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I Timothy

In Acts 16:1, we learn that Timothy was the son of an unbelieving Greek and a Jewess. He was a student of Paul and joined Paul on his second missionary journey. Paul had 'left him' in Brea and Philippi which indicates Paul trusted him. Timothy is now the pastor at Ephesus. Apparently Timothy was a very good student and a very good teacher when the congregation was receptive. However, at Corinth, Timothy's personality was too weak and they booted him.

The Apostle Paul wrote this book in circa 66 AD. Paul had about 6 months to live and Timothy was to be the next great leader of the Church. Paul needed to wake him up!

I and II Thessalonians are both Eschatological Epistles so they dealt with future events.

Next, on the third missionary journey, Paul wrote Galatians, I and II Corinthians and Romans. These epistles are generally characterized by the doctrine of Soteriology (salvation).

Then, in the first Roman imprisonment, Paul wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. The subject was Christology {study of Christ}.

Finally, he wrote in his second imprisonment I and II Timothy and Titus. The subject was Ecclesiology (doctrine of the Church).

I Timothy is also considered the first of the three Pastoral Epistles -
I Timothy, then Titus, and then II Timothy. This Epistle is one on applying 'doctrine learned' to the situation. It is very practical in nature and covers the topics of women, wine, and song!

Chapter 1
{Salutation - verses 1-2}
1~~Paul, an Apostle {his rank}
of Christ {anointed one} Jesus {savior}
according to the command from the source of God our Savior . . . even Christ Jesus . . . our confidence.

{Note: Paul is an Apostle because Jesus gave him this spiritual gift. God the Holy Spirit gives out all spiritual gifts EXCEPT Apostleship. Jesus gave that gift out Himself. Both Jesus' deity and humanity are in view here - the Hypostatic Union.}

2~~ To Timothy,
my legitimate/reliable student {under discipline} in doctrine . . .
grace {plan of God for the believer},
mercy {grace in action}, and
prosperity/peace {result of Grace} . . .
from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord.

{Purpose of the pastor-teacher verses 3-7 - highlights of what Paul previously taught Timothy}
3~~Since I ordered {parakaleo} you to remain behind at Ephesus . . . while I went to Macedonia . . .
for the purpose that you might 'use your authority to the utmost' {crack heads, pull rank, get tough}
toward certain ones . . .
that they teach NO other doctrine {teach heresy}.

{Note: Parakaleo is a command given in a nice way but is understood to be an order. Timothy had tried to be too nice and false teachers have come in and taught false doctrine. Paul made him stay behind and clean up his own mess - so he could grow to be a great pastor-teacher.}

{Orient to dispensational theology - mystery doctrine - Church Age - rapture - etc.}
4~~Nor to become occupied with myths and
endless {unlimited details} genealogies . . .
which category of things {false doctrines}
are the cause of useless speculations . . .
rather than the dispensation of God {Church Age doctrine is being ignored by the above false teachers} . . .
which comes by means of doctrine.

{Note: Pseudo-Old Testament teachings - Jewish false fables outside of Bible and Old Testament genealogies were distorted into cult type thing. Created a philosophy based on the names of the ancestors etc. - fosters religious and racial pride. They tried to continue with the Jewish age.}

{Objective of the Ministry}
5~~ But {in contrast to false doctrine}
the objective of preaching is love {capacity for love}
out from the source of a pure heart {rebounded frame of reference - spiritual Christian},
and of a good conscience {agathos suneidesis},
and from the whole realm of faith {doctrine} without hypocrisy.

{Note: Love definition: Love is maximum concentration. It is so concentrated as to exclude others from the same consideration. Love is maximum concentration, maximum affection and personal attraction emanating from the souls of Homo sapiens and exercised in the direction of God, persons, and things.}

{Note: Suneidesis - is your set of norms and standards in your soul. Whether you like red or blue is determined in your conscience. Agathos means good of intrinsic quality. So when your norms and standards are good, you are thinking with 'The Mind of Christ' or thinking based on doctrine in your soul.}

{Additional purpose of the ministry - avoid becoming an AAS)
6-7~~ From which some {AAS pastors in reversionism}
having deviated {in reversionism},
they themselves have swerved away {attitude away from doctrine} and have turned to ineffective teaching/empty talk . . . 7~~
desiring to be 'law teachers' . . .
since they do not understand
either what they are teaching or
concerning the things which they are confidently affirming {dogmatic BUT incorrect}.

{Note: AAS stands for Arrogance, Apostasy, and Stupidity. They do NOT understand the Mosaic Law in the Church Age, but they teach with great force the law incorrectly!}

8~~But {in contrast}
we know that the Law {Mosaic Covenant}
is good/excellent/blameless {of noble quality/useful} . . .
if anyone uses it legitimately/lawfully -
maybe he will, maybe he will not.

