Chapter 5 (Continued)

18~~ Moreover [de]
If - and it is true -
  [ei - 1st class conditional if]
you receive leading
  [ago - present passive indicative]
["under the authority of"/of] the Spirit
you are absolutely not [ouk]
under the authority of [hupo]
the {Mosaic} law.

[Verses 19:21a: Walking by means of the lusts of the Flesh]
19-21a~~Moreover [de]
the works [ergon]
of the flesh [sarx]
are always manifest/apparent, [phaneros]
"such a sort as these"/"such as": [hostis emi]
  [moicheia - to cheat on your spouse]
  [porneia - illicit sexual intercourse]
  [akatharsia - impure thoughts - mental adultery],
lasciviousness 20~~
  [aselgeia - unbridled lust, excess, licentiousness, lasciviousness,
  wantonness, outrageousness, shamelessness, insolence]
idolatry, [eidololatreia],
  [sin toward God - any person or thing worshiped in place of God]
"drug use", [pharmakeia]
  [sin toward self - drug addiction ("pharmacy")]
hatred/enmity, [echthra]
  [sin toward others - many other examples follow}
contention/strife/wrangling, [eris]
zeal/"envious and contentious rivalry"/jealousy, [zelos]
  [implies a fiercely emotional outburst - a fierceness of indignation,
  a punitive zeal or becoming envious or jealous]
wrath/anger/"emotional outburst", [thumos]
  [another example of emotions overruling the intellect]
"putting self first", [eritheia]
  [Aristotle used eritheia to denote a self-seeking pursuit of
  political office by unfair means. Paul appears to use it for
  self-promotion. God should always be first in our lives] dissension/division/seditions [dichostasia]
  [divisions among believers - no exceptions given] ,
heresies, [hairesis] 21a~~
  [sin toward the Word - to hold an opinion that is contrary
  to the Word of God in the original manuscripts and
  languages - comparing one doctrine with another
  (Isaiah 28:10)]
envyings [phthonos]
  {mental attitude - inner sin},
murders [phonos]
  {an overt sin and others follow},
drunkenness/intoxication [methe]
  {to drink to excess},
"nocturnal and riotous parties" [komos],
and things like these.
  {means there are even more categories}

21b~~Of the which
  [the signs of operating under the lusts of the flesh
  which many are listed above]
I constantly have warned you before
as I have forewarned you in time past
and I keep on warning you
that they which habitually and without restraint
practice of such things
shall absolutely not [ouk]
inherit/"become a partaker in" [kleronomeo]
the kingdom of God.

[Note: Habitual, unrestrained practice of sin characterizes the unbeliever who is not saved. They obviously will not inherit the kingdom of God.

These practices also represent the believer who remained a baby or grew and "reverted" to his former state. Salvation is permanent and can not be lost. However, rewards in heaven are only for the victorious/winner believer. These rewards come as a result of spiritual maturity (growing in the grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) and applying divine viewpoint/metabolized doctrine to life's experiences. God the Father decreed these rewards for you in eternity past. These rewards can go unearned.

The last option is that this verse indicates that salvation is not permanent. That does not make sense though when you compare verse with verse. Salvation is a gift of God. You did nothing to earn or deserve it. It does not seem likely that God would take from you something He gifted to you. Next He said that no force in heaven or on earth can wrench from His Hands those who are given to Him. That would include you yourself as "lacking the power".]

[Verses 22-23: Walking by means of the Doctrine of Christ]
22-23a~~Moreover [de]
the "fruit"/profit [karpos]
[of] Holy Spirit is:
"apape type impersonal love", [agape]
joy/gladness, [chara]
  {inner mental happiness - Sharing the Happiness of God},
peace, [eirene]
  {tranquility/happiness/inner mental stability/relaxed
  mental attitude}
longsuffering/"slowness in avenging wrongs", [makrothumia]
  {patience with others, stability of temper}
"moral goodness"/integrity/kindness [chrestotes]
"divine goodness" [agathosune]
  {uprightness of heart and life - to do something for
  someone else - from the motivation of Grace -
  they don't earn it or deserve it},
faithfulness/doctrinal, [pistis] 23a~~
  {consistent intake of the Word}
gentleness/mildness/meekness, [praotes]
  {mental attitude of Grace - humility - we are all here by the
  Grace of God - knowing that none of us deserves it}
temperance/"self-control". [egkrateia]

23b~~Against/"according to the norm or standard of" [kata]
such there is absolutely no [ouk] law.

[Note: These are all the doctrines of Christ. If you do these, you do not need any "law" to tell you that you are doing "wrong". Remember the purpose of the Mosaic Law was to tell us that we are sinners adn need a savior. After the savior came, we need to emphasize how to now "walk righteously".]

24~~Moreover [de]
those who are Christ's [o Christos]
have crucified the flesh [stauroo sarx]
with the sufferings [sun pathema]
and lusts/"desire for what is forbidden". [kai epithumia]

{Note: 'Crucified the flesh' refers to Retroactive Positional Truth. Believers 'identify with Christ' in His crucifixion on the cross as a propitiation for all our sins. He suffered on the cross crucifying His flesh for all the sins of the world. We are in union with Christ and "share"/"benefit" from His suffering.}

25~~If - and it is true -
  [ei - 1st class conditional if]
we "live our lives" [zao]
[by instrumentality of] the Spirit [pneuma]
may we also "walk through life"
  [stoicheo kai - present active subjunctive]
[by instrumentality of] the Spirit [pneuma].

26a~~May we not begin to be what we were not before
  [ginomai me - present passive subjunctive]
"conceited boasters"/"glorying without reason [kenodoxos] . . .

26b~~provoking/irritating [prokaleomai]
one another of the same kind . . . [allelon]

26c~~ envying [phthoneo]
one another of the same kind.

{Note: One group of believers is judging and provoking another group of believers. Another group of believers is envying other believers. Both groups are out of fellowship.}

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