I Corinthians

Chapter 8
[New Subject]
1a~~Howbeit/Moreover [de]
concerning things which have been sacrificed to idols.

1b~~ We know with results that last forever . . .
that we all have knowledge. [gnosis]

[Note: Paul usually adds the prefix "epi" when he is addressing "Divine Viewpoint Thinking" type knowledge (epignosis). Not always, but usually. From the context we will see that Paul is using "santified sarcasm" here and is saying all humans have "Human Viewpoint" type knowledge - big deal.]

1c~~Knowledge "puffs up"/inflates/"makes one proud"!
  [gnosis phusioo (present active indicative)]

1d~~Howbeit/Moreover/Nevertheless [de]
"agape impersonal type love" "edifies"/"builds up [in Divine Wisdom]"
  [agape oikodomeo (present active indicative)]

[Note: Actions are based on "thought". When you love your neighbors as you love yourself -based on who and what you are . . . not who and what they are - this is an overt/ourward sign of metabolized doctrine in your soul (usable doctrine in your soul - we build one doctrine on another in our soul).]

2~~Howbeit/Moreover/Nevertheless [de]
if - and it is true - [ei - 1st class conditional if]
anyone . . . thinks to know with permanent results
 [tis dokeo (present active indicative) eido (perfect active infinitive)]
anything . . . [tis]
he knows with permanent results . . . nothing
"as of yet"/that he ought to know.

3~~Howbeit/Moreover/Nevertheless [de]
if - and it is true - [ei - 1st class conditional if],
anyone "agape loves" God
  [tis agapao (present active indicative) Theos]
the same . . .
"was known and loved in the past
with results that last forever by/under Him.
  [houtos ginosko (perfect passive indicative) hupo autos]

{Note: This is an idiom in Greek for intimacy. It means the same one is intimate with God.}

4a~~As concerning therefore
the eating of those things
that are offered in sacrifice to idols.

4b~~We know with results that last forever . . .
  [oida (perfect active indicative)]
that an idol . . . [is] nothing
in/by/with/"in the sphere of" [en] the world [kosmos].

4c~~And that [kai hoti]
"no one"/nothing "of a different kind of" God
  [oudeis heteros Theos]
except One.
  [ei me (literally: "if not and it is true") heis]

{Note: 'One' refers to the essence of God and the false Gods don't have it.}

{Note: In Corinth, the best meat was first offered to an Idol and then sold in a temple restaurant or in the temple meat market (the 'shambles'). Anywhere else, the meat was likely to make you sick. The sophomore believers knew that it was not sinful to eat the meat because the idol was nonsense and meaningless to God. But the baby believers saw the Christian sophomore eating in the restaurant so he decided he could also, and then why not drink and fornicate while there? "If Mr. sophomore could go there so can I" type idea. And, then baby takes it farther and gets into prohibited activities.}

{Sarcasm Refering to all the False Gods of Religions}
5~~ For even if there be those being called 'gods'
- and there are - whether in heaven or in earth . . .
(as there be gods many . . . and lords many).

{Note: This is sarcasm. Paul is saying that there are so many gods you can hardly keep up with them!}

6~~But to us there is ONE GOD . . . the Father . . .
from Whom are The all things {the designer of the divine plan} . . . and, we to Him {related to Him through Christ}
and ONE LORD . . . Jesus Christ . . .
through the instrumentality of Whom are all things
  {Jesus created the universe and all in it according to the plan of
  the Father} . . .
and we by Him.

{Note: The Roman Emperor was called a 'god' and his administrators all wanted to be called 'lords' but we have 1 God and 1 Lord.}

{Note: the 4 Christian laws

  1) Law of Liberty - directed toward self. You are permitted the freedom to do your own will if it is not specifically forbidden by the Bible. This law is overruled by the other laws at times.

  2) Law of Love - directed toward other believers. Can override law of liberty when liberty causes 'baby believers' to not understand (lack of doctrine yet). This lack of understanding therefore leads the baby astray and even into 'sin' while being confused. Is a mental attitude type thing - you are not to be jealous . . . don't malign . . . don't judge. Impersonal love is based on who and what YOU are . . . NOT who and what the object of your love is. With impersonal love, you can 'love' the nice people and the stinkers alike.

  3) Law of Expediency - similar to Law of Love, except it is directed toward unbelievers, and

  4) Law of Supreme Sacrifice - directed toward God - example: Paul says he had a Right to Marry . . . but he did not because of the travel needed in his ministry.}

{Law of Love superceding the law of liberty - Verses 7-12}
7~~ How be it there is not in every man 'that knowledge'?
For some with conscience toward the idol unto this hour
eat it as a thing offered unto an idol . . .
and their conscience always being weak is contaminated.

{Note: Paul is switching gears and now talking about baby believers and what they do NOT know - principal coming is 'how do you use doctrine to handle a problem . . . if you have yet to learn the doctrine?' In view are baby believers still filled with human viewpoint. The human viewpoint of the baby kicks in without divine viewpoint provided by doctrine. The baby believer can not eat the meat without a guilty conscience and to feel guilty is a sin in itself.}

8~~ But meat commends us not to God.
For neither, if we eat are we the better.
Neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.

{Note: This principal here is any taboo is not the issue in spirituality. Taboos are the weapon of the weak to control the strong.}

9~~ But take heed . . . lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to them who are weak.

{Note: This verse says that you . . . with doctrine . . . know it is OK to eat meat offered to an idol, but the baby believer is confused watching you and HE fails in his growth because of you.}

10~~ For if any man see you
- and you have knowledge {spiritually mature} -
reclining at a table eating meat in the idol's temple . . .
shall not the conscience of him who keeps on being weak
be encouraged to eat those things which are offered to idols?

11~~ And - through your knowledge -
shall the weak brother
keep on being unsuccessful {in his spiritual life} . . .
for whom {even the baby believer} Christ died?

{Note: With the allowed action of eating meat, the baby will distort the action and go on into idolatry and fornication in the temple - and go into carnality. Last part indicates he has not lost his salvation however. Christ died for him and you are hindering his growth!}

12~~ But when you sin
  {use of the law of liberty can become a sin IF it causes harm to
  another believer}
so against the brethren,
and bruise their weak conscience . . .
YOU SIN against Christ.

13~~ In conclusion,
if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh . . .
because of the dispensation {Church Age}
that I make my brother to offend.

{SideNote: RBT moved on to discuss the meat market/'shambles' which is discussed at Chapter 10:23 - then RBT went back to Chapter 9}


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