{Note: The abrogation of the Mosaic Law does NOT mean the Law was BAD . . . it is just that its purpose has changed in the Church Age and it must be understood. It was ONLY given to the Jews IN the Jewish Age. And, it was never given to Gentiles or to the Church. But we need to understand that the Ten Commandments are only part of the Mosaic Law. And, it defines God's laws to protect freedom and privacy. We know from the New Testament many other sins that are not mentioned in the Mosaic Law - and Christ tells us that if you THINK it, you have done it!}

{Correct use of the Mosaic Law in the Church Age verses 9-10}
9~~Knowing this {the above},
that to the righteous {dikaios} one . . .
the Law does not apply {is not its purpose},
but {a list follows categories of to whom it does apply}:
  to the lawless ones {anti-establishment types} and
  to the undisciplined ones {reject authority};
  to the ungodly ones {those influenced by evil} and
  to the sinning ones {influenced by sin};
  to unholy ones {reversionistic believers} and
  to the profane ones {reversionistic unbelievers};
  to murderers of fathers and to murderers of mothers and
  to manslayers {general homicide types - murderer}; 10~~
  to 'normal fornicators' {pornos} and
  to homosexuals {abnormal fornicators};
  to kidnapers;
  to psychopathic liars and
  to perjurers; and
  to whatever else that is opposed to correct and accurate doctrine.

{Note: The purpose of the Mosaic Law in the Church Age is to demonstrate to us a standard of Condemnation NEVER a means of Salvation.}

{Now in contrast, the gospel (good news) is ONLY salvation NEVER Condemnation}
11~~ According to the gospel
from The Glory {essence of God} of The God . . .
the source of blessing/happiness {blessing us brings God Glory} . . . with which gospel I have been entrusted.

 {Note: As in 'all fall short of the Glory of God - fall short of His Essence.}

{Verses 12-17 the Purposes of Grace}
12~~ I keep on having and holding Grace {can be an idiom for
'giving thanks'}
to the One having poured the power into me {doctrine} . . .
to Christ Jesus our Lord . . .
because He, as an expert,
considered me faithful/dependable/trustworthy {in the function of GAP} . . .
having established me with reference to the ministry.

{Note: The written word is from the living Word - Jesus Christ.}

{The power of God's Grace}
13~~Though I was formerly a blasphemer {a slanderous critic of God}, and
a persecutor {of the Church}, and
a violent, insolent person . . .
never the less I have been 'graced out' . . .
because, being ignorant, I acted in unbelief.

14~~ Moreover, the grace of our Lord
had super-abounded
with doctrine {what is believed}
and love capacity {category 1} . . .
which is IN Christ Jesus.

and worthy of unqualified acceptance,
that Christ Jesus has come into the world to save sinful ones.
With reference to such sinful ones . . .
I keep on being the worst [chief sinner of all time]!

{Note: Paul holds the record. He was the Worst sinner in all human history. He was more saturated with RELIGION then anyone who has ever or will ever live. After salvation, he turned that zeal to studying doctrine and became the greatest believer of the Church Age.}

16~~Never the less . . .
for this reason I have been 'graced out' {received mercy},
in order that IN ME THE FOREMOST {the Record holder of sinners}
Jesus Christ might have demonstrated {grace}
His perfect patience as a prototype {pattern/model} to them
who are destined to believe in Him . . . for life everlasting.

{Note: Jesus is the same as Joshua in the Hebrew and both mean 'savior'. Christ is the same as Messiah in the Hebrew and both mean 'anointed one'. Savior represents the 1st Advent of Christ. 'Anointed One' represents the 2nd Advent of Christ.}

17~~Now unto the Sovereign of the ages/dispensations:
the immortal/incorruptible One,
the Invisible One,
the Unique One . . .
TO HIM be honor and glory forever and ever.
Amen {I believe it}.

{Verses 18-20 - First of a series of Combat Orders to Timothy}
18~~I am depositing this order with you, student Timothy,
on the basis of previous prophecies {Old Testament doctrines} communicated to you {in Paul's traveling seminary} . . .
in order that by theses same {same inculcated doctrines}
you might have honorable combat experience.

{Note: Timothy is book learned, but he lacks real life experience to how to properly apply doctrines to his current situation. Using 'student' reminds Timothy that Paul is speaking now as his right pastor-teacher and is his right authority - so listen to me!}

19~~ Be having and holding doctrine and
a good conscience {your norms and standards from bible doctrine in the right lobe},
which {doctrine and good conscience} certain ones {reversionists}
having rejected/repudiated . . .
have 'suffered shipwreck' concerning their doctrine.

20~~ Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander,
whom I have delivered unto Satan - to their disadvantage -
in order that they may be taught by discipline not to blaspheme.

{Note: This is Alexander the coppersmith who finally betrays Paul to the Romans and gets false witnesses to give perjury against him. This results in Paul's second Roman imprisonment and finally his beheading.}


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