This is the book of the prophet Ezekiel. He was a young man - a contemporary of Daniel. Ezekiel was taken captive 11 to 12 years before the fall of Jerusalem. Daniel went out on the first wave of captives and Ezekiel went out on the second wave.

Chapter 1

{Introduction to the Book}
1``Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year,
in the fourth month,
on the fifth day of the month,
when I was in the community of the exiles by the Chebar Canal,
the heavens opened,
and I saw visions of God.

2-3``On the fifth day of the month -
it was the fifth year of the exile of king Jehoiachin - 3``
the word/'doctrinal communication' {dabar} of Jehovah/God
came to the priest Ezekiel, the son of Buzi,
by the Chebar Canal,
 in the land of the Chaldeans.

And the hand of Jehovah/God came upon him there.

{Verses 4-14 Officers of the Pursuivant (Messenger Angels)}
4~~And as I looked, I saw a firestorm coming out of the north
  {Chaldean invasion of Israel - BC 625},
a great cloud, and a fire flashing out continually, and
a bright light around it, furthermore
out the center of the fire looked like glowing metal, 5~~
and, inside {the firecloud} were figures
resembling four angels/living creatures
  {Cherub class angels/ Pursuivant Officers}.

And, the appearance was like that of a man.

6~Each of them had four faces and four wings {signifies rank}.

{Note: The 'four faces' represent the 4 Gentile nations that will deal with Israel under 5th Cycle from Ezekiel time ( BC 625 ) to AD 70. Chaldean Empire in BC 586; Persian Empire restore and BC 536; Hellenistic - Syria (Salukis) and Egyptian (Ptolemy).}

7~~And legs were straight,
and the sole of their feet was like that of a calf
and they gleamed like burnished bronze {military judgment}.

8~~Under their wings and on their four sides,
they had the hands of a man;
and all four of them had faces and wings.

9~~Their wings {insignia of office} touched one another;
and they did not turn as they went;
they went every one
  {top pair only per verse 11}
in the direction of his face.

{Note: This symbolizes unity of purpose. They did not go off on their own. They worked together to fulfill the divine purpose - professionalism.}

10~~And the form of their faces was like that of a man,
that is one of the four sides, in addition
on the right, all four had the face of a lion,
and on the left, all four had the face of a bull/ox,
and all four also had the face of an eagle.

{Note: This portrays the coat of arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. See also Revelation 4:7:

 Coat of Arms of the Lord Jesus Christ was so large it took four
 Seraph class angels to carry 1/4 of the eschuteon each. Each Title/
 job of Christ was emphasized in a Gospel book:

 1st eschuteon - Book of Matthew - emphasizing King of Jews -
 Davidic covenant, the 2nd royal patent, the lion of the tribe of Judah

 2nd eschuteon - Book of Mark - Servant of Jehovah - Kenosis and
 impeccability, our Lord's first Advent and His saving ability -
 submission to the Father's plan - the bull is a hard worker

 3rd eschuteon - Book of Luke - Son of Man - Face of a man - His
 Humanity, physical death - the 3rd royal patent

 4th eschuteon - Book of John - Son of God - Deity of Christ - An
 eagle represents God's blessing and discipline to Israel - Jesus Christ
 controls history.}

11~~Such were their faces.

Their top set of wings were spread out above.

Each one had two top wings touching each other,
plus two wings covering their bodies.

12~~Furthermore each one went in the direction of his face.

Wherever the wind would go,
they would go without turning as they went.

13~~And the appearance of the living creatures/Cherubs
was like burning coals of fire,
or like the appearance of torches
  {historical judgment}
and the fire went out like lightening.

14~~And the angels went back and forth
like bolts of lightening
  {administration of historical judgement}.

{Verses 15-28: Functions of the Angelic Officers in the Pursuivant category}
15~~Now as I looked out at the living creatures/angels,
behold there was one wheel {'owphan}
on the earth beside each angel,
with their four faces {coat of arms}.

{Note: In Exodus 14:25 the 'owphan is used for the wheel of the Egyptian Chariots chasing Israel while crossing the Red Sea. In Proverbs 20:26 the wheel is used for capital punishment in hindering crime. So the wheels represent judgement. See also Daniel 7:9 for the 'Chariots of Fire' and see Ezekiel 10:2.}

16~~The appearance of the wheels
and their workmanship was like the flash of an emerald
  {an emerald axle},
and all four looked alike,
and their appearance and their workmanship
was as it were a wheel
were in another
  {idiom meaning 'all four wheels were exact duplicates'}.

17~~And, as they moved,
they would go in any one of four directions
the {Pursuivant angel} faced
  {did not have to turn their heads to see}.

The wheels did not turn as they moved.

18~~ As for their rims, they were high and awesome;
and all four rims were full of eyes all around.

{Note: Eyes represent maximum perception of doctrine and wisdom. In Revelation, we see eyes as an insignia of reward to angels who are winners - a uniform of wisdom.}

19~~And when the living creatures/angels moved,
the wheels beside them moved, and
when the living creatures/angels rose from the earth,
the wheels rose also.

20~~Where ever the wind/Spirit {ruwach}
would go, they would go in that direction.

And the wheels would rise with them
because the wind/spirit
of the living creatures/angels
was also in the wheels.

{Note: The Hebrew word 'ruwach' here is sometimes used for wind or Spirit. Here it is referring to God the Holy Spirit, who either indwelled or otherwise empowered the angels. The angels were following the will of God in their duties.}

21~~When the former {angels} moved,
the latter {wheels} moved also,
when the former {angels} stood still, the wheels also stood still.

Furthermore, when the former raised themselves from the ground,
the latter raised themselves beside them.

For the Spirit {God} of the living creatures/angels
was also in the wheels.

22~~Now over the heads of the living creature/angels
there was something like an expanse.

Like the awesome gleam of crystal, extended over their heads.

 23~~And under the expanse,
their wings were stretched out horizontally/straight,
one toward the other.

Each one also had two sets of wings covering their bodies,
one on the one side and one on the other
  {four wings in all - badge of ranks - rank and file - under the six
  winged Seraphs}.

{Divine judgement in Military disaster -see Revelation 1:15}
24~~And when they went,
I also heard the sound of their wings . . .
like the sound of many waters . . .
like the voice of the Almighty . . .
like the sound of an army in bivouac.

When they stood still, they lowered their wings.

{Note: The sound of many waters is used for the sound of armies invading Israel under either the 4th or 5th cycles of discipline.}

{Source of Judgment now Stated}
25~~And there came a voice
from above the expanse that was over their heads,
as they stood still with lowered wings.

26~~Furthermore, above the expanse that was over their heads
there was something resembling a throne of Sapphire.

And high above that throne was a figure like that of a man
  {Jesus Christ Who controls History}.

27~~Then I noticed that from what appeared to be His waist up
He looked like glowing metal . . . as full of fire.

And, that from there down He looked like fire . . . and
a brilliant light surrounded Him.

{Note: This means that all judgement comes from Topside. It has integrity and is fair and perfect.}

28~~Like the appearance of a rainbow
in the clouds on a rainy day,
so was the radiance above Him
  {rainbow represents that God keeps His Word}.

This was the appearance
of the likeness of the glory of the Lord.

When I saw it,
I fell upon my face,
and I heard the voice of One that spoke.