to the Apostle John. The vocabulary and writing style do match that of the Gospel of John. The book was written in circa 95 AD. John was living in Ephesus at the time and wrote the letter to the churches of Ephesus and Laodicea and another unknown church probably at Pergamos.

In this Epistle, John is taking us from oral traditions of what he and others witnessed and is moving us to a written deposition . . . that is to a finished canon of Scriptures by 96 AD.

Chapter 1
{Transition from oral to written doctrine verses 1-3}
1~~What {hos}
was from the beginning {virgin birth},
what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we have observed/concluded and
our hands have touched
  {Empirical presentation of the 1st Advent};
this is about
the 'Logos {Word} of Life'.
  {title for Jesus Christ}

{Note: Hos here is a pronoun. In this context, we will find out it stands for doctrine pertaining to the incarnation of Christ.}

2~~And, the 'life' was revealed . . .
in fact, we have both seen and testified . . .
and proclaimed to you
- to your advantage -
'that eternal life'
  {a person per Greek syntax} . . .
the very One
Who was face to face with the Father
and was revealed to us.

{Note: This is the answer to the age old question. What is Life? Jesus Christ IS life! See also John 14:6 and I John 5:10-11.}

{Purpose of converting Oral Tradition to Written Bible Doctrine}
3~~What we have both seen and heard,
we also report/proclaim to you {in writing} . . .
in order that you also may keep on having fellowship with us . . . furthermore, our fellowship is also with the Father
and with His Son, Jesus Christ.

{Note: This is non-face to face teaching. John is the head of Seven Churches. So John is using written Epistles so those reading the letters could fellowship with the Church in Ephesus as John writes this.}

{Introduction to the Divine Dynasphere verses 4-7}
4~~In fact, we write these things in order that
our state of happiness might be completed.

5~~And this is the message
which we have heard from Him {God}
and have communicated it to you . . .
that God is light
  {Divine Essence and Personalities}
and in Him
darkness does not exist.
  {idiom - literally: in Him there is no darkness at all}

{Note: Light is an analogy for the Godhead. In essence they are ONE. But in personality they are THREE. In light if you REFLECT BACK all the colors of the spectrum, you see WHITE LIGHT. If you take in doctrine and reflect it back in your life, then you are reflecting back the Light of the Lord. If you do not reflect back the Light of God, then you see Black or darkness. There is no such thing as 'darkness'. Darkness is the condition of the absence of light.}

{Note: The three parts of light are also a good analogy for the Godhead.

  1) Actinic (radiation or Ultraviolet rays)- not seen or felt -
  analogy to God the Father,

  2) Luminiferous (the bright white we see and feel)- BOTH
  seen and felt - analogy to God the Son,

  3) Calorific or heat - not seen but is felt - analogy to God
  the Holy Spirit.}

{Illusions related to the Divine Dynasphere}
6~~If we continually contend/maintain/claim
to have fellowship with Him
yet keep walking in the darkness {cosmic system} -
maybe we do, maybe we do not -
we keep lying
  {living a lie}
and do not live/practice the truth/doctrine.

{Note: The cosmic system is the alternative to living filled with the Holy Spirit. If you are not guided by the Spirit, you are guided by the World, live by the flesh, or walk in darkness. RBT says that Satan's plan of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has two cosmic dynaspheres. Cosmic 1 is the arrogance complex and in Ephesians 4:30, it is called 'Grieving the Holy Spirit'. Cosmic 2 is the hatred complex and in I Thessalonians 5:19, it is called 'Quenching the Holy Spirit'.}

7~~But {in contrast}
if we {consistently}
keep Walking in the light
  {live by the filling of the Holy Spirit - in God's divine dynasphere}
as He {Jesus} is in the light,
we keep on having fellowship with each other,
and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.

{Note: Jesus Christ in the incarnation lived by the filling of the Holy Spirit. His was the prototype divine dynasphere. The analogy to light continues. For example, the three primary colors of the light spectrum are red, yellow and blue. If your clothing absorbs red and yellow, then you will reflect back blue. Now then, the more and more you imitate Christ, you reflect back the full light of the Lord . . . you more you reflect back the light of the Lord, the more you will be a shining, bright and white light!}

{World of illusion versus reality 8-10}
{Illusion of No Sin - Sinless Perfection - Cosmic 1 - Arrogance Complex -Self-deception}
8~~If we contend/assert/maintain that
we do not have an Old Sin Nature
  {literally the singular of sin}
- maybe we will contend this, maybe we will not -
we deceive ourselves . . .
and the truth/doctrine is not {residing} in us.

[Doctrine of "Fellowship Recovery"]
9~~If we acknowledge/cite/admit/confess {homologeo}
our sins {hamartia}
- maybe we will, maybe we will not -
He {God} is faithful/consistent and just . . .
so that He forgives us our sins
and also purifies us from all unrighteousness.

[Note: This might be the most important doctrine for a believer to understand after salvation. Homologeo means to "state your case" as in a courtroom setting. There is no emotion in this Greek word. How you feel about your sin is NOT the issue. In this dispensation, you are your own priest. When you realize you have sinned, then take the sin to God the Father in prayer and state which sin(s) you committed. He is consistent. He ALWAYS forgives that sin and purifies you from ALL unrighteousness and you are back in fellowship,filled with God the Holy Spirit Who can then guide and assist you in learning and applying Divine Viewpoint to all your life experiences.]

{Note: Hamartia does mean sin - in this instance it refers to our personal sins. It is the Greek word from which the Study of Sin - hamartiology gets its name. All our personal sins are imputed to Christ on the cross and 'He carries them in His body' where they are judged. The only sin that Christ did not carry on the cross was the sin of the rejection of Him as savior.}

{Note: A few characteristics of God are in this verse. God is said
to be faithful or consistent. This describes His Immutability . . . meaning He does not change - never has never will. God is also said to be 'just'. This describes his characteristic of having perfect integrity . . . which is a combination of His perfect righteousness, His perfect justice, and His perfect love. All together they make the perfect Integrity of God.}

{Illusion of Elimination of Sin - Acquired Sinless Perfection -
Cosmic 2 - Hatred Complex -Verse 10 is the Antithesis of Verse 9}
10~~If we contend/assert/maintain
that we have not sinned
- maybe we do contend this, maybe we do not contend this -
we keep on making Him {God} a liar
and His Word/His Doctrine does not reside in us.
  {literally - 'is not . . . in us'}


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