Chapter 2 (Continued)

{Verses 14-21: Paul Broke the back of legalism in Antioch
  and Antioch became a GREAT Church}
14~~In contrast [alla]
when I {Paul}
perceived [oida]
that they
absolutely did not [out]
walk uprightly [orthopodeo]
  {did not "Walk in the Righteous Ways of God"}
face to face with [pros]
the Truth [aletheia - "Divine Viewpoint" - having intrinsic value]
of the gospel
  [the 'good news' about Jesus Christ and His Example of
  "Walking in the More Excellent Ways" - the Spiritual Life]
I said [lego]
unto Peter - to his disadvantage -
"in front of everyone"/"before them all" [emprosthen pas],
"If - and it is true -
  [ei - 1st class conditional if]
you . . .
'having come into existence as'/'being born' [huparcho]
a Jew [Ioudaios]
"had a manner of life" [zao]
as a non-Jew/Gentile [ethnikos]
and absolutely NOT [ouk] as . . . [do]
the Jews . . .
why do you compel/necessitate [anagkazo]
the Gentiles . . . [to live]
as Jews?"

15~~ We . . .
Jews by 'the nature of things' [phusis]
and absolutely not [ouk]
out from/of the Gentiles.

{Note: The Pharisees always referred to the Gentiles as 'sinners'. The religious Jews were saying the Gentiles who did not honor the Sabbath and be circumcised were living in sin and were not saved. Continues the theme of the false doctrine of 'salvation by circumcision', keeping the Sabbath, being baptized, anything but the True doctrine - salvation by Faith.}

[Great Verse on Difference between GRACE and WORKS]
16a~~"Knowing/Perceiving in the past with the result
that we know forever"
  [oida - perfect active participle] . . .
that a man
absolutely not [ouk]
"receives justification"/"is pronounced righteous" [dikaioo]
by/'out from' [ek]
the works of the [Mosaic] law
but/except/unless [ean me]
by means of [dia]
"Jesus Christ's doctrine" /
"the doctrine/faith [of] Jesus Christ"
  [pistis Iesous Christos]
even we
  {Paul and the other church leaders}
have believed
into/toward [eis - directional]
Jesus Christ
with the result that [hina]
[we] receive justification/'be pronounced righteous' [dikaioo]
by/'out from' [ek]
the doctrine/faith [of] Christ [pistis Christos]
and absolutely not [ouk]
by/'out from' [ek]
the works of the law.

16b~~'On account of'/Because [dioti]
by/'out from' [ek]
by the works of the law
shall absolutely no [ouk]
flesh [sarx]
  [referring to any human in a body of corruption]
receive justification/'be pronounced righteous' [dikaioo - future].

17a~~But if and it is true
  [ei - 1st class conditional if - "and it is true"]
while we keep on seeking
receive justification/'be pronounced righteous' [dikaioo]
in/by/with [en]
we ourselves also are found/discovered to be [heurisko]
  [in context - as Gentiles are called 'sinners' for not following
  the Mosaic Laws]
is therefore
  ["ara" -a Greek interrogative particle that implies anxiety or
  impatience on the part of the questioner - Paul is anxious
  to even have this written down.]
Christ the minister [diakonos]
of sin?

17b~~Let it not [me]
"become what it was not before"! [ginomai]

{Note: Paul is saying that it was Jesus who taught that He had fulfilled the Mosaic Law and now we are under a Higher Law. And, certain parts of the Mosaic Law such as dietary laws are no longer to be followed. So, if dietary laws ARE to be followed still . . . then Jesus was "teaching sin" and that is blasphemy!}

18~~For [gar]
if and it would be true if I did this [ei - 1st class conditional if]
I begin to build again [oikodomeo palin]
the things which I destroyed [kataluo],
I keep on making myself [sunistao emautou]
a transgressor/lawbreaker [parabates]
{of Christ's teachings}.

{Note: Paul is saying Christ's teachings lead Peter and Paul away from the Mosaic Law and they both socialized with Gentiles and even ate with them. Now Peter backed away from doing so the legalistic Jews would not get on him. Paul says if he followed Peter's example and went back into the Mosaic Law that he 'tore down', he would 'build it again'. Christ taught that salvation is by faith. Jesus dined with sinners and tax collectors. And Jesus told healed invalids to pick up their litter on a Sunday - these taboos are NOT part of God's law. Paul is really beating up Peter here.}

19~~ For [gar]
I {Paul}
by means of [dia]
the law {Mosaic Law}
am dead [apothnesko]
to the [Mosaic] law
with the result that [hina]
I "might enter into life" [zao] . . . [belonging to]

[Note: The Mosaic Law explains that because of sin man will be subject to "physical bodily death" [apothnesko]. By being out from under the Law, Paul is saying he now is free to have the life which belongs to God which is everlasting life.]

20a~~I [Paul]
"have received crucifixion in the past with result that
I keep on receiving crucifixion forever" [sustauroo - perfect passive]
[of/with/into] Christ.

[Note: It was Jesus Christ's one Work on the cross that perfected salvation. When we accept the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, we are graciously placed in union with Him. We share all that He is and all that He has. His work removed the curse of sin from all mankind by His taking it to Himself and being judged. When we believe, we are saved and share His everlasting life.]

20b~~But [de],
my "manner of life" [zao] . . .
yet not I
but Christ's [manner of life]
keeps on living in me.

[Note: Paul had a viewpoint that was based on all he had learned throughout his life. This included firm belief in and observance of the Mosaic Law. Those norms and standards guided his manner of life - how he Walked through life. He is saying that he replaced his own "thinking" - His own norms and standards in his soul with those based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. As he applies Jesus' thinking, he "imitates Christ" and Christ's manner of life continues to "work" on the Earth while Jesus is in heaven. Paul tells us to imitate him (Philippians 3:17) as he imitates Jesus Christ.]

20c~~But/Moreover [de]
that "manner of life I keep on living" [hos zao]
in/by/with [en]
the flesh [sarx]
the manner of life I keep on living [zao]
in/by/with [en]
the faith/doctrine [pistis]
of the "Adult Son" [huios]
of God [Theos]
Who "loving me based on Who and What He is" [agape]
and "gave Himself over"/"delivered Himself" [paradidomi heautou]
"as a substitute for" [huper]
  {and all the rest of us with Paul}

{Note: This is the Doctrine of Retroactive Positional Truth. We are in union with Christ at the point of salvation. Under the Mosaic Law, 'The wages of sin is death'. Christ died under the 'law' and paid that price. Therefore, Christ said he 'fulfilled the Law'. And we are in union with Christ. And, in Philippians, Paul explains
'For me . . . living . . . Christ . . . dying . . . gain'.}

{Note: This verse is discussing imitating the Character of
Christ . . . producing the character of God IN your life. Christ truly does indwells in all believers, but that is not what is meant here - See Romans Chapter 8 also.}

21a~~ I absolutely do not [ouk]
keep on canceling/'setting aside' [atheteo]
the grace [charis]
of God.

21b~~For [gar]
if [ei - 1st class conditional if of assumption with the "gar"]
- and let us assume it does -
righteousness/''total fulfillment of spiritual maturity' [dikaiosune]
[is imputed to man] by means of [dia]
[observing] the [Mosaic] law
  ["ara" -a Greek interrogative particle that implies anxiety or
  impatience on the part of the questioner - Paul is anxious
  to even have this written down.]
Christ dying [apothnesko]
"in vain"/void of purpose"! [dorean]

{Now Paul is going to leave Peter's chewing out and is chewing on the Galatians!}

